7 Best Short Haircuts for Women 2017

It is an outstanding blog of 7 Best Short Haircuts for Women 2017. There was a time when people used to think that short haircuts don’t look good at women and aren’t too edgy. But now the short haircuts are considered as the most popular ones. Let’s have a watch out at some of the hottest and trendy haircuts for women. These are some of the best and latest ideas for short length haircuts 2016. The list of these top chic short hairstyles has been updated by some top hair stylists of the world.

Here you will get to see some really great fashionable hairstyles for all types of hair whether fine hair or thick ones, according to face shapes whether oval or round or diamond shaped face, with or without bangs and suitable with different hair colors. So gone are those days when women used to possess an outdated long haircut. So have a look at latest hairstyle trends and get an awesome and chic short haircut.

  1. Layered Short Hair Cut With Bangs and Highlights:

This beautiful hairstyle helps to create a geometric shaped attractive look on your face. On the shorter side, the hairs are trimmed in a way that it creates sharp angles before the ear cut. This help to enhance the eyes and cheekbones and create a perfect appealing look. However, on the longer side the hair fall over the forehead and one eye to create a trendy yet elegant look. This haircut is best suitable for the one who possess thick straight hair with good volume.

Short Haircuts for Women 2016

  1. Short Wavy Bob Hair Cut with Side Swept Cool Bangs:

This cute hairstyle is suitable for women of all ages i.e. young, mature and old women. This hair cut features some cut off elegant waves which help create volume to the hair at the sides. However hairs on one side are tucked behind the ear in order to give a kind of asymmetric touch. The hairs have been parted slightly to show forehead.

Short Haircuts for Women 2016

  1. Layered Short Hair Cut For Old Women:

This attractive hair cut gives an amazing sense of style and fashion to the mature women. This hair cut features swept fringes at the side which covers the forehead very well and these hairs are softly graduated at the temples. This hair cut will look awesome on women with neutral blond hair tone and light brown dyed hair.


  1. Cute Short side Parted Hair Cut:

This haircut gives you an asymmetric look. It features swept fringes at the side with attractive short sharp side points. This hair cut helps you to look younger, lively and youthful. It is an amazing short haircut.


  1. Messy Short Curly Hair Cut:

This hair cut features attractive messy look with waves. This hair cut is suitable for women with wavy hair. It will give you an elegant look and provide your hair with a good natural volume. It is basically a bob cut which ends up at the shoulders. The messy waves fall around the chin and neck giving you an amazing look.


  1. Short Bob Hair Cut with Bangs:

This hair cut is suitable for medium fine and textured hair. This hair cut features some beautiful long layers along with short sharp edgy cuts. The swept fringe at the side gives you an attractive look and helps provide volume to your hair at the side. This hair cut is best suitable for women with oval shaped faces, square shaped faces and heart shaped faces.

Short Haircuts for Women 2016

  1. Short Bob Hair Cut For Women with Oval Shaped Face:

This hair cut is best suitable for women who possess oval shaped face. It is good for all types of hair whether thick, curtly, fine or straight hair and will look good on women of all ages. This hair cut gives you an asymmetric yet elegant look. It is a long bob hair style. The hairs have been curled in a retro style from 1960’s at the end. The curls give you a bubbly look.


This was a collection of few top and elegant looking short hair cuts for women 2016. We hope that you will find out your favorite hair cut from the above mentioned list. Don’t forget to share your views. Plus if you know any other popular short haircut for 2017, please feel free to add in the list.

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