Top 20 Places To Visit In Dubai 2017

The Top 20 Places To Visit In Dubai 2017 at new year and have great fun with! Are you planning for a vacation in Dubai or are you traveling to Dubai for work? Are you excited about what you can visit in Dubai and have fun with along with your friends? Is it the very first time that you are paying a visit to Dubai? Whatever the case, you must definitely want to know of the major attractions that you can visit in Dubai and have fun with. So here is some help that we have to offer you for your visit to Dubai, read on to know more.

  • Madinat Jumeirah

Madinat Jumeirah is a five star hotel resort in Dubai that has all the facilities that anyone could possibly think of. The resort is so huge, spread over 40 hectares of land, that it almost looks like a small town in itself! The Madinat Jumeirah resort houses as many as 40 restaurants that have all the luxurious amenities that anyone could look forward to. With such a big choice of hotel to choose from, everyone would more or less get food of his choice and liking. In addition to that, the night life in Madinat Jumeirah is full of colors and the shopping experience there is one of a kind.

There are also all kinds of sporting activities available for the sports enthusiasts, such as jogging tracks, tennis and squash courts, fitness centers, yoga classes, so on and so forth. Also, Wi-Fi is available all for free throughout Madinat Jumeirah so there should be no trouble for anyone to log on to the World Wide Web and check and reply to emails, update their Facebook status or even make a Skype call back home. There are also three pools available for swimming facing the beach that offer a great swimming experience with a breathtaking view!

  • Sky Dubai

Sky Dubai is a wonder in its own as it allows for tourists and locals alike to experience Skiing in the middle of the Desert! This is a resort that has artificially made snow which is used for snowboarding, skiing and even has a chair lifting service! The resort is located in the Mall of Dubai and has a snow park where kids and adults alike can play and have fun in the snow. There are all kinds of facilities at the Sky Dubai resort, from instructors to equipment, all that you would need to start surfing on the snow.

What’s more, there are even penguins in the Sky Dubai resort with which you can play and have lots of fun with. They would definitely be adorable to spend a lot of time with and probably to take some selfies with! In addition to that, there are a number of restaurants and cafes in the resort which means that you can enjoy your fill while being mesmerized by the snowy theme of the Sky Dubai resort. Some hot coffee and freshly baked cookies would make an awesome combination with the icy snow around you, there is no denying that, now is there?

  • Jumeirah Golf Estates

The Jumeirah Golf Estates is a luxury estate that sprawls over 1100 square hectares of land and has nothing but color and greenery all-around of it. The Estate has villas and apartments made to suit the modern lifestyle. However, as a visitor, one of the most attractive places to visit in the estate would be the splendid golf courses and have a good couple of hours playing golf with some of the best amenities to take advantage of.

Furthermore, the view in and around the states is simply mind boggling, as you would soon realize and enjoy when you stay there and have a go at the game of golf in the estate. The golf estate is also home to the DP World Tour Championships, so that would give you an idea of the world class gold facilities which you can look forward to in the golf courses in Jumeirah. The DP Championship takes place in November of each year in Jumeirah Golf Courses, with a price money of $ 8,000,000. You can also attend the annual event and watch it all happen in-person if you are in Dubai in November and get to enjoy a world class sporting event with your friends and family!

  • Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa should definitely be on your list if your plan to visit Dubai because this is the tallest Skyscraper in the whole wide world! The Skyscraper has 163 floors and has a total height of 829.8m from the ground. The building is named after the ruler of the Abu Dhabi Emirate of the UAE. This is because he gave the loan for completing the construction of the Burj Khalifa after its construction was halted when Dubai plunged into a financial crisis.

The Burj was originally named as Burj Dubai. This is definitely a must-visit site and you as a tourist would definitely like the view from the top of the building as you would be able to see almost all of Dubai in one glance from such a height! You might even want to take photographs of yourself and of what you see beneath from such a high observation angle, that’s a sure thing. The intent behind the construction of Burj Khalifah was to give Dubai International recognition, which is what it gets when people search for the tallest building in the world and they get to know that the tallest structure in the world is located in Dubai. At the base of the building, there are a lot of beautifully designed gardens as well as water fountains that only add to the attraction which the Sky scraper holds for tourists.

  • Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium is another very attractive place to pay a visit to when in town. The Dubai Aquarium is housed in Dubai Shopping Mall and is one of a kind. It is said that there are as many as 140 different species of fish on display in the Dubai Aquarium, that’s huge now! There are glass tunnels in which aquatic life is captured and visitors can walk right pass them and watch the fishes through glass. Then there are different sections for different kinds of species.

Amongst the species that are on display, there are stingrays, otters, even sharks and crocodiles! It would be a surprising and exciting experience for you to watch a shark from such a close distance, with only the glass to separate you and the water-beast. In addition to that, there are different denominations of tickets that are sold for the different levels of the Dubai Aquarium depending on what you wish to view inside of it.

  • Al Ain Zoo

The Al Ain Zoo is a superb idea for a tour in Dubai with friends and family, especially if you have kids visiting with you. It can be a very different and unique feeling to be visiting a Zoo right in the middle of a desert city, right? Spread over 900 acres of land, the Al Ain Zoo houses leopards, lions, monkeys, birds of different species, chimpanzees, crocodiles, etc. There is an open carriage train which takes visitors from one part of the zoo to another. In addition to that, since the zoo is so big, there is a lot of space to rest and relax with your friends and family while having picnic in it.

You might as well enjoy watching the mammals or hearing the chirruping of the birds while you enjoy your food and chit-chat with each other. Staying in the midst of animals and birds would be a very positive break from the artificial life of Dubai with man-made buildings all-around of you, that’s for sure! You would be able to get a bit closer to nature and get to recharge your body and mind from the tensions of life and work.

  • The World Islands

The World Islands are a collection of small Islands made in the sea off the coast of Dubai. These group of islands are actually artificially developed but the most interesting thing about them is that they are made to look like the map of the world, hence the name “The World islands”. The successful completion and launch of the project is actually a wonder in itself because it took a lot of expertise, a lot of money and a lot of effort to create The World Islands!

The main features of all continents of the world are taken into consideration and show in the design of The World islands, such as the base of the South American Continent, Africa, North America, Asia, et cetera so you can visibly identify all continents with ease. There is even an oval shaped island that surrounds the smaller islands to make it a near-perfect look-alike of the world maps as seen in World Atlases. The Islands measure about six kilometers by nine kilometers and the view from the air is spectacular! You would love to hover right above The World Islands in a chopper and see a real life replica of the World Maps right in front of you!

  • Dubai Dolphinarium

The Dubai Dolphinarium is a very interesting place to visit and enjoy in because it is both unique and interesting. You can have a lot of fun at the Dubai Dolphinarium with the Dolphins to lighten up your mood with their adorable moves. You might not believe at first but the Dubai Dolphinarium is huge, spread over and area of 5,000 square meters. The Dolphinarium is made to look like a natural habitat of the dolphins so it can look as real and as close to nature as possible. A show of the dolphins is what takes place in the Dubai Dolphinarium to entertain guests who are seated around the main water pool which is said to have in excess of three million liters of water, more than enough to satiate the dolphins’ desire for water!

Then there are spotlights and even laser lights to entertain the guests during the show when the dolphin circus begins and they show off the skills they learnt from their trainers. There are as many as five Black Sea Bottlenose Dolphins in the Dubai Dolphinarium which entertain guests with their performances which include playing basketball, painting, dancing, juggling, and much more. It would surely be a pleasing sight to watch the dolphins play like humans, generating a round of applause every now and then.

  • Dubai World Trade Center

The Dubai World Trade Center is the “Dubai-version” of the World Trade Centers which were built in New York and were subsequently destroyed in the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers. The Dubai Word Trade Center is a singular building and is actually a meant to be a hub for businesses. There are as many as eight exhibition halls as well as residential apartments in the Dubai WTC, in addition to lounges, meeting rooms, Majlises, and all the other facilities that businessmen might desire.

The structure was built in 1978 and it is said that at time, the Dubai WTC was the tallest of all the buildings in Dubai, but the Dubai we know now has Burj Al Khalifa as the tallest building! It is said that the Dubai WTC holds as many as 500 trade events each year, attracting over 2.7 million visitors in total! The trade center shows off a spectacular view at night when it gleams in light and looks so different from its appearance during daytime.

  • Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is one of the signature buildings of Dubai as it is featured in countless pictures taken of Dubai. The Burj Al Arab is actually a fancy, luxurious hotel that is constructed on top of an Island located very near to the shore in Dubai. The Burj Al Arab hotel is designed in the shape of the sail of a boat and hence its design is the first thing which catches the eye and is the reason why it is a major landmark in Dubai.

There are nine restaurants in the hotel, all offering food of differing tastes to suit visitors from the world over. Also, people are allowed to bring their pets along with them if they so wish. In addition to this, other facilities on offer at the Burj Al Arab hotel include a Helipad, a private butler for hire, VIP services, and more. The idea behind the services offered is to keep the guests entertained and relaxed as much as possible for the duration of their stay so they can recharge their bodies and mind and have a memorable stay in at the Burj Al Arab Hotel.

  • Dubai Hot Air Balloon Flight

The Dubai Hot Air Balloon Flight is a marvelous adventure you can get down to in Dubai and have a lot of fun for hours at a stretch. It would be a very exciting experience for you to get airborne in the hot air balloons and discover the desert from that angle, to watch the camels roaming around in the desert, the spectacular view that you would be able to get of Dubai. If you get up early and take a flight in the hot air balloon, you may even be able to catch the sun rising and that might as well be an amazing thing to witness! Then if you so wish, you can go up high up in your balloon, even above the clouds and see how that suits your eyes! Flying above the clouds, you would have a wonder of an experience. You can run your hands through the clouds and also feel your hair fly because of them. This is a sort of an experience which you would never have had the chance to experience aboard an aircraft!

  • Dubai Seaplane Flight

The Dubai Seaplane Flight is an adventure which would let you enjoy a bird’s eye view of Dubai from the seaplane. It would surely be something that lightens up your mind and which attracts you to take up the effort to go for it, rest assured! It is an exercise which might as well turn out to be worth your time and money. To convenience those who are interested in the sky ride, a pick and drop facility is also available so all you have to do is pick up your phone and make a call, and a car would be dispatched to your home in no time to take you to the seaplane. The flight has a duration of about forty minutes and the plane takes off from the sea in Dubai, circling over the city to allow you to enjoy the view and have a wonderful experience. You might even spot your apartment from the sky, which would be an amazing thing to do….won’t it? Or, you could circle around Burj Khalifa and see for yourself how tall it is and how the top floor looks like from the outside, just a couple of feet away!

  • Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari is one more exciting and interesting exercise that you can get to and explore the huge Desert with. You can choose to do so on the back of a camel and see how it feels like to ride a camel and move up and down in a rhythm while it moves forward. To add to your interest and attention would be the many tales that your guide might as well have to share with you, tales that are associated with the desert. You can get a chance to listen to those interesting tales about times gone by while you explore the desert over the camel, but beware, don’t believe everything you hear unless you can check it for its veracity! You can also explore the dunes in the desert and take a closer look at how people used to travel in older times when there was no mechanical means of transport available to them. Remember to take water bottles with you on the trip lest you become a victim of dehydration or get a sunstroke. At the end of the exercise, you can take a cool shower and relieve yourself of the enormous effect of the scorching heat of the desert.

ü Dubai City Sightseeing Tour

The Dubai city Sightseeing tour is a good place to discover Dubai. Whether it is the Dubai port you want to know about or the major landmarks that you wish to get acquainted with, this is the place for it. If you are new to Dubai and intend to stay long, this is the probably the best place to start getting familiar with Dubai. Your guide would help you make your big picture about the city that is going to be your partner for the next few months in a row. You would be able to get an idea of the major roads, bits and pieces of information about the public transport system, about the good places to dine in, hospitals, libraries, shopping malls, so on and so forth. If there is anything particular that you wish to know about, you can simply ask and the guide should be able to help you out with it. So, Dubai at first glance is what you would be able to get from Dubai City Sightseeing tour and this tour might prove to be both interesting and useful for you at the end of the day, you never know.

  • Dubai Fishing Tours

If you are a fan of fishing and enjoying eating fish then there is good news for you. What you can do is that you can have a go at this favorite exercise of yours even in Dubai. You can go out on fishing tours out in the seawaters in Dubai and have all the fun that you can grab with your friends to assist you in the feat! You can catch as many fishes as you can get your hands onto; as many as your stamina allows you to! Once done with it, you can then count who was able to catch the highest number of fishes and give him a big round of applause for his effort and expertise in catching them! At the end of the day, you can make arrangements to enjoy the fruits of your success by making a delightful dish out of your catch and then enjoy it all with your friends and your family. You might end up enjoying Dubai Fishing Tours wholeheartedly and may have the intention to have another go at it anytime soon.

