Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

Many a times it happens that someone gets up in morning, wishing to do up the hair in some different way. But that remains a wish. Snooze is hit over and over, one runs short of time, resulting in the mundane hair routine – straight and flat, ponytail or nothing at all.

Whether someone has long bob from the days Karlie Kloss had chopped hair or someone recently jumped into some territory that’s chin-sweeping, the ladies having short hair all the time stay in need of a bit of inspiration of hairstyle – and sometimes they require assistance to learn the ways to style their short hair.

Short hair become the in thing most prominently during the summers when the heat waves make the hair burden for all those who have long ones and are prone to profuse perspiration. Short hair come as a relief since they are easily manageable and not much needs to be done with the hairstyling. But this does not in any way imply that those with short hair leave them as they are when stepping out. Even short hair could appear to be a nuisance if left unruly and not dealt with properly. It is thought generally that most hairstyles could only be handled if someone has long hair. They probably did not know of the numerous ways that short hair could be styled according to. So here are discussed some quick and easy hairstyles for short hair which could be managed at home by even the school going girls.

Half-Up Top Knot

One of the quick and easy hairstyles for short hair includes the half-up top knot style. All those who have short hair are well aware of the fact that one top knot is not simply a possibility, though there happens to be no reason that one cannot do such half-up style of top knot in place of simple top knot. What needs to be done is simple. Gather the hair on top half and pull them into one ponytail. The lengths need to be twisted in order to form a knot. Now secure this with some elastic. Some bobby pins could also be used if they are required but keep this strongly in your mind that this style would look better if the hair look disheveled.

Twisted look style

It is not that all who have short hair are blessed with sleek straight hair which could be turned into any hairstyle. For those having curly or wavy texture should be glad to know about quick and easy hairstyles for short hair also suited to their hair. Gather 2-inch hair section on a side of the head and then twist it around itself on the back side and securing it with the use of bobby pin. This should be repeated on other head side too. Finally, both the twists should be combined at center of head with the help of bobby pins.

Up-do for short hair

It works whether one is going for any fancier look as well as any causal look. Pull front lengths in hair towards back side and then create one braid of three-strand for the maximum possible length you can. Afterwards, pin up these lengths into nape of neck in order to have all the hair secured.

Treating bangs and short hair

Quick and easy hairstyles for short hair are there for bangs too and one could easily carry it off even to school. Damp hair should be treated with


of sea salt, dried once and then by using curling rod, waves should be created loosely in them. To give the appearance of a different texture, the bangs should be blow dried straight. This for sure gives a classy look to the hair and turns heads.

Styling wavy short hair

Amazing tones of copper could be applied to give a great look to the thick wavy hair. Though it looks difficult, it is in face a simple method which could be achieved by using texturizing cream in dried hair. While blow drying, tousle the hair using your fingertips, lifting at roots and then working hair slightly on one side towards the top as well as fringe area. The face shape that best supports this hairstyle is diamond, petite and oval.

Dealing with Short Crop

A short crop could be worn up, appearing to have lot of volume or it could be worn down and both styles look awesome if styled the way given here. Work the styling cream in hair that are towel dried. Use paddle brush of medium size for wrapping hair in every direction around the head while blow drying. This functions to add much movement to the final style. Also work bit of styling wax at the ends to create a bit of visible part on one side. Now style a fringe towards one side. Face shape which best goes with this hairstyle could be diamond, long or oval.

Different Braiding methods

With the short hair one gets bored with short bob and routine hairstyles. But the quick and easy hairstyles for short hair given here will surely cater to such annoying issues. Those with short hair who have never practiced these before might think these as an impossibility but it’s not. There are some French braids half-up hairstyles which do look very cute.

Begin first by a simple style of braid with a short bob. In order to attain the hairstyle, begin with one French braid towards front hairline within the bangs that are hardly long enough or could be considered to be cooperative during hairstyling. Start to add small hair sections from each side of the hair back then forth and repeat. One you are half way through the back, try to gather ends of the French braid just made into small and messy bun, through ponytail-ing that once and then pulling that halfway through one more time. It is surely very cute and fairly easy.

