Top 10 Things To Do In Dubai 2017 and Enjoy Wholeheartedly

Top 10 Things To Do In Dubai 2017 and Enjoy Wholeheartedly: There are many things that you can do in Dubai in 2017 to entertain yourself and to have fun for the sake of it! Although there are a huge number of places that you can visit in Dubai, here is a list of some of the more popular ones. This listing can come in handy for you if you are searching for what to visit in Dubai.

Kite Beach

The Kite beach is a very attractive location for those who love to fly kites as the breeze on the Kite Beach makes it a wondrous experience to fly kites and extract enjoyment out of the exercise for a couple of hours. The kites flown on the beach are also of a unique kind, resembling mini parachutes and that design is probably intentional to allow for the kites to sustain the thrust of the air so as to avoid being ruptured. Children and adults alike can have a great time flying kites there and enjoy the breeze all at the same time. The beach itself is very neat and clean and very attractive to the eyes and then there are other sports that can be played there in case you want to have more fun after a go at flying kites! At the end, you should wait a while at the beach before you leave so that you can view the beautiful sight of the sun setting down in the sea waters.

Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is a wonder of its own because it gives a spectacular view to onlookers a night, throwing water as high as 450 feet up in the air! The combination of colorful lights through color projectors, the water shooting upwards and also turning at angles makes it a very attractive site to visit and to spend time at. There are in excess of 6,600 lights used to lighten up the Dubai fountain and make it look like a heaven on Earth! The Dubai fountain is one of the largest in the world as it thrills audiences each time they visit it to catch a glimpse of it. Then there are other claims about the Dubai fountain such as the one that there is so much light beaming out of the Dubai Fountain when it is in full motion that the beam can be seen from 20 miles away on land, but not only that, that it can even be viewed even from outer space! Now the latter is a huge claim to make but probably astronauts can verify for its veracity! Anyways, the Dubai Fountain is a place to be and enjoy the night with friends and family whenever you are in Dubai.


If you are a fan of SNOW-boarding then you would definitely be thrilled by SAND-boarding because it is a lot similar, only that the sand replaces the snow and the baking heat of the desert substitutes for the icy cold weather! You can take a sand board and slide down a sand dune again and again, for hours if you wish. Sandboarding would be something new that you might never have had done before and therefore you might enjoy doing it for the very first time. Although the hot sun above and the warm sand below would be a bit demotivating at first but gradually, when you get down to it, it might turn out to be an enjoying experience at the end of the day. So whenever you are in Dubai, plan for a sandboarding trip with friends and see how it feels to surf down the sand dunes in the desert and have fun while at it.

Dubai Souqs

You would have heard a lot about the shopping malls of Dubai and had had the chance to shop in many of them. However, you might not know but there are other places to shop in Dubai where you can shop the old-fashioned way. Dubai Souqs are the old way of shopping and resemble closely to what are known as “Persian Bazaars”. You can shop casually and at ease in the Souqs and get to buy a lot of things at throwaway prices, stuff which you might have bought at three to four times the price in centrally air-conditioned malls in the posh areas in Dubai! At the Dubai Souqs, you can buy fishes, gold, spices, cinnamon, and practically anything else. It might just be a good idea to visit Dubai Souqs and to enjoy shopping in this way while also being able to take a glimpse of the old Dubai which used to exist prior to the trading boom in Dubai which made it as we know it today.

Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum is another interesting thing to do in Dubai as it showcases the historical artifacts of the ancient era of Dubai. The Museum is housed in the Al Fahidi Fort which itself is considered as one of the oldest standing buildings in Dubai. The choice of this old building is probably intentional because it is ancient itself and therefore becomes a befitting place to show things of the past to incoming tourists as it provides the right background to start with. Things on display at the Dubai Museum include articles from the time when Dubai’s economy used to be dependent upon fishing and pearl divers. You might enjoy observing how Dubai has totally transformed when you get to know about the past history of Dubai from the Dubai Museum. If you get tired, you can have some snacks and a drink and bring your conscious back to the twenty first century!

Galleries in Dubai

Galleries in Dubai have become very popular, owing to the fact that art is appreciated and much sought after in Dubai, so much so that an Annual Art Dubai Fair is held in Dubai. For the same reason, there are a number of art galleries that are spread over in Dubai. You can visit any of them and witness the art of various artists acclaimed for their skills. The paintings and the art work depict various facets of life in Dubai, from the busy life to the luxury life and all that lies in between of it. Artists depict in art form all the different observations they make of life in Dubai from their own unique angles of viewing. So it might as well be worth your time and effort looking at how artists perceive Dubai and make sense out of it. Amongst the major art galleries in Dubai are Majlis Gallery, Empty Quarter, JamJar, Third Line, Green Art Gallery, Cuadro, and others.

Heritage Village Dubai

The Heritage Village Dubai depicts the heritage of Dubai, the traditions, the culture and the values that the locals sported before the advent of the modern era Dubai. The Heritage Village Dubai showcases how Bedouin Arabs used to live their lives in a village environment and all the elements that were important in it. Things that might catch your attention as a tourist would be old-fashioned mosques, camel rides, even donkey rides, handicrafts local to the Emirate people which you can take back as souvenirs, traditional food that you might find delicious and enjoying, so on and so forth. You can even entertain yourself by staying in tents for some hours and see how it feels because a tented village is also part of the Heritage Village in Dubai. Then you can also learn about the pearl industry that flouted there, as divers high on stamina used to dive to the bottom of the sea to collect pearls, something which was commonly practiced for a living in the old days.

Kiddy Fun in Dubai

If you are visiting Dubai with kids then don’t worry about them feeling bored and lonely in entertaining places for adults. This is because once you are done entertaining your friends, you can take your kids to lots of entertaining places made specifically for children in Dubai. Yes, there is plenty of enjoyment for adults and kids alike in Dubai city, rest assured. There are many entertaining places that you can take your kids to such as water parks, home of arcade games, ice cream parlors, and much more. Your kids would be able to feel the real value of Dubai for their own selves because they would be able to enjoy so much themselves that they would never want to exit the facilities! So be advised that you would be able to entertain your kids as much as your own self but in their own appropriate tastes and measures.

Lost Chambers Aquarium

The lost chambers Aquarium in Dubai is a palace to witness aquatic wildlife from a very close distance. A huge number of species from the sea are enclosed in chambers for the public to see and be amused with. It is almost like a miniature sea in itself since it has a collection of such a huge number of species. There is surely a lot of enjoyment waiting for guests at the Lost Chambers Aquarium and they can make excellent use of their time there with the fishes in the aquarium. Not only that but those visitors who are good at swimming and also curious about fishes are allowed to swim in the tank with the fishes, a giant tank that stores as many as eleven and a half million liters of water! Now that is an experience they would probably never forget, swimming in the tank with the fishes, with their friends filming the event on their phones! Howzaaat?

Wild Wadi Water Park

The Wild Wadi Water Park has all kinds of water related fun to offer to visitors so they can have a great time such as by riding water rides, splashing water left right and center. They can also swim their heart out in the pools and feel cool and calm and at ease. Then there is a play area designed especially for children where kids can play more than a hundred water games and have tons of fun with other children! So basically the Wild Wadi Water park is designed to give tourists a break from the hot desert heat and help them feel happy and cheerful with the cool water gasping out from almost everywhere in the park! There would be reason for all of them to feel a good change and share a good mood and a laugh. Therefore, if you are in Dubai, seize the opportunity to visit it as soon as you get the time, lest you miss out on it and regret it.

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