Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals 2017

This is the blog about Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals 2017. It can be very surprising to see animals display human-like acts that are not expected to of them. The perception of them is of dumb species that cannot possibly act in an intelligent-sounding manner. However, many such observations have been made of animals, some of which are listed as follows.

  • Crows

Most Intelligent Animals

Crows are one amongst the Top 10 most intelligent animals 2017 owing to their abilities that they showcase. Crows are said to possess one of the biggest sized brains in the bird species. They are also short-tempered and if you ever mess with crows, they are most probable to come back after you and bombard their beaks into the back of your head so watch out! Crows are able to do so because of their ability to recognize people and therefore to take revenge on spot! One measure of the intelligence of crows amongst animals is their high problem solving abilities showcased in many instances. There is even this legendary fable of a crow using pebbles to increase the water level in a pot so it was able to drink the water! In addition, crows are very sharp at collecting food from farming fields, so much so that farmers use scarecrows to disperse them and save their crops.

  • Dolphins

Bottle nosed dolphin underwater

Dolphins are very intelligent fishes, as has been shown by their behavior. Some species of dolphins such as the bottlenose dolphins, have brains as weighty as 1.6kg on average, so there is a lot of brains to dolphins, rest assured! Interestingly, these dolphins have been observed to like watching TV! Dolphins have also been observed to be very playful and they can be trained to play with a ball in a water pool, something which is common. They have also been observed to respond to visual symbols and act after taking cues from signals. Dolphins can also possibly recognize their own selves in a mirror when shown their face in it, owing to their high intelligence.

Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals 2017.

  • Ants

 Most Intelligent Animals

Ants are one of the most intelligent species on Earth for they are very organized in their motion. Ants form long queues to and fro food deposits which can be observed on the ground, on walls, etc. They are also adept at spreading the word about newly discovered food deposits in their colonies and do so in a way that the word spreads quickly and bits and pieces of the food source are taken up by one ant after the other to their homes. Also, ants are very sharp at traveling. They take the shortest paths to food deposits and back home, saving both effort and time in the process. They are even intelligible enough to focus on the notion of teamwork for they know their small sizes are a disadvantage to them. However, if they work in teams they can do wonders and that is exactly what they focus on, working together for the greater good that is shared amongst all members of the colony for their collective benefit.

  • Rats


Rats have also been observed to have qualities that speak of a high intelligence in them. For instance, rats have been seen to be fast learners, learning new tricks every now and then. They also learn new ways to attacks food deposits stored by humans as well as learn how to get away with the food without being caught in reaction! The sense of smell rats have is said to be amazing and they can sniff food from very long distances. Also, this is most probably the result of their strong sense of smell that they remember a route they followed even once and can repeat moving on that pathway any number of times, without forgetting it. Pet rats recognize when their names are called and respond with signals to the calling. In addition to that, rats like keeping clean very much, which is why they groom themselves a lot, cleaning their fur of anything that sticks to it every now and then!

  • Dogs

 Most Intelligent Animals

Dogs are very intelligent animals which is why they continue to be used for a list of tasks. These tasks include herding cattle, sniffing narcotics at airports, even sniffing out intruders on borders, fetching objects, for playing such as Frisbee, etc. Dogs are able to perform all of these tasks correctly owing to the intelligence that they sport. They are also able to recognize what they are being said to do with verbal commands given by humans. This is one of the reasons that makes them such useful mammals. Not only that, but dogs are also sharp at understanding what humans want them to do by taking leads from their gestures alone! This is why trainers use gestures to train dogs into performing an act of choice and the dog repeats that act whenever the trainer shows off that specific gesture.

  • Elephants


Elephants are a very intelligent species of animals, as they have proven themselves to be so. Elephants can use tools for an exercise they want to do, or if they have been ordered to do so by humans. Yes, they can use man-made tools for a task at hand, with the help of their intelligence. Also, elephants can tell a human or a group of humans from the other. They can also remember routes to water holes from which to suck water in the baking heat of the sun. In addition to that, elephants can understand both the speech as well as the body language of humans by taking the clue from what is being communicated to them. They can also recognize other elephants even if they meet years after having separated from each other. Not only that but elephants have even been witnessed to showcase human-like emotions when any of their loved one dies, with an outpour of grief on their death.

  • Squirrels


Squirrels are another group of animals distinguished by their intelligence. Squirrels are very sharp at hiding their food and can do so with ease. Also, they can tell when they are being observed by and start acting in a fake manner when they really don’t mean to do what they are doing. For instance if other squirrels find them hiding nuts, they will act normal but when they are gone, they will hide the nuts someplace else! This basically means that squirrels are great at deceiving other squirrels. Squirrels have also been observed to be very adaptive of their surroundings and can live just about anywhere as a result of this ability. In addition to that, squirrels can rob other squirrels of their nuts and hide them elsewhere for their own personal consumption. That’s cheating!

  • Parrots


Some species of parrots such as the Grey parrot have exceptional abilities of mimicking human speech. Many people keep grey parrots, dubbed as “talking parrots” for pets and train them to speak different words and phrases for fun. This shows how intelligent parrots are that they can learn speech with training and be able to repeat it in just the same way that they were taught the pronunciation of it. Parrots can also use reason and logic to find food hidden in some covering, etc. It is even said that parrots have an intelligence equivalent to 3-5 year old children and they demonstrate it well! Parrots are even intelligent to show displeasure to humans such as their captors if they are not happy with them for some odd reason, which is very interesting.

  • Chimpanzees

 Most Intelligent Animals

Chimpanzees are highly intelligent mammals that learn human behavior very fast. Chimpanzees are found to be very good communicators amongst their group whenever they move out in the wild. They plan ahead about what they are going to do, whether they are going for hunting, to have some playful moments, or to go in search of some adventure. Chimpanzees also have the knowledge that certain herbs or shrubs can cure them and use asp ilia plant leaves to deworm their stomachs of worms and bacteria that cause pain to them. Chimpanzees are very skillful at learning new tricks and then tricking other chimpanzees for fun for they always seem to have fun on their minds all the time around. Chimpanzees also express a lot of emotions like humans do such a crying, laughing, anger, affection, depression, so on and so forth.

  • Hens


Hens are very intelligent birds and are used for a variety of purposes such as laying eggs, for meat and also for cockfights! Hens have razor-sharp reflexes when it comes to dodging humans so as to avoid being caught by them! It requires a lot of effort, patience and sweat to catch hens if that is what is desired owing to the maneuvering skills they possess. Very interestingly, when hens have had their fill, they rub their beaks on the ground sideways to clean it of any food particles that may have had attached to their beaks! Hens are very cautious about laying their eggs too, they lay them out of “general sight” in a nook or corner to make sure they are safe and sound from other birds, cats, dogs, et cetera.

All-in-all, these kind of gestures from animals get humans thinking about how they could possibly do such a thing. There is certainly depth to why animals, such as mammals and birds et cetera, act in these unique styles and what is it that forces or motivates them to do so in the first place. There is no denying that no matter what the size of brain of these animals is, they try and use it to their advantage!

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