Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies That You Can Make Excellent Use Of

This is the list of Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies That You Can Make Excellent Use Of. Web hosting is a regular need of Webmasters and they are always looking for the best company to suit their website requirements. New businesses also aim for selecting one of the most suitable hosting companies so they can benefit their newly launched online businesses.


Top Web Hostings

This web hosting company allows users to take advantage of a lot of things which they can get all for free. For instance, a free domain name for their websites, a free email address which they can use for correspondence as well as a number of free marketing tools which they can use for the good of their website in any number of ways. The website loading speed as well as its uptime speed is good and the service is also very cheap, at under 3$ a month, $2.75 actually. So it can be a good option for many, especially those who have just launched a new business and are newbies to the online world. There is also a drag and drop site builder which users can make use of for their websites. In addition to that, there is 24/7 phone and email chat available and the representatives are very polite and soft in their interaction. There are also tutorials available for users to make sense of how things work on and be able to know their way around. Although the site has its drawbacks, it might still turn out to be a good option for those who are looking to save some money and yet get a reasonable web hosting service.

  • com


iPage offers a whole lot of benefits to all users interested in its services-for-hire. The company proposes web hosting for as low as 1.99$/month. This would be low enough for more or less every webmaster to afford with ease, as far as budgeting is concerned. Moreover, an unlimited amount of disk space as well email addresses are offered by iPage so users don’t have to worry about exceeding the disk space allotted to them all the time. In addition, there are many useful things offered free of charge. These include domain name registration and free for 12 months, site building tools such as WordPress, Weebly and more, security suite, marketing as well as search engine credits and an online store. Not only that but iPage offers 30 day money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers so they can claim their amount in full should they be unhappy with the level of services on offer at iPage. Then there is 24/7 customer support available for both phone and text chat. The ticketing system online helps matter even further as users can generate a ticket and wait for a response to it. Tutorials available online also help users in being able to better navigate the services over iPage for their benefit.

  • com

Bluehost is offering its hosting services for as low as $3.49/month for a limited time period. A money back guarantee is in place should any of the users not find the services of Blue Host worth their while. There is free domain registration for one year but only if users keep it for 1 year, otherwise the fee is deducted from their refundable amount. Billing for domain would start from the second year and would be between $15-16 per annum. Blue host also has a strong uptime and a friendly customer support. Other features include free website builders and 1-Click WordPress Install. A 24/7 support service is there to help users find the solution to their problems and move on with it. When a chat representative is answering multiple chats at a time, the message would be displayed on screen, asking the incoming user to be patient in case of a delayed response from the representative. Also, integration of a list of apps from Google is possible with Blue Host so users can seamlessly have any applications of choice integrated onto their website, hassle free. Additional services offers by BlueHost include migration services from $149.99 and quick start services from $79.99.

  • com offers to potential web admins more or less a low cost option for their hosting needs, up to $3.95/month. Domain registration, setup installation and site builders are all offered for free. Also, 1-Click WordPress Install and 24/7 customer support is available with Other features that add to the overall services of Justhost are e-commerce shopping carts, a C-Panel powered control panel, an install setup and a template run site builder. Justhost is aimed at users looking to make savings while they pay for their hosting services month after month. If users plan for longer terms with justhost, they make even more savings than they do with the basic plan on offer by The basic package of justhost offers 50 GB of space, for a singular website with unlimited bandwidth space. There is 1 include domain while the parked domains are 5 and the sub-domains offered are 25. The email storage stands at 100MB per account. There are two other packages offered by the name of “Plus” and “Pro” and can be selected depending on requirements.

  • com is yet another useful web hosting company that has a lot of features for its current and future users. The monthly billing starts from $ 3.95/month and there is the availability of free domain registration that can be handy. Also, there is an easy to use control panel which can be very helpful when frequent use of it has to be made for purposes of managing a website. Telephone, text-chat as well as email support is there to deal with customer queries of all sorts and kinds. Furthermore, there is a 30 day money back guarantee that customers can take advantage of if they feel they are not getting the level of quality which they expected from hostpapa. The “Starter” web hosting package hosts 2 websites with a total of 100GBs of disk space. The bandwidth is unlimited and there are 100 email accounts available for ease of communicating with business partners, etc. More than 200 apps are offered as part of the package plan which can be used for different purposes as needed. Other plans include “Business” and “Business Pro” which have additional features to offer to users.