Another style of braid for short hair starts right above an ear, with one French braid. Have the French braid guided across top of the head and then end it above opposite ear. Continue to braid down ends and then secure its tail using one clear elastic. Afterwards, flip tail of braid underneath French braid and then tucking it below and simply out of sight. One could make use of bobby pin along with some strategically placed flower in order to secure this braid properly to head.

A different twisted hairstyle

This twisted hairstyle is perfect for short hair and could be achieved with only little practice initially. Such hairstyle tends to be ideal for hair whether they are shoulder length or chin length and this is great way of getting the hair away from one’s face easily, along with maintaining classy hairdo.

In order to get started, five bobby pins would be required, along with any texture spray. Spray the hair down with the assistance of light misting by the texture spray or sea salt spray. This would help in giving the hair some control as well as grip and also would prevent it from becoming all disheveled or falling out. Afterwards pull into sections whole of back of head from the top of an ear and across back of head towards other ear. Then pull all hair which are on the front side forward and then out of way. Now take back section, twist it few times and wrap this twist on itself near base, making one tight and cute bun. Pin the bun in place, and then tuck end of twist under this bun.

Start now at front hairline and make one center part which divides in two all the remaining hair which was not incorporated in the bun. Then take all hair from a side, twist it in a backwards direction and across back of head. Wrap it on bun’s far side. Have the ends tucked in, and then pin the twist in place with bun. Same steps need to be repeated on other side too, criss-crossing the twists as well as securing them within the bun. Also add additional pins when needed! One would be impressed by the fact that some practice resulted in such a quick and elegant looking hairstyle.

Tiny bunch of braid

The hairstyle about to be discussed starts with a bit of back-combing towards crown of head. Afterwards, make one section with whole head top and twist it one time and then pin it towards back of head. That would add some little bit height and it will also help in securing shorter layers which will not be able to reach braids. With hair which is left, make two braids. Secure ends by using clear and tiny elastics. Take 1 braid now and then pull it on the side of other braid, along with flipping end inwards so that they are well hidden. Pin this braid discreetly by securing end into back of head. Now try further and overlap the twist that was pinned first. Now repeat this with other braid. Go on adding pins as you need, but do not keep the pins visible on the top. Finally, it should appear to be one intricate and complex small bunch of braids.

There will be many around who would be surprised and would have dilated eyes at how come such complex hair were pulled up even though with the short hair. If one gets into practice, it would be a matter of few minutes before this hairstyle could be achieved.

Twisted and Slick Hairstyle for short hair

Now this slick twisted hairstyle begins the similar way as did the previous one, with some back combing on crown, then creating one section over top of head, and twisting as well as pinning this for secure all hair towards back of head. Also take remaining hair from a side, twist it along with pull the hair across the twist pinned at back, pinning this to head on opposite side. Now repeat it with one twist over other side. Afterwards, repeat the twists as well as pins with hair from the both sides over at nape of neck. Overlap the twists little bit for hiding the ends if that is possible. With remaining hair which are hanging down, twist into one little bun along with pin it on head below the twists. Finally, there should be one mess of the twists which goes down back of head. With some expertise, it is hoped no pins or ends would be visible!

Again in this case, the end result would be really eye-opener for those unfamiliar with the hairstyle. Practicing it a few times would lead one to achieve the desired result which gets better with further practice.

French and Short Twist

This tends to be basically a quicker version of the French twist which is done over shorter hair. Start of the hairstyle through back combing as well as creating section on top of head. Afterwards, twist this section and also pin this in a secure way towards back of head. Sweep all of the hair towards one side, along with criss-cross pinning the hair vertically towards the center. Now take all hair within 1 hand, tuck it in ends and roll it to the center on the pins that were criss crossed. Make use of additional hair pins when you need and then secure this roll to pins that were criss-crossed. Now it is a question of the length of hair that you have. Use the hair spray to the extent it is required in order to have this stuck at its place and not fall off.

At the end it all comes down to how keen one is to appear unique. Some people with short hair are attempting to give them tidy and formal look, some want to make them look just presentable whereas there are those who want to achieve the classy look but at the same time, they have little time for it. The hairstyles discussed above for sure cater to such needs.

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