Steve Wozniak Net Worth 2016

Steve Wozniak, who is popularly known as Woz, is a renowned American pioneer of PC revolution. He got birth in California, U.S in year 1950. He is a great inventor, a talented engineer and a great programmer as well. He was born in an American middle class family. Steve Wozniak was the man who was responsible for the creation of first computer lines.

Steve Wozniak’s Career and Early Life:

However, he stepped into his career when he met Steve Jobs who was younger than him but he had some technical interests. Both started working together. Steve Jobs shared some of very useful and important information in work while Steve Wozniak did some really creative work. He is regarded as one of the major creators of Apple Computers Company. There are two major founders of Apple Company one is Steve Wozniak and other is Steve Jobs. Steve Wozniak was the first one to develop Apple 1 which gave lead to Apple Company in year 1976. Later on he designed Apple 2 in 1977. Apple now is the huge famous company and line of personnel computers. After that Steve Wozniak carried out his career and became a very successful person and emerged as a millionaire. Steve Wozniak’s first personnel computer cost about $666,66.

Steve Wozniak Net Worth 2016

It is also reported that in year 1980 when the company Apple was going off Steve Wozniak sold his Texas Instruments Calculator and Steve Jobs sold his van, earning about $1300, the amount which later helped them to stand a billion dollar computing empire. In year 1981, Steve Wozniak was traveling as a pilot of a plane which got crashed. Steve suffered from several serious injuries including amnesia. So he took a pause from work. Later on when he returned to the company, he had several issues and conflicts with Steve Jobs. Both can’t carry on work together so Steve Wozniak left the company in year 1987. Then he continued his career as a teacher of computer science subject at a primary school.

However he didn’t left the Apple Company completely. He got himself work there as an employee and he used to receive the stipend of $10.000 per month. Later on after some time, he came up with his own new company namely Wheels of Zeus in year 2001. This company was mainly responsible for developing wireless gps technology and also took part in management of board of Ripcord Networks Inc. in another telecommunications adventure. He was also the member of managing board in Danger Inc, another telecommunication company. His company’s web address is Afterwards, the autobiography of Steve Wozniak got published. In that autobiography, it was damn clear that the man is happy enough with his career and success. But his total net worth wasn’t published in his autobiography. In brief, the total net worth of Steve Wozniak wasn’t known.

Moreover, Steve Wozniak made his appearance in many on screen shows. It is also reported that he has been in affair with some very popular celebrities including the name of Kathy Griffin. His relationship with Kathy Griffin was a public relationship.

Steve Wozniak now resides in California, in Los Gatos. It is also reported that he is planning to get himself settled in Australia, Melbourne where he is professor at a well reputed university. Steve Wozniak has got married two times. His first marriage was with Candice Clark in year 1980 and he has got three children with her, while his second marriage remained with Janet Hill.

Well, Steve Wozniak is not the only one computer programmer who got incredible success and fame and accumulated money. But there are many other great personalities including his business partner Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who working in the field of computer science, earned a huge fame and success.

Steve Wozniak  Net Worth 2016

According to the research and several studies, the total net worth of Steve Wozniak is reported to be approximately $100 million. The huge part of his total net worth comes from his profession as a great talented computer engineer. Note that the mentioned amount is just estimation and is not the accurate figure. Furthermore, Let us know your views/opinions about Steve Wozniak in the comment section below. Also inform us if you know anything about his net worth, total earnings and savings. We will keep on updating you as soon as we get to know more about Steve Wozniak’s total net worth. Stay tuned with us.

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