  • com

Inmotionhosting offers web hosting services from $4.89/month and the domain registration is free of charge. The C-Panel is also free and it makes managing the server very easy for all users of the web hosting. Even WordPress 1-Click installation is free and there are in excess of 300 apps that come with it and can be used for a variety of purposes. The chat is available 24/7 and 365 days a year! Users can get in touch with Inmotionhosting support through phone, text chat or even Skype and have their issues relating to hosting resolved amicably and smoothly. Data Backups and SSD drives all also free, something that users might not find with package plans from other sellers. A whopping 90 day money back guarantee would be a delightful thing for users to see as they would be able to use the hosting for around 3 months and then be able to get all their money back in case they still don’t approve of it, so nothing to lose for a full 90 days of usage!

  • com

HostGator is a very popular web hosting service with its iconic alligator symbol, the company having been offering its hosting services for years now. At the moment, Hostgator is offering hosting services from as low as 3.95$/month and there are a bunch of related benefits that it has in store for users. Browsing the control panel is made easy for users so they face as little difficulty as possible when using it. 1-Click WordPress installation works very well over it and the company guarantees 99.9% uptime guarantee for all websites hosted onto it. As many as 4,500 free website templates are on offer by HostGator for users to select from so that they are impressed and glad with the huge range that is made available. In addition, technical support is online 24 days an hour, 7 days a week and 365 days a year! That should do away with any worries new users might have at the back of their head regarding timely support. Then there is also a 45 days money back guarantee in place so that in case the service sounds disappointing to some users and they are not happy with what they are getting, then they can claim their money back after 45 days of free hosting and go pick some better hosting service!

  • GoDaddy

Godaddy is another very well-known web hosting company that has been offering its services for years on end. Godaddy currently offers its webhosting services from as low as 3.99$/month for the basic plan. It hosts a single website and offers a 100 GBs of disk space for all of its data. Godaddy promises an uptime of 99.9% for websites hosted by it, by all means. The bandwidth offered is unlimited and there are as many as 100 email addresses that are available along with. Site backup and restoration is optional, not included in any plan by default and is paid for separately. Other than that, the control panel is all user-friendly and easy to navigate. Windows® Server 2012 R2 is employed for all the plans so users can rest assured that their website’s data is managed by employing the latest technology available. A 24/7 customer support keeps everything in-check and answers to customer complaints and queries unabated. Users can rest assured that their problems would be handled professionally and in the best possible manner so that they can have them resolved effectively and ASAP. However, only phone option is available and text chat or any other option may not be available for Godaddy.

  • Green Geeks

Green Geeks offers its web hosting services from as low as 3.96$/month. Green Geeks also offers unlimited disk space as well as data transfer for users. In addition to that, registration for domain name is free and site building tools as well as website migration are also free of charge. Also, marketing as well as SEO related tools are also offered for free. For one account registration, an unlimited number of domains can be managed over it hassle-free. Green Geeks promises its users that it would offer them a 99.9% service uptime come what may. There is also a 24/7/365 customer support available to assist users so that they do not face technical problems of any sort. The aim is to help resolve customers’ issues at the earliest to help ensure that they are satisfied with the service being offered. Then there is also a 30 day money back guarantee so that the money invested by users is not wasted and that they can get it all back if the hosting service does not click for them!

  • Arvixe

Arvixe offers its web hosting services from 4$/month and the company claims that there are no additional hidden fees that it charges. There are a number of features that Arvixe offers free to users such as domain registration, site builder and an online store. To add to that, there are things that are offered unlimited for the convenience of users to give them high return on their money investment. One is disk space, the other is data transfer and the third are email accounts, all of which are offered practically without limit to users. The other thing is that the Control Panel is very easy to navigate and use over Arvixe. The setup is free and instant, saving precious time and averting feelings of impatience on the part of users. A 24 hour support staff remains standby should any number of users from any part of the world using Arvixe web hosting come across any kind of technical issues which they cannot manage on their own. The support staff is available round the clock and attends to all kinds of customer queries with the aim to solving them sooner than later. All of this is supported by a 60 day money back guarantee by Arvixe which is more than sufficient to allow potential users to gauge the service quality level of Arvixe and decide whether or not to go for it.

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