Wonder Woman Trailer 2016 Released

The Wonder woman trailer is released, for the first time. Now days, the trend of modern interpretations of various classic comic book heroes are popular in people. Wonder Woman is another addition of American Superhero films. Such movies are liked by people in many countries, around the world. This cinematic trend is not over and it is still appreciated in 2016. Warner Bros have plan to release another blockbuster movie ‘Wonder Woman’ for the lovers of comic heroes. On Tuesday, they have released the trailer to gain the attention of audience.

Wonder Woman Trailer

Wonder Woman Trailer 2016An Israeli actress, Gal Gadot is leading the role in the firm. Gadot, 30, made her debut on the silver screen in the fourth edition of super hit ‘Fast and furious’ film. The portrayal of this heroine will definitely excite the moviegoers. In the past, the lead roles of superheroes were played by male actors. In this film, Gal Gadot is playing role of ‘cultural feminist icon’. Her names in the film are Diana Prince and Wonder Woman. She is an ‘Amazon princess & demigoddess’ daughter of ‘Zeus’.

Other prominent roles in the film are Chris Pine, who is well-known due to the film ‘Star Trek’ and Connie Nielson. Actors, Danny Huston and Robin Wright are also part of the film. Both of them performed in the ‘Houses of Cards. They are also currently starring in a television series ‘American Horror Story’.

Patty Jenkins, who is director of the film, tells some greatest things about the film. According to her, the greatest thing about ‘Wonder woman’ is how good, kind and loving she is. She further added, ‘Yet none of that negates any of her power’. As per the earlier reports of ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ that were taken in October 2014, the studio was looking for some female director. They shortlisted many well-known female directors and between them Patty Jenkins was selected. The decision of Patty Jenkins was confirmed in April, last year.

Gadot says in the trailer of film that ‘we’re going to see her coming of age, the entire history’. People often don’t know the origin of the super heroes, in the film. In Wonder woman, people will get information about her origin. People will also understand the reason of her acts in the film.

In this film, Amazon’s are created to protect the world of man but they have abandoned it. The role, Diana constantly asked that when they are created to protect man then why they are not allowed to go for their help. She always got reply that they are not worth it, but she travel to the world. In film, you will see the character of Pine in a costume & out of it. Gadot will also fight with few bad guys in scenes.

We expect the release of Wonder woman from 23rd June 2017. The audience of U.S.A and other people of world will be able to enjoy this film. The scenes of the film will take place in UK, Italy and France.

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