Mariah Carey and James Packer Are Engaged

As per the latest news, Mariah Carey and James Packer are engaged. Both of them announced it in public. They will hopefully make an announcement of their wedding date, in upcoming days. This could be a question of many fans around the world, when and where they first met?

Carey and Packer first met each other in Aspen, where they play and enjoy time in the snow. In 2014, they again reconnected at the premiere of Hollywood film ‘Hercules’. According to Carey, both of them were talking & laughing and the people were getting mad at us. Last year, the couple were also seen in public by spending their holidays in Italy. It is also considered a luck for Mariah because it looks Packer is the best guy in her life. At last, she got a perfect man in her life.

Mariah Carey and James Packer Are Engaged

Mariah Carey and James Packer Are Engaged

James Packer, 47, is a prominent personality in Australia. He is known due to his wealth.Right now, he is the fourth richest person in Australia. This report is taken from the side of Forbes. The estimated fortune of Mr. Packer is exceeding 4.7 billion Australian dollar. He inherited the ‘Australian media empire’ from his father ‘Kerry Packer’. In these days, he is operating chain of casinos. In 2013, he split from Erica Baxter, who was his second wife and a well-known model & singer.

Mariah Carey, 45, is known as the biggest selling artists of her era. In 1990, she released her 1st album. In 2014, she broke up with the host of ‘America’s Got Talent’, Nick Cannon. This would be Mariah’s third marriage. She married with Tommy Mottola at the age of 24 and also married with Nick Cannon at 35.

The fans of Mariah Carey will definitely know her trip to Israel last summer. In the whole trip, Packer was accompanying her. The journey was more than spiritual. He know that the world is at her fingertips. Still, he wanted to do different things that she never experienced earlier. Packer was not a superstar in most of his life but he found the way to impress a superstar, who is popular around the globe.

They spend their time with each other amazingly and the communication between them were easy and fluid. Packer also don’t want to spoil her and her kids by spending every minute with her. He is a very decent and responsible person according to the report of a source.

Packer may be the superstar due to his wealth, but entering in a relationship with a showbiz star is challenging. The way he deal with this challenge is no doubt amazing. A Hollywood celebrity can easily adjust himself in such situation but Mr. Packer proved it that he can handle business as well as relationship. Engagement is a proof and now both are totally committed with each other.

Carey and Packer have different background and history. Although their earlier marriages were not successful with previous spouses but still people think, they are best for each other. Packer has now co-own a production company with one of their mutual friend, ‘Brett Ratner’. Ratner claimed himself as their best friend, but still don’t want to comment on the relation. He further added that time will explain you each and everything.

At this point of time, both of them are only looking for a happy married life. Both of them are mature and spend their major part of life in business and showbiz activities. There is a good response from the side of fans and they wish them best of luck, in the future life.

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