Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World 2017

Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World 2017: We employers and job seekers always look for such a workplace which provide us with safe environment and offer better conditions at workplace. However there are certain dangers offered by a few workplaces. So here we have listed some top most dangerous jobs of the world. Let us have a detailed look at these dangerous jobs.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World 2017

Below we have discussed the top most dangerous jobs of the world. Have a detailed study at these jobs.

  1. Job of an Airline Pilot:

It is considered as one of the most challenging jobs as pilots carry the responsibility of letting people land safely. Thus they have to take care of safety of thousands of people who travel in air. Moreover, pilots also face certain health related issues which include stress, insomnia, dehydration, skin cancer and thrombosis.


  1. Job of an Animal Care Worker:

Next comes the job of an animal care worker. Reports and research surveys suggest that it is the toughest job taking care of animals because it involves various many risks in it. It is reported that there are many various different diseases which involve animals every year. The amount of diseases is estimated as 63 fatal injuries and 12,500 non-fatal injuries in total. Doctors also report that the animals show very unpredictable behavior during the breed and birth phases. So people who do this job expose themselves to several many risks and dangers to their lives.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

  1. Job of a Construction Laborer:

Construction work carries many potential dangers and hazards. It is reported that several many accidents occur to the people working on the construction sites. These accidents may involve heavy machinery, falling from high height, electrocution, stucked in between objects, etc. It is reported that around 60 percent deaths happen in this field of construction work.


  1. Job of an Emergency Medical Technician:

These are the people who look after people’ lives and offer them cure. But their profession leads them to several many life threatening situations/dangers. Survey reports that around 45% of the people involved in this profession are exposed to death due to vehicle collisions, 31% deaths are caused because of the air transportation accidents and 12% are reported to be the result of getting stuck by vehicles. Beside this there are several many injuries which may occur in this profession like being cut by any medical equipment or tool, getting exposed to any infection or disease.


  1. Job of Enlisted Military personnel:

These people are considered as a great asset of our country as they safeguard our country. Protecting others’ lives and being patriotic to their country can lead to certain harm to their own lives. The harms/dangers may include the deployment in the war zones/areas, participating in specific missions, working close to lethal yet large machinery. Moreover due to their job pressure they can also lead to depression and severe stress related issues and also some kind of psychological disorders i.e. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


  1. Job of a Fire Fighter:

They are the ones who save our lives. Say in order to help people getting into a burning building so that you can save them from fire. So this is quite very risky profession. Many firefighters lose their lives every year while saving other people’ lives. National fire protection Association reported that in year 2013 approximately 66,000 firefighters got seriously injured during their duty. The major injuries included strains, sprains, wounds, cuts, bruising and severe muscular pain.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

  1. Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver:

We hear of several many driving accidents on daily basis. So the job of a truck driver is really the most risky one. It was reported by Transportation association that approximately 756 truck drivers were exposed to death however 65,000 got serious injuries at work in year 2012. Truck drivers are considered to face more risks/dangers of accidents than other drivers. Moreover, the truck drivers also face serious injuries when changing the vehicle tires and performing certain vehicle repairs. The long hours of driving lead to other health related issues like back pain, leg and arm strain.


  1. Job of Lumberjack or Logger:

It is another great challenging job. Loggers are reported to expose themselves to some serious harming issues like rolling, sliding trees and logs, massive weights, falling momentum, etc. Plus they can also face some environmental issues like working in such remote sites where harsh weather conditions take place suddenly. It was reported in that approximately 62 logging industry were exposed to death in year 2013.


  1. Job of Parole or Corrections Officer:

The job of corrections officer is to work with the ones who have arrived at prison or have been arrested for some crime. According to the American Correctional Association, it is reported that it is the most risky profession and that majority deaths are caused in this profession. The non-fatal injuries generally occur as a result of assaults, violence or confrontations. So people in this profession had to deal with certain dangerous people who can cause them harm.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

  1. Job of a Police Officer:

The job of a police officer is to take care of his/her country’s people. Now police officers face certain dangerous people in their profession so that is why their job is quite risky. Police officers on the daily basis take risk of their own lives just for our safety and protection. It was reported that approximately 126 federal, local, state, territorial and tribal police officers were exposed to deaths in year 2015 while they were on duty. Police officers work for 24 hours/7 days just for the welfare and protection of the people of their country.


These are the most risky yet dangerous professions. These are really brave employees who take risk of their own lives while safeguarding and protecting others. Let us know your views and opinions about this piece of writing in the comment section below. If you know more about such dangerous professions, feel free to tell us.

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