How To Wear A Hijab Step By Step

Hijab in Islamic terminology is the dress code that covers whatsoever might provoke one’s instincts.  Hijab is a veil which covers the head and chest, it is that veil which keeps women safe and makes her feel protective, and not only in her society but in all the other societies where ever she goes. Hijab should be carried in a way to prevent the rising of sexual appeal.

One of the noteworthy questions that arise for a woman is how to wear a Hijab step by step especially for beginners as women should know How To Wear Hijab Step By Step  .  Well, there are many styles of wearing it from which you can choose the style in which you are most contented. However, priority should always be given to your comfort zone and not to fashion trend with an absolute willpower. Starting with the steps of wearing a Hijab is initially to decide the fabric. If you live in hot climatic countries, you should restrain from choosing fabrics like nylon silk that might create rashes on your neck so it’s better to prefer fabrics like cotton and linen. Next, choose the print on your scarf.

How To Wear A Hijab Step By Step

This Step Depends On Two Things

1) Your Personality

2) The Event You Are Going To

If there is a party you may choose some glittery style if there is any hangout or picnic you may go for floral print, at times you may opt some prints that matches your attire.

Method of wearing basic scarf is as follows: Place a kerchief first. This aids keeping your headscarf in place and also helps to cover all your hair properly. Then place scarf on your head with one side shorter (left side if u are right-handed, right side if you are left-handed) till your chest, other side till your belly. Hold both part under your chin and clip it with a safety pin. Hold the long part cross it over the short one keeping loose in a circular path, take it to the top of your head and slide it down a little (1 or 2 inch below crown of head) later, secure it with a safety pin  Make sure the width of your scarf covers at least your back till shoulder bone. Then secure that part of your scarf near your cheeks and let the rest lie on the side.

Square scarf are readily available in markets and people are confused that how they should wear them.  one of the easiest steps  is to fold the scarf in diagonal making a triangle keep it on your head with smaller side on your back, make a cap shape on your forehead by folding little portion from both side of your cheeks and pinning it under your chin. You may tie a knot with the two strands or just let them lie on your chest. Now you know that How To Wear Hijab Step By Step  , so simply follow these basic steps for wearing a perfect hijab step by step, stay confident on your decision be it a religious reason or cultural identity,  your asset will make you look beautiful than ever before!

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