Top 10 Bollywood Movies 2015

Here, we have enlisted the Top 10 Bollywood Movies 2015 for you. The best of the best movies which have been released this year and have been either a hit or a blockbuster! Keep reading to explore the best movies of Bollywood this year. Who doesn’t watches Bollywood movies? I don’t trust people who say they don’t watch them! Everybody does. Bollywood has given rise to wonderful people like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya Rai, Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali khan and the list seems to be unending.

Every year we wait for the best movies to arrive from the Bollywood industry. Some of them do not fulfil the demands of people and their hopes are shattered. But some movies mark the hopes of the audience and make much more money than expected.With the arrival of 2015, a lot of movies were in the talks of the people. With the mid of 2015, we have viewed a lot of Bollywood movies and some of them have been one of a masterpiece. Recently released “Tanu weds Manu Returns” has been an exceptional example of how wonderful and amazingly incredible, the Bollywood movies can be.

  1. PK:

Top 10 Bollywood Movies 2015

PK deserves to top the list of Top 10 Bollywood Movies 2015. It has turned out to be an all-time blockbuster and it is heavily doubted, if any movie till the coming years would be able to break this record. The movie was made on a budget of 90 crore whereas the business it did was much more than that. PK made 330.08 crore and is still being watched all around the world with same felicity as it was watched for the first time. Amir Khan has done a marvelous job and so has Anushka Sharma. Both the actors did justice to their characters, making the movie an all-time blockbuster.

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