  • Bateaux Dubai

The Bateaux Dubai is a cruise travel where you can have a very relaxed time at night or during the day with your family and friends or even all by yourself if you ae travelling alone to Dubai. There is a very relaxed environment that you can take benefit of and get to have a lot of rest for your soul. It can possibly be an ideal place to calm yourself down and relieve yourself of your worries. The trip will include all the amenities that you could possibly ask for, such as delicious food, excellent environment, good amenities, and much more that you might even become fond of it! The unique idea may attract your sense of aesthetics and make you feel privileged.

  • Al Qudra Cycle Path

The Al Qudra Cycle Path might come as a surprise for you. You may have had thought that in the busy life that Dubai has to offer, there is little or no space for you to satiate your enthusiasm for cycling, yes? Well, the good news for you is that you are absolutely wrong! The Al Qudra Cycle Path is made for those who love to cycle for hours on end to help build up their muscles while they appease themselves by indulging into an activity they well approve of. Plus, cycling is excellent for health and there is every reason to continue it, especially with the availability of the Al Qudra Cycle Path to help make things easier for you….no? You can get up early in the morning and make a couple of rounds just before you leave for office. Alternatively, if you have a lot of workload, you can make good use of your weekends to do so. Be advised that you would be able to experience a high quality of cycle path which is probably as good as you would have had wanted it to be. So you can have a great time cycling at the track and continuously keep track of your health!

ü Motoventure Dubai

The thing about Motoventure is that it has a very attractive look at first sight. The idea of exploring the Desert on special bikes is appealing for sure. It would flash back memories in your mind of sporting events you might have witnessed on TV. However, this would be two steps ahead, because this would be the real thing, you, your bike and the desert, IN REAL TIME! No Match with that! You can explore the sandy dunes in the desert with your bike, climb and descend hills, and enjoy the act all the same. If you find a snake zig-zagging in the desert, you can chase it on your bike until it disappears in its bill or hides in a bush! If you find one, you can even try and race with a fast moving camel! So there are a whole range of possibilities for spending the day with Motoventure Dubai to keep yourself entertained, rest assured. Just let your imagination run and let it suggest to you the ways in which you can have an exciting day at the desert with a bike and some friends who keep you great company. It might end up as one of the most memorable experiences that you ever had with your friends.

ü Dubai Jet Ski Rental

There is presumably an unending list of interesting activities which you can get down to in Dubai, and the Dubai Jet Ski Rental is one of them! Rent a Jet Ski and race with your friends, and have a lot of splashy fun with it. Whoever loses the race, throw him into the water and ask him to swim back to shore! The Dubai Jet Ski would give you an opportunity to burst the waves of the sea to your will and play with the water for as long as you feel like. As soon as you put your hand onto the steering wheel, you would have a feeling of excitement within you, a feeling that you can take the boat anywhere you wish and turn it around at any angle of choice. So make good use of that sensation by enjoying at length with your friends, running the Jet Ski beneath bridges, taking selfies, and wetting yourself and your friends thoroughly in water on a hot sunny day. If nothing else, at least you would be able to cool off the baking Dubai heat from your bodies! However there is actually much more fun that you can get with the Dubai Jet Ski Rental, be assured of that.

ü Kayaking

Kayaking is a universal sport known for its color and attraction. You would be able to find high quality kayaks in Dubai and get down to rowing them single handedly to explore the sea and have a spectacular view of the high rise buildings in the background. You can expect to get excellent service form the staff that lends you the kayaks and all the other equipment and accessories that you might want. Remember to take the advice from guides who are supposed to help you in every manner so that you have a safe and enjoying experience kayaking. If you have missed your exercise for weeks for any reason, then it might be an excellent substitute for it. Remember to take some food and drinks with you so that if you feel tired, you can have some snacks atop your kayak and munch it with water all around you. So, there is reason to believe that you would enjoy a day’s trip kayaking on the beaches in Dubai and would certainly enjoy it to the fullest. So keep exploring Dubai and keep having a great time while you are at it.

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