Jamie Foxx Pulls Man from Burning Truck

On January 18, 2016, Jamie Foxx pulls a man from burning truck. After few seconds, the truck burst into flames. It is a heroic act, as per media sources and people but he is not taking himself a hero. The accident occurred outside the mansion of actor that is situated in California.

Jamie Foxx Pulls Man from Burning Truck

Jamie Foxx Pulls ManBrett Kyle, 30, was driving his 2007 model Toyota Tacoma, on the night of Monday. He crashed his car in front of the mansion. The vehicle rolled over many times and then burst into flames. Foxx and another passer of the scene, ran and helped the man by pulling him out to safety.

Foxx described the media, how he smashed the screen of car and used the scissor of the passer. Both of them, did their best effort and quickly pull the man out. In the next few seconds, the truck turned into flames. It could be less than five seconds, when the truck goes up. He further added that he asked the driver to get himself out because without his own effort, the actor cannot provide much help. Also, he asked the driver that he don’t want to leave him in this this condition. The brave act of Jamie Foxx is appreciated around the world.

Fire crews reported that they arrived on the scene, just a minute later. The truck was fully burning with fire. The spokesman of Ventura County Fire Department told that the patient suffered with burn injuries and he was immediately taken to the hospital. Brett Kyle was the only person and there was no other passenger in the truck.

The actor is playing brave and heroic roles in various films of Hollywood. Due to his recent act of rescue, he has now maintain a reputation of a real life hero. Still, he is not taking this act as heroic and as per him, he tried something that gone in the right direction.

The father of the driver, Brad, praised the acts of Foxx and tearfully spoke to the media. According to him, it doesn’t matter what was the profession and living style of the actor or whatever. He just appreciate the efforts of actor that saved the life of his son. Foxx also shared his picture with Brad on Facebook. Both of them embracing in the picture and this was taken few hours later from the incident. He also added his comments that there are no heroes and we are just happy fathers.

The American Medical Response and Ventura County Fire transported the driver to ‘Los Robles Hospital’ & ‘Medical Center’ in California. He suffered various injuries in different parts of the body.

As per the reports, Mr. Kyle is in the hospital where he is taking treatment of head, neck and chest injuries. There are also burns on his skin according to reports. In the past, he was arrested on the suspicion of driving ‘under the influence’. This report is taken from the side of Police.

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