Top 10 Best Smartphone  2016

Everyone loves to use the best and latest Smartphone indicating them as being fashionable among people. In old times, apparels and hairstyles give us a viewpoint of one’s personality but time has changed. With this changed era, Smartphone is considered as a tool to judge one’s personality with previously stated things. Among the best cell phones around the world, we have chosen Top 10 Best Smartphone 2016. Let`s take a look at them:

Top 10 Best Smartphone 2016

 Samsung Galaxy S6:

 As we know that Galaxy S5 brought nothing new and special, but this year Samsung has a variety for us which is truly a wonderful smartphone ever seen. Galaxy is one of the famous series in Samsung’s Smartphone collection that caters users with enough functionality and apps to stay on top of style and reliability. With Superb 16MP camera on back and front with 5MP it is really a master piece of Samsung`s Galaxy Series. It has 5.1 inch display with QHD. Audio and Video quality is up to the mark. Meanwhile, at the battery, it is little far from being so good, it takes it really rather a lot. Galaxy S6 design is really attracting and one would really think to hold it which is a very nicer experience, it is not the plastic as we had last year. If one wants A-Grade experience, this phone is the priority.

 Top 10 Best Smartphone  2015OS: Android 5

Screen-size: 5.1-inch

Resolution: 1440×2560

Memory: 3GB

Storage: 32GB/64GB/128GB

Battery: 2550mAh

Rear camera: 16MP

Front camera: 5MP

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