Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes 2017

Today the younger generation is practically not involved in playing outdoor sports but they still admire these games a lot like they would love to watch cricket, football etc. Athletes lead a very tough kind of life. They go through a very tiring time before getting a room in the hearts of the millions of sports fans who actually make these athletes a real hero in front of the world.

Just having fans won’t be enough, you need to be sincere with your sport in order to maintain your fame as an athlete. Various athletes in the world became glamorous after getting popular as they are paid with very high allowances that somehow compensates for their efforts and talent. Let’s mention some athletes from the whole world who get higher pay as a player.

  • Floyd Mayweather

He is also a boxer earning $300 M at the age of 38 from being in the Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes 2016 . He is from the United States. Mayweather’s $300 Million crushes the record, previously held by Tiger Woods when he banked $108 Million in 2008. Mayweather is living up to his name as he top’s this list of the highly paid athlete for the second year in a row and it wasn’t even close. The Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight is expected to gross over $600 million when all is totaled up, breaking just about every financial boxing record. The fight was his fifth fight in a six fight, 30-month blockbuster deal he signed with Showtime.

He plans on retiring after the final fight in that deal, set to take place in September. He also signed endorsement deals with  Hublot, FanDuel and Burger King leading up to the Pacquiao bout. Acccording to TMZ, Mayweather is selling this incredibly rare Ferrari Enzo for $3.8 Million after he just bought the car for $3.2 Million in January. His exotic car dealer, Obe Okeke — Owner of Fusion Luxury Motors in L.A., says Floyd wants to sell the car quickly because he has plans to take that money and buy TWO more spectacular automobiles that will shock everyone.

  • Manny Pacquiao

He is a boxer from Philippines with an income of $148 M at an age of 36. He is married and has five children. .He is done boxing for the year after surgery on a torn rotator cuff. His endorsement deals with Nike, Foot Locker, Nestle’s Butterfinger and others in the Philippines round out his superb year financially as makes him stay on the Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes 2016 . Manny’s endorsements and that he has some in the Philippines as well as the major ones like Nike and Butterfinger here in the United States. Here is a look at a White Corn ad in the Philippines.

Pacquiao holds office as a Filipino Congressman along with all his other obligations. Pacquiao bought the Beverly Hills Mansion and everything that was in it. The unbelievable home that looks a bit like Tony Montana’s mansion in Scarface, was formerly owned and occupied by P-Diddy

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

He is a 30 year old football player from Spain He has a yearly income of $52.6 M with an endorsement money of $27 M. He is still single. He is a huge star with millions of fans around the world. He has some endorsement contract with well known brands like Nike and has its own underwear and shirt producing company named as CR7. The International superstar has earned $41.1 million with Nike so far and is on the verge of signing a new deal that will pay him $64 Million over the next five years. Besides Nike and CR7, he has also been endorsed by Armani, Castrol and strangely KFC.

  • Lionel Messi

Now if you are a sport lover then ou definitely knowwho is this Lionel Messi. He is the actual  charm in the football world. Messi is a 27 years old football star from Argentina. If we talk about his martial status, then he is still single. He has a yearly income of $51.8 M with some endorsements worth of $22 M.  He has been selected as the player of the year by FIFA for nearly four times. He raised $9 M from that. Another golden contract made him eligible to earn $50 M every year, now that’s actually massive that’s why he is at number 5. He appeared as iron man in the ad. Of Samsung product. He is planning to build a soccer shaped house to show to the world that he has much to spend on all this.

  • Roger Fedrer

He is a renowned tennis player. He is 33 years old and he resides in Switzerland. His salary is just $9 M. But he has some very highly paid endorsement deals with popular brands that make him 5th highest paid athlete. He is happily married and has four cute kids. He got 19 grand slams that is a famous tennis declaration. He had signed contracts with certain brands like Rolex and Credit Suisse, etc.  He also signed an endorsement contract of three years with Mercedes and Sunrise that is a highest IT provider in Switzerland.

  • Lebron James

With a salary income of $20.8 M apart from endorsement income he comes at number 6 in the list of 2016. He is a basketball player from America. He is 30 years old and is married and have a complete family with three kids. His signed shoes get a high sale in the NBA. He is also a grand ambassador of famous brands like McDonald and Samsung etc. He signed an endorsement for 2 years that was worth of $42.1 M with Cleveland.

  • Kevin Durant

He is a basketball player from the United States and comes at the 7 the number in this list. He enjoys the rank with an income of $19.1 M along with huge endorsement money. He is 26 years old player in the Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes 2016 . If we talk about his martial status then he is still single. His income got a boom after following MWP season in 2014 and this brings a huge increase in his income level he got 7th rank in 2016 while he was at number 20 during 2014.

He became further richer when he signed an endorsement deal with Nike that was a 10 year agreement. He is also working as a grand ambassador of various high fi brands like Sprint, Panini Skullcandy etc. He has the highest selling rate of his shoes at NBA.

  • Phil Mickelson

44 years old Golf player belong to the United States. He lies on the 8th rank having a salary of $2.8 M. And another endorsement money is additional. He is happily married and have 3 kids. It’s a common trend among rich golf stars, they consider vast green golf courses as an important part of their highly budgeted mansion. Michele followed the rule as its so smart to have a green part at your own house to practice golf in order to earn millions.

  • Tiger Woods

He is a 39 year old Golf star from the USA. He has a proper salary of $600K.  Income from other promotion campaigns and advertisements is additional. If we talk about his married life, then it’s not really good he has been divorced, currently while he also has two kids. He had worked with various famous brands like a musclePharm promotion and also in Indian Hero mobile motorbike ads. He had a very glorious and expensive mansion in Florida that is a very cool place to live in definitely, he is highly paid so he had some standards. He has his own golf course in his mansion in order to practice well and maintain a class in his sports.

  • Kobe Bryant

He is a basketball player based in the United States and at the top of the Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes 2016 . 36 years old Kobe Bryant come on the tenth rank in this list with an approximate earning more than $23.5 M. He is leading a happy married life. Kobe is  blessed enough to be the father of two kids. He got all this fame and money after making the world realize that he is an expert in his field. He has been a champion and got various designations for that among them the one that is worth mention is All-Star and NBA Champion.

He got an All-Star champion award for 17 times and got NBA Champion for five times. All these awards made him a star in the public eye. He has been working with various popular brands eg NIKE etc. He initiated a new firm by investing a heavy amount, now he z working in the Board of Directors there. This firm is working for the promotion of a sport soft drink i.e. Body Armor. This soft drink made from coconut water was later transformed into a beverage. He has also launched his own shoes sold under the label if Adidas and Nike and this also contributed a lot in his yearly income to push him to get some recognition in the list of ten world’s highly paid athletes.

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