Top 20 Things To Do In Toronto 2017

Top 20 Things to Do in Toronto in 2017 to Keep Yourself Amused and Entertained. There are many things that you can aim for while you stay in Toronto so that you can treat yourself to the attractions in the city, by visiting some of the most interesting places in it. Whenever you get the time for discovering the city, these are some of the places that can be worth your time and expense, places which would certainly catch your attention and make your trip to them rewarding. There are all sorts of places for all kinds of people and that means that you would be able to enjoy whole-heartedly in at least some if not all of these places and therefore be able to get the enjoyment that you looked forward to when you planned your trip to Toronto back home. So be advised, here is a good opportunity to know what’s in for you so you can get away with what you aimed for!

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is a huge aquarium that houses a huge number of fishes from seawaters and freshwaters from all around the globe. There are huge aquariums for different kinds of fish so you can look at the fishes through thick glass, eyeball to eyeball! You can feed the fierce sharks or enjoy the natural color combination of other smaller fishes. However, if that is not enough to satiate your appeal to fishes, then what you can do is don swimming gear, complete with oxygen tanks and all, and jump inside of the aquarium to look at your fishes of choice, all at point blank range!

Bata Shoe Museum

The Bata Shoe Museum in Canada is a unique kind of a museum, in that it is just about shoes, all kinds of them, all colors of them and from all corners of the world! The Museum stores celebrated shoe designs, showcasing them to the public on exhibitions which are held inside of the museum enclosure that has five floors with thousands of shoes on display. Shoes on exhibit range from ancient Egypt, dating as far back as 4,500 years, as claimed, and down to the popular shoes of the twenty first century. So there is an interesting blend of old and new in the museum that speaks of nothing but attention grabbing shoe designs from the past and the present.


Chinatown is home to Chinese migrants to Canada and is therefore the China that exits within Canada, with many things designed and decorated to give a homely look to the Chinese origin migrants residing in Toronto. A large number of billboards as well as glittering neon signs are lettered with Chinese language and fruit and vegetable sellers wear the typical Chinese Coolie Hats! There are also a number of restaurants offering local Chinese food which can be eaten with sticks in the traditional Chinese style. You can also buy fresh Chinese herbs for yourself if you are feeling sick in any way and medicate yourself with them instead of going to a doctor for a checkup.

Canada’s Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland is an amusement park built on the outskirts of Canada where you can have the fun of a lifetime with kids. It is the largest amusement park in Canada and there are simply so many things that you can do there to amuse yourself. You can take a ride up a rollercoaster and scream all you want as it rolls downwards, or you can take a splash in an outdoor pool with your kids and cool off! You can also try an orbiter and take a 360 degree turn vertically and even possibly horizontally. Then, at the end of the day, you can get down to some deliciously cooked food in the restaurants on the park with your family.

Edwards Gardens

Edwards Gardens is a botanical garden in Toronto that houses a collection of beautiful flowers and trees. It is a delightfully beautiful place that has been decorated with small bridges, rocks, and artificial water pools so as to appease the visitors coming in for a view. The place is so scenic that newlyweds love to come there to take pictures of them with a beautiful looking background! The garden is huge, spread over acres and so you can have a great time taking a walk in the garden, enjoying the view of the natural plantations in all directions of your view.

Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands are located very close to mainland Toronto and are accessible in very cheap rates via a ferry costing as low as less than 10 Canadian Dollars. You will find the Toronto Islands to be a very relaxing place and one where you can enjoy your time in a peaceful manner. You can spend your time there by playing an enjoying game of Frisbee Golf or you can go for lawn bowling and try it out. You can even go for paddle boarding at the lake in Toronto islands and have amuse yourself with it for as long as it maintains your interest.

Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario is actually a Museum of Art in Toronto that has a huge collection of works of art on display. The art museum has as many as 80,000 paintings in it collection, many of which are available for public viewing. The paintings date back as far as the first century and as late as the present day, so there is a mix of all kinds of them. There are other interesting activities that you can do in the Art Gallery of Ontario as well such as allowing your kids to celebrate their birthday parties there and have a lot of fun with them. Also, your kids can attend Summer Arts Camp in the Gallery and be educated about the basics of art in the Ontario Art Gallery, Toronto.

Air Canada Centre

Air Canada Centre is a sporting arena that is situated in Downtown Toronto, and is the place where the teams such as the Toronto Raptors Basketball Club, the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club, and the Toronto Rock Lacrosse Team are based. This is where they play and they turn out to be huge sporting events in Toronto with thousands of fans in attendance and you might be one of them if you pay a visit on the right day and time. Not only that, but the Air Canada Centre also holds non-sporting events such as business meetings, trade shows, family gatherings, et cetera. So it is a popular sporting event cum non sporting complex in Toronto.

Toronto Public Library

The Toronto Public Library is actually a system of public libraries that hosts as many as a hundred branch libraries and is said to be the largest such system in Canada, with over 12 million pieces as part of its collection. If you like to read, then it would be worth your time to pay a visit to the Toronto Public Library and get your hands onto some interesting books that you can find. You can sit peacefully in a corner and read a book of choice in silence, without anyone disturbing you, courtesy of library rules and regulations. You might end up being impressed with the huge repository of books that the Toronto Public Library holds, so give it a shot if you get the chance.

Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is a catchy place to visit and have fun while in the company of animals and birds that are enjoying to be in the midst of. The Zoo is spread over 287 hectares and the animals in it are divided into different geographical classifications. There is a strong chance you would enjoy watching baby gorilla, staring at the giant pandas, or estimating the height of the giraffes in the giraffe house. The lion cubs and their parents would definitely amuse you but keep sharp and maintain a safe distance from them, you never know animal instincts! Watching the peculiar shape of the owls should also be something very interesting for you and you might want to take a couple of pictures of them. All in all, it would be a rocking experience for you to explore wildlife with friends and family in Toronto Zoo.

Rogers Center

Rogers Centre is a stadium in Toronto that has many uses for people at large, something which you can take benefit of. At Rogers Centre, you can witness sports events as well as social events, such is the good use which the local community in Toronto makes of the Rogers Centre. Therefore you can visit any event that appeals to you and enjoy it all you like. Basketball events are an especial attraction for visitors at Rogers Center so if you are a fan of basketball then the Rogers Center in Toronto is a must visit for you by all means.

St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence is the largest market in Toronto located in Old Town District and situated inside a building which is made of brick and dates back to the 19th century. You can find all kinds of grocery in the market from fruits to vegetables to meat to fish, to dairy food supplies, you name it. The market is open five days of the week, that is Saturday and Sunday are off for it. If you are going to stay in Toronto for a couple of weeks then you might as well visit the market and fetch a good deal on grocery items and the like. Also, it is more than just a market as it also is the place where a number of annual events are held, including the Toronto international Street Performers Festival and the Strawberry Social festival. As of April 2012, the St. Lawrence Market was designated as the best food market in the world by none other than National Geographic, so that would give you an idea that it is not just any other market and a visit therefore would be worthwhile.

CN Tower

The CN Tower is an observation and communications tower in Toronto, with CN being short for Canadian National, the name of the company that made the tower. The Tower finished construction in 1976 and was the tallest building in the world until the Burj Khalifah was built in Dubai in 2010. An amazing thing that you can do at the CN Tower is edge walk around it! Yes! You can have a breathtaking experience by walking around the CN Tower with belts tied to your body from all directions so you don’t fall down to meet instant death! You will definitely get an adrenaline pumping when you know that you are going to walk around the edge of the Tower at such a height above ground level, with nothing but your belts to hold you! Oh My! That’s an unforgettable feeling now!

