HPV Raises Head Cancer Risk Sevenfold

Today I tell you Side Effects of HPV Vaccine (Human papillomavirus) or HPV has raised the chances of head cancer and risk sevenfold. Neck cancer could be a cause of this DNA virus. This report is released on Thursday from the side of various researchers. According to the study, it is can also cause neck cancer along with head. Everyone should be aware of this fact and avoid such activities that could show the effects on the body.

A vaccine is available that is helpful to prevent from HPV. It is no doubt a very good news but still, such acts should be avoided that are cause of the cancer. A test through mouthwash is also sufficient for the doctors to analyze, who is at risk of HPV.

HPV Raises Head Cancer Risk Sevenfold

HPV Raises Head Cancer Risk Sevenfold

Doctor Ilir Agalliu & his colleagues at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York have checked the records of over 96,000 people. The people were taking part in a ‘big medical study’. All of them took a ‘mouthwash test’ to check the oral HPV infection. This was part of their study and after 4 years, 132 people developed head & neck cancer. The researchers then compared the patients of cancer to 3 similar people, who were not getting the reason.

Mostly people who were infected with HPV-16 (a strain) were between 2 & 22 times as they were likely to be affected in cancer group. This report is given to JAMA Oncology.

Experts have strong believe on the reasons of HPV. As per them, 70 percent cancer of head and neck are spread due to oral sex. The ratio of head and neck cancer will probably increase and beat the cervical cancer ratio in 2020. This is a risk and point of worry.

Before the era of 90s, smoking & drinking were considered as the reasons of head and neck cancer in people. In the last 30 years, these cancers were found in the heterosexual males that lead the experts to research on various reasons.

Cervical cancer is already known to be cause of HPV. The cancer in penis and anus has the same cause. The news of Michael Douglas hit the headlines in 2013, when he treated of throat cancer. According to the news, it was also cause of HPV that could be a reason of oral sex. Later, he denied the reports of oral sex but still people are now concerned of HPV. It is no doubt a real cause of cancer. This should be controlled by educating the people especially the people between the ages of 18 to 40.

2 vaccines are approved by FDA that are helpful to cure from such cancers. The vaccines are known as Cervarix & Gardasil. It will prevent the infection of HPV strains 16 & 18. Gardasil also covers the wart causing strains 6 & 11. Earlier in 2016, a latest form of Gardasil is approved that is good to prevent from additional ‘5 new high risk HPV strains’. By this additional coverage in this form, patients can get more protection from head and neck cancer.

Experts are advising boys and girls from the age of 11 or 12 to take 3 doses of this vaccine. Still, there are 109 other types of human papillomaviruses that can cause warts & other lesions. The two-third majority of American citizens are infected with these HPV.

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