Kevin Gates Net Worth 2017

 Check out the details about Kevin Gates Net Worth 2017. Kevin Gilyard popularly known as Kevin Gates was born in Louisiana on February 5, 1986. He is a renowned American rapper and a well known singer. Kevin’s grandmother, grandfather and mother all were very fond of music. Kevin Gates net worth is about $1 million.

Kevin Gates Net Worth 2017

Kevin Gates’ Career:
Kevin Gates wrote his first rap in 7th grade. However, he started his musical career in year 2007. He started composing music with two other American rappers namely Webbie and Lil Boosie. Later in year 2008, he came up with an awesome song titled as Get in the Way. The song video features Lil Boosie. Soon Kevin managed to become a budding star. But unfortunately after their soundtrack, both of them Kevin and Lil Boosie got imprisoned due to some cases. After Kevin got released from the prison in year 2011, he returned back to the music industry.

Later on he got attention of great American music recorder Lil Wayne and started working under Wayne’s own music label namely Young Money Entertainment. In year 2013, Kevin came up with something more different. Yes, he released a mix-tape titled as “The Luca Brasi Story”. It was his 8th mix-tape. This mix-tape received huge appreciation and was later regarded as one of the best rap by Spin Magazine. The mix-tape got many downloads and views on different social sites. After his mix-tape went viral on the social media, Kevin Gates started getting popularity and huge fame in the music industry.

Kevin Gates Net Worth 2017

In the same year, Kevin signed an agreement with another American record music label, Atlantic Records. Gates also made his appearance in Pusha T’s song Trust You and Gudda Gudda’s song “Hustle All Day”. Afterwards in the same year, Gates followed up with his new debut street album named as “Stranger than Fiction”. The album featured appearances by Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J. The album received huge appreciation in the music industry. The album received 37th rank on Billboard 200. More than 8000 copies of the album got sold in the very first week of its release.

His song Wylin from his first album ranked at 40th number in Top 100 Best Songs of Year 2013. After that he came up with his second street album titled as By Any Means in year 2014. This album ranked at number 17 on Billboard 200. Thus from year 2013 Kevin is getting popular and achieving the public’s attention through his work. Kevin is still working under the Lil Wayne’s music label Young Money entertainment. According to Kevin, his music is honest and brutally honest, music is his passion. Regarding his music once stated,

“This is a commitment I made to my fans. I realized how big of an impact my music makes to them and I know what it was like for me when I needed music the most, so I’m going to keep putting it out for people who love it”

Kevin’s popular songs’ list include  4:30AM , Don’t Know, Amnesia, Cut Her Off, Out the Mud, Satellites, Bet I’m on it, Thinking with my Dick, Shit (Freestyle), Get up on My Level, Arm and Hammer, Not Really, 4 legs and a biscuit, Anybody get it, Roaming Around, Ask Around and Keep fucking with me.

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