Mac Miller Net worth 2015

Mac Miller is an American rapper. He was born Malcolm McCormick in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 19th January 1992. He was a part of the rap group, III Spoken and he first achieved success from this rap group. He soon went solo and was signed with Rostrum Records and he independently released his first album named ‘Blue Slide Park’ in 2011. This album reached at the peak of success and was sold nearly at 400,000 units. Rostrum Records was the person who discovered Miller. When the album got released Miller and Rostrum earn more money than they would have with a major label. Mac Miller is also a noted record producer under the pseudonym Larry Fisherman.


Mac Miller Net worth 2015

is about $10 Million. He is a young artist and started his career at his early age. Mac Miller was introduced to Benjy Grinberg by Wiz Khalifa. This man was the CEO of the other record label. A deal with Rostrum Records was confirmed by him and succeeded to release his solo album. This album makes Mac Miller a famous artist. He has managed himself to compete with the establish rappers. It happened to be fortunate to him to break the relation with iTunes that reportedly took about 25% of his earnings.

Mac Miller is a young artist with a big attitude. When Mac Miller was in high school, he released that hip hop is his passion and he decided to pick the route of a rapper instead of playing sports. He is one of the most famous rappers in the music industries today. He has proven his great skills in the field of production, rapping, acting and other fields. Donald Trump is an interesting storey attached to the young and a great artist. Donald Trump is the name which was used by Mac in one of his songs and he got sued for that. He suit for $10 by Lord Finesse who was a producer for using a sample of a song without permission. However, the lawsuit did not harm him and paid him as the sale of his record.

The current Mac Miller Net worth 2015 is $10 Million and it is because of his talent in every field. In 2007, Mac Miller released his first mixtape named ‘But My Macking Ain’t Easy’. This mixtape was named under the name EZ Mac. In 2010, Mac Miller got a big hit by signing with Rostrum Records. He would release his fourth mixtape ‘K.I.D.S’ with Rostrum Records.

His first official studio album name ‘Blue Slide Park’ which was released in 2011. On the basis of the success of this album and his previous mix tapes Mac Miller went on his first worldwide tour in the same year. He had released his second studio album in June 2013 with Rostrum Records. The album was named as ‘Watching Movies with the Sound Off’. However, this album was not as successful as ‘blue Slide Park’ but it had reached number 3 on the United States Billboard charts.

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