Top 10 Longest Rivers in the World 2017

The flowing bodies of water are regarded as rivers. Rivers are responsible for carrying water in huge quantity from land to sea. They usually begin from a source and end up flowing into an ocean, sea or a huge lake. Rivers are one of the most attractive features of the world. But which are the longest rivers of the world. The rivers have a great effect on the irrigation and navigation, agriculture, power generation and tourism of the country.

The rivers play a significant role in both natural and economic aspects of the country. Basically the rivers are classified into four main categories which include old, mature, youthful and rejuvenated. The mature and old rivers are further recognized as the longest and largest rivers keeping in view the size and volume of the river. Research shows that there are about 176 rivers in this world which measure more than 1000 km in length.

Rivers lead to great contribution to the humankind and other organisms which may include habitat, aquatic life which is only associated with water for the survival, farming, agriculture aspect, navigation, irrigation, energy and power generation, turbines, hydroelectricity and many more.

Top 10 Longest Rivers in the World 2016
Method of Determining the River’s Length:

There are many ways through which we can get to know the measurement of the river in length. One of the most effective ways is to determine the length of the river from its source to its mouth. Note that all the measurements are just approximations made through various measuring scales and are not the accurate length numbers.

Top 10 Longest Rivers in the World 2017

Our planet Earth is filled with natural beauty and attractions and rivers are regarded as one of these great attractions. How many of you know the world’s longest and largest rivers? I am sure that majority of you will be unaware of the world’s largest rivers. No need to worry about. We are here to guide you. In this piece of writing, we will provide you with some very useful information about the longest and largest rivers of the world. Read on this post in order and have a check out at the list of the top 10 longest rivers of the world 2016.

Nile River:

Nile River is considered as the largest river of the world, flowing through the 11 countries located in the continent of Africa. The river’s length is approximately 4180 miles. Nile River is regarded as the major source of water for all of these countries mainly Egypt and Sudan. The river mainly is flowing into the Mediterranean Sea.

Amazon River:

The Amazon River is situated in Southern America. The length of this popular river is approximately 4000 miles. This river features a variety of flora, fauna and beautiful flowers. Moreover, the river mainly is flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

Yangtze River:

The Yangtze River is regarded as the largest river of Asia. The river measures about 3915 miles in total length. The river is mainly flowing into the East China sea.

Mississippi River:

The Mississippi river is located in America. It is also known as Mississippi-Missouri-Jefferson because the river gets merged with Missouri and Jefferson Rivers. The river measures a total length of approximately 3902 miles. The river mainly is flowing into the Mexican Gulf.


Yenisei is the largest river flowing into the Arctic Ocean. The river flows along with Angara and Selange rivers. It measures the total length of about 3445 miles. Moreover, the river is known to accommodate various many power plants and dams.

Yellow River

This river is popularly known as Sorrow of China. It is well known as 2nd largest river of Asia. It is named as Yellow river because of sand presence in water of the river. The river measures the total length of approximately 3395 miles and is mainly flowing into Bohai Sea.

Ob-Irtysh River:

River Ob is situated in Siberia and it is regarded as the fourth largest river of Russia. This river gets merged with Irtysh River of Siberia and Kazakhstan and gets itself listed as the seventh top largest river of the world. This river is responsible for irrigation and power generation purposes in Russia. Moreover, the total length of the river is approximately 3364 miles. The river falls into the Gulf of Ob.
8.        Parana-Rio de la Plata:

These are basically two rivers. The first one is Parana which flows in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay while the second one flows in between Argentina and Uruguay. The length of the river is approximately 3030 miles.

9.        Congo-Chambeshi:
Congo river mainly flow in the rainforest of congo and later on it gets merged with River Chambeshi of Zambia and lists itself as the 9th largest river of the world. The river’s total length is approximately 2922 miles. The river mainly flows into Atlantic Ocean. This river is the major source of hydroelectricity.

10.     Amur-Argun:
Amur and Argun are two large rivers. River Amur flows in Russia and gets merged with river Argun in Mongoli, China. The river total length measures approximately 2763 miles. The rivers fall into Okhotsk Sea.

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