Soulja Boy Net Worth 2015

At present, Soulja Boy net worth 2015 of about $25 million, and he is famous as the highest earning rapper since the year 2010. De Andre Cortez Way or famously known as Soulja Boy is from Chicago and is known to have a very royal struggling period as well as a career. At present, he is the owner of about $25 millions.

Soulja Boy Net Worth 2015 Let’s Know About Soulja Boy                     

DeAndre Cortez Way was not like the other struggling rappers. He was very well supported by his parents, and this is the reason at the age of 14 his father provided the rapper with his recording studio where he practiced and perfected his skills. These were a big confidence for the rapper, and this lead him to create, record and release his music via YouTube and MySpace. With this particular musical record that he shared on the social site, his efforts of letting the world known about his skill got very much successful. It was because of this effort that Mr. Collpark noticed him and offered him to sign the contract with Interscope Records.

It was the first time when Soulja Boy got his first major recording done. By now he has four albums on his record. After all these, he also founded a recording studio in the name of Stacks on Deck Entertainment in the year 2004. After this, there are some things and activities that Soulja Boy had on his record. Recently he collaborates with various hip hops such as Bow Wow, Birdman, Drake and Lil Wayne. Also in an album that has to be released this year will have the appearance of Busta Rhymes.

He also came up with various mix tapes. The first mixtape that he came up with was titles as Foreign. Other various mix tapes that he has on his record are King Soulja, Life after fame, and also King Soulja 2. Like his musical records, these mixtapes also got very recognized and successful.

Later Soulja boy also got into record producing. He has a recording studio in Florida in the name of FL where he has also recorded some hip-hop contemporaries such as Diddy and 50 Cent.

Earning of Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy has been not a rapper since his first album and in the year of 2010, he was named as Hip Hop Cash King by the list shown by Forbes. It is because by that time he became the most highly paid rapper among others with a net worth of about $7 millions.

Soulja Boy Net Worth 2015

After this, he came up with various other records such as four albums and many mix tapes. These albums and the mix tapes became very popular and famous among different audiences and rapper lovers. This popularity increased so much that by now Soulja Boy is now having a net worth of $25 million this year. Again after the release of one his recent musical album this year, of course, the new worth value of Soulja Boy will increase more than $25 million.

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