Toronto Eaton Center

The Toronto Eaton Center is a huge shopping mall in Toronto that might interest you, both because of the shopping experience and because of how big and huge it is, its amazing style of architecture, and therefore the feel that you would get while shopping inside of it. The mall was named after a food chain that went bankrupt somewhere in the late 90’s but the mall retains its original name probably because a huge number of people still identify it with the chain. The mall is so popular amongst the locals and incoming tourists that it is the busiest place for shopping, anywhere in Toronto. It is estimated that only within a week’s time, the Toronto Eaton Center receives as many as one million visitors! You can dine in at the Toronto Eaton Center in any of the restaurants and enjoy it while you shop along with and amuse yourself.

Ontario Science Center

The Ontario Science Center is for science enthusiasts as it showcases things related to astronomy, geology, and the like. There are quite a few things that you can do there such as getting down to doing your own research using resources of the Ontario Science Center if there is anything that you are curious about. Also, your kids can have fun with the aging machine installed at the science center which predicts how youngsters would look like later in their life. Also, you can watch and appreciate the innovative projects of young researchers and students of science on display in the “Idea Gallery” at the science center, which displays the new ideas that take birth in the minds of the scientists of the future!

Toronto Waterfront

The Toronto Waterfront is a spectacular place to visit which is the shore of Lake Ontario. This is the first image of Toronto which outsiders get, an image that flashes across their minds when they think of Toronto courtesy of the number of times it is depicted in pictures every now and then whenever Toronto is mentioned. It would be an excellent view for you to witness, lake in the front and high rise buildings in the background. Also, you can take a boat cruise in Toronto Waterfront and enjoy it or you can relax on lakeside patios and have something good to eat and drink while you make a Skype call back home. There are also parks built on the long waterfront which you can visit and have fun with like catching some butterflies or taking a stroll and warming up your body. Paddling a bike on the shore would be another good idea as you would enjoy the view and the breeze while you bicycle the length as far as you can go and back again.

High Park

High Park is a park in Toronto which has been initiated and maintained by the local government, a park that has multiple services to offer to visitors. It is a naturally beautiful park but not just that, it is also a recreational park, a park that has sporting facilities to offer to sports enthusiasts, a park that has educational facilities to offer, a park that has a zoo in it, so on and so forth. So it is a park that has many things combined into one whole, all of which make it very useful and interesting. You would therefore surely find something to appeal to you from the list of things that you can do there.

Hockey Hall of Fame

The Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto is yet another attraction worth visiting for it is a museum about Hockey and has on display various items relating to popular hockey teams or individual players deemed as valuable by those who hold an expert opinion on Hockey. Items include trophies won by hockey teams as well as information relating to the professional sports career of famous hockey players. Hockey is a popular sport in Toronto, with the Stanley Cup perceived as the highest cup in the game, something which the Hockey Hall of Fame gives a lot of information about.

Union Station Toronto

You might enjoy briefly visiting Union Station Toronto, the main junction of the railway system in Toronto, for it is a very different place to be at. The architecture of the station is what would catch you eye first and foremost. It is a huge building, to say the least and gives an impression of an era gone by. However, modern trains arrive and depart inside of it, the station being the busiest hub of transportation in the city of Toronto. It is claimed that the station handles as many as 250,000 passengers in 24 hours of time, which is a lot. You might just enjoy being there with so many people around you, taking a quick look at how Toronto’s Heathrow operates!

Fort York

Fort York is a site in Toronto which stores classic military equipment that was used in wars between 1812 and 1813. Things such as canons, firearms, artillery vehicles, and other items used commonly in wars at the time are also on display at the Fort. However, the fort does not only have equipment belonging to that era but even buildings from such long ago such as Soldiers’ Barracks, Officers’ Brick Barracks and Mess Establishment. It is said that this Fort was built by the British Forces in 1793 who controlled present day Canadian territory at the time, as a precautionary measure to guard against any possible aggression from the United States of America that had only recently won its independence. The Fort now also hosts a parade by the Fort York Guard and the pace become lively with people visiting it as the guards show off their skills! There is also a Canteen Museum Store from where visitors can buy any item that is worth their money, as many of the items the store sells are related to the military.

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