Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes for Men in The World 2017

Shoes have now become full-fledged fashion accessories. Men and their craze for shoes and sneakers can never be ended. No matter they are basketball shoes, hip-hop shoes, spikes or kick sneakers, men love shoes and their craze for the shoes is never ending. When it comes to the collection of shoes, men become more excited than women. Nowadays every one of us spends money on buying quality shoes. If you aren’t wearing good shoes, then this will have very poor effect on your personality and leads to poor fashion sense.

It is recommended to opt for good quality shoes which are fashionable and also comfortable to wear. Shoes lovers want to opt for the top quality and most expensive shoes and they always dream of super luxury foot wears. Branded shoes act as a status symbol for you. In this piece of content, we will walk through a list of top 10 most expensive shoes for men in world. Let’s have a look at some of the popular expensive shoes that have made it to our elaborate list.

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes for Men in The World 2017:

All the shoes mentioned in this list are comfortable to wear, of high quality and the most expensive ones. The above mentioned list of most expensive shoes will definitely blow your mind. These shoes are bold, stylish and an ideal choice for selection. With beautifully adorned logos, high quality fine material, the top brands have tried their best to captivate the attention of the world’s richest men.

1. Air Jordan Silver Shoes:

Air Jordan Silver Shoes top the list of the most expensive shows for men. A pair of Air Jordon Silver Shoes is ideal for the fans of Michael Jordon (the brand ambassador of Nike Jordon shoes range). A pair of air Jordon silver shoes cost you about $60,000.

Top 10 most expensive shoes for men in world

2. Diamond studded sneakers:

A pair of diamond studded shoes is just awesome. These shoes give you a modern yet fashionable look. This pair of shoes is also known as Air Force 1 by Nike. On these shoes, you can see many 11 carat diamonds adorned around the Nike logo. These shoes will cost you about $50,000.


3. Dress shoes by house of Testoni:

The best house of shoes is established in Bologna (1929) by Amedeo Testoni. The house of shoes is famous for making comfortable shoes from alligator’s skin. The house makes beautiful yet comfortable shoes from linen twine and lined with glove-soft goatskin, adorned with gold and diamond buckles. These shoes are water resistant and very durable to wear. Testo shoes are available for $38,000.


4. Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1:

Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1 features a beautiful collection of 4 pairs of shoes by Nike. Each pair of shoes possesses a different city’s drawing on its top. The cities include Los Angeles, Chicago, Texas and New York. The collection of these shoes is available at $30,000.


5. Gold running shoes:

These awesome looking shoes are made up of gold. Although these are gold running shoes, but no one uses gold shoes for running purpose. These shoes are made up of 620 grams of pure gold and measure about 26 centimeters in length. These shoes are available for $24,000.


6. Louis Vuitton men shoes:

Louis Vuitton is though a woman fashion brand, but the brand has now started to launch luxurious shoes for men as well. The brand presented its beautiful shoes collection for men in Spring/Summer 2010. The shoes have been made by using waxed alligator leather along with soft glove lining. These shoes give you a traditional yet vintage look as well. These shoes will cost you about $10,000.

Top 10 most expensive shoes for men in world

7. Nike high dunk shoes:

They are amazing shoes by Nike. These gold shoes will help you achieve a luxurious yet impressive look. The pair of shoes is gold in color along with its beautiful laces. The pair of shoes costs about $5,405.


8. Diamond studded shoes by Aubercy:

Well, the misconception about the use of diamonds has been eradicated now. People used to think that only girls can wear diamonds as a fashionable accessory. Nowadays diamonds are also being used by men for achieving luxurious look. These shoes by Aubercy have been adorned with real diamonds. You can buy these shoes at ($3010) and ($4,510) according to the diamond’s size.


9. Stefano Bemer shoes:

Stefano is the popular shoe maker. He once collaborated with Gucci brand and presented a number of enormous shoes for men. Moreover, he is considered as the top shoe maker for handmade shoes. These shoes are meant for the rich, luxurious and classy people. The materials used in these shoes include camel and toad. Stefano takes about 3 months to make one pair of shoes but he never compromises on the quality of the shoes. You can buy this pair of shoes at $2,000.


10. Berluti’s handmade shoes:

There are very less brands who offer beautiful yet luxurious handmade shoes. Berluti is one of such brands. Berluti is famous for creating shoes which are elegant yet comfortable to wear. Berluti is a famous Parisian brand which is now managed by Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton. Very fine quality of fabrics and leather has been used as material of these shoes. Berluti offers these expensive hand crafted shoes at $1830.

Top 10 most expensive shoes for men in world
The aim of this content was to provide you with complete guidance to the world’s most expensive shoes for men. Some other popular brands for expensive men shoes include New & Lingwood, A Testoni, John Lobb by Hermes and Swarovski. Check out the entire list of the most expensive shoes in the world and opt for your favorite pair of shoes.

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