How to Remove Hair Color with Baking Soda the Simple and Sensible Way

How to Remove Hair Color with Baking Soda the Simple and Sensible Way: Is it the case that the color you put on your hair turned out to be a disappointment? Or are you bored with the hair color that you have been sporting for a while? In either case, you would be desperate to get rid of the color that shows on top of your head and which you cannot hide no matter what, right? If getting bald is not on the cards for you, then you are left with the option of having your hair lose their color completely so that you see that sight no more in the mirror. If instead of visiting a saloon, you wish to achieve the goal yourself at home then be advised that removing hair color can be a tricky exercise for it is probably more about working smart than working hard. There are small things that have to be careful about and take care of so you end up removing hair color with near perfection and are able to reach what you are aiming for.  The following are the items that you would need to achieve the feat:


1-Dandruff Shampoo

2-Baking Soda

3-Hair Conditioner

4-Apllicator Brush




Step # 1

Take a shower with lukewarm water using shampoo. This will weaken the grip of the hair color on your hair, making it easier for you to remove it completely from your hair. Wash your hair thoroughly with water after that.

Step # 2

Next what you should do is take the same quantities of baking soda and of shampoo and stir them in a bowl. Mix the mixture as long as it becomes uniform and takes the form of a paste which can be applied onto your hair.

Step # 3

Then take the applicator brush and apply the mixture with care on your hair. Make sure that you apply it with a balance so that all parts of your hair are covered. Give especial attention to the roots, don’t miss them out.

Step # 4

After you are done with that, give your hair ten to fifteen minutes to take effect from the paste that you have applied. The paste would gradually have the effect of snatching away the hair-color particles from your hair so that your hair is set free from the color which you applied previously and now want removed.

Step # 5

Then apply shampoo on your hair and again, wait for some time so the shampoo is able to take effect. Only after that necessary interval, wash your hair with lukewarm water. Lukewarm water would wash away your hair with better results than you would get with cold water.

Step # 6

At the end of it, if you condition your hair regularly then you can go ahead with doing that. Some claim that using a conditioner protects hair from becoming dry and therefore easy to break. It makes the hair softer and protects it from being damaged.

  • Here are some tips that would help you

One is that you may require a couple of washings of your hair with shampoo mixed along with baking soda as the hair color may not wash away completely the very first time. It is possible that the longer it has been since you put on the hair color, the more the hair color would have penetrated into your hair and the difficult it might be to remove it therefore.

Second is that all these things such as baking soda or hair color are actually made from chemicals and have adverse effects on the health of your hair. So, once you have gotten rid of your hair color, don’t make haste in putting another color of choice. Wait for some time and let your “hair breathe” for a while before you decorate it with something else. This is best for the health of your hair in general. A week would be a good idea to allow your hair to take a break and after that, if you are enthusiastic about another color, you can get down to applying that onto your hair. However, make sure that you do so in a careful and soft manner, not hurting your hair unnecessarily in any way.


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