Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs 2017

Dogs are considered as man’s best friends. Nowadays dogs are becoming expensive day by day along with their popularity. People love to keep dogs as their pets. Dogs can be much expensive especially when they are the pure breeds. Dogs have become so expensive to own nowadays. Dog is the first animal in the domesticated animals. Dogs are used for different working purposes, hunting and pets. In this piece of content, we will discuss about the top 10 most expensive dogs.

Factors According To Which Dogs Can Be Expensive:

Mainly the prices of the dogs depend upon the following mentioned factors:

  1. Popularity or demand of that specific dog in the market.
  2. Specialization of dogs for any particular job i.e. hunting, spying, police tasks, etc.
  3. How many dogs of that particular breed actually exist?
  4. How long that particular breed of dogs has been in existence?
  5. Popular on the basis if that dog is a status symbol or else the celebrity factor.

Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs 2017:

Here we present a list of the most expensive dogs ranked in the market according to their costs and popularity.

  1. Samoyed ($4,000 – $11,000):

In our list of the most expensive dogs, Samoyed comes at the top of the list. They are considered as loving, friendly and playful dogs. They are very social and are can be good friends of little children and old people. However they are stubborn as well. They are alert and are good at weight pulling and hiking. They perform well at the conformation shows. They possess a weather resistant coat which range from pure white color to biscuit color. Plus they possess curled black lips which help them achieve a cute smile known as Samoyed Smile. Their price range varies according to their looks.

Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs

  1. English Bulldog ($2500 – $9000):

English bulldog is considered as the top popular dog in U.S.A. It is a heavy muscular dog which short faced head. English Bulldogs are kind and loving. The features of English bulldog include thick folding skin just above its nose, skin under the neck that is quite hanging, lips that are hanging downwards limply and pointed teeth. These dogs possess a coat that is flat and short. They also possess short tail. These dogs come in red, fawn and white colors.


  1. Chow Chow ($3000- $85000):

This powerful dog is extremely popular and this dog’s orgin is mainly from Northern China. It is also known as “Dog of the Tang Empire.” These dogs were previously used for safeguarding the Buddhist temples in old times. The features of the dogs include lion like looks, blue or black tongue, broad skull, dense double coat around the neck which comes in different colors like red, black, and cinnamon along with smooth or rough textures. These dogs are popularly used as good companions in shows.

Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs

  1. Lowchen ($5000- $8000):

It is a little cute dog, famous for its alertness. It is one of the oldest dogs. These dogs have appeared in many ancient paintings. This dog is given a trim which is somewhat similar to lion along with hair chains around the ankles and tail. The head is short along with wide skull and eyes are quite round. The coat is quite long along with long thick fine hairs. These dogs are considered as kind, playful, friendly, active, loving and intelligent dogs.


  1. Rottweiler ($2000 – $8000):

These dogs breeds are considered as multi-talented dogs. They are quite intelligent, powerful, confident and patient dogs. They act as good companions at different jobs like police job, service job, guard job, therapy job, etc. They possess black and rust-colored unique coats along with amazing features.


  1. Tibetan Mastiff ($2200 – $7000):

Tibetan Mastiff dogs are considered as the status symbols among the Chinese. These dogs possess large double coat along with amazing unique royal looks and features. These dogs have been reported to have long life span. These dogs are intelligent, watchful, kind and quite obedient.


  1. Akita ($1500 – $4500):

Akita dogs mainly came from Japan but due to their increasing popularity they are now found all over the world. They possess thick coats and richly luxurious tails. They are considered as therapy dogs and often seen at different shows. They are large, powerful, strong and affectionate dogs. They are very honest and kind towards the family members and their owners.

Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs

  1. Pharaoh Hound ($2500 – $6500):

It is the national dog of Malta, Europe. These dogs are popular for their beautiful looks. They are known to be the ancient Egyptian hunting dogs. They are intelligent, stubborn, obedient and pleasing dogs. They are good at hunting. Their unique features include blush and their nose and ears which turn red when they get extremely happy or excited.


  1. Saluki ($2500):

Saluki dog has got thin, graceful and quite impressive look. They are powerful and possess good strength. They are good at hunting. They perform well at shows. They possess smooth coating i.e. feathery legs. They are found in a variety of good colors.


  1. Irish Wolfhound ($1500 – $2000):

They are considered as the tallest dogs. They are popular for their commanding appearances. They are extremely good at athletes i.e. running and sports like that. They are good at hunting and guarding. They are loyal, sweet, generous and patient dogs.

Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs

This was an exciting list of the luxury dogs which are the most expensive dogs. All of these expensive dogs possess distinct features which include luxurious coats, amazing history, cute appearance and lovable personalities. These expensive dogs are the diamonds of our domesticated world of pets. Hope this guide to the top 10 most expensive dogs help you in picking up your favorite expensive dog which stand as a symbol of status for you.

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