Hawaii Helicopter Crash 2016 Details about 12 Marines

Last week, 2 helicopters crashed in Hawaii and 12 Marines are still missing. So far, there is no update of missing men. From the last five days, they are trying to search the missing marines. The status of marines are now changed to deceased by ‘The Marine Corps’ because they have failed to find them.

All of them earned ‘various decorations’ during their service. They were prominent members of Marina Aircraft Group 24, Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing stationed on Marine Corps Base, Hawaii. They were between the ages of 21 to 41.

Hawaii Helicopter Crash 2016 Details about 12 Marines

Hawaii Helicopter Crash 2016 Details about 12 Marines

The details of the marines are given below.

  • Major Shawn M. Campbell

Campbell, 41, was the oldest marine in the helicopter crash. He grew up in College Station, Texas. On the day of crash, he was at the post of Major in the Marine Corps.

Donna McGrew, the mother of Campbell describes him as a ‘great dad’ of four kids. He was a wonderful husband and his kids love him. Campbell completed his high school in Suburban, Houston. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University, where he completed microbiology degree. He was living with his family at the Marine base of Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, that includes her wife Kelli and children.

On September 30, 1999, he joined the ‘Marine Corps’, where he served as ‘CH-53E Super Stallion pilot’. Campbell served the country in 3 tours that include tours of Middle East and Iraq. He came back U.S and become a flying instructor in Pensacola, Florida. From the last 2 years, he was transferred in Hawaii. The report is updated from the side of Marine Corps.

  • Captain Brian T. Kennedy

Kennedy, 31, joined the Marine Corps at July, 1, 2003. He was a ‘CH-53E Super Stallion pilot’. His father was hopeful of a successful search due to hard work of rescuers. Kennedy was native of Suburban, Philadelphia.

He completed his high school from Suburban, Philadelphia and later completed the degree of graduation from Naval Academy. He was on an assignment as per the latest reports. This information is taken from William Kennedy of Malvern Pennsylvania.

  • Captain Kevin Roche

Roche, 30, was the member of ‘The Marine Corps’ since December, 19, 2005. He was native of St. Louis where he grew up as a child. He was deployed for various tasks that include ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’. As per the record, Roche was a ‘CH-53E Super Stallion Pilot’.

The family members praised the efforts of rescuers, who tried to find him & other missing marines. His close family members were also preparing to travel before the search of marines was suspended. This statement came from his brother in law, ‘Anthony Kuenzel’, from St. Louis.

  • Captain Steven R. Torbert

Torbert, 29, was a native of Florence, Alabama. Most of his relatives are members of Highland Baptist Church, where he grew up. A pastor of the church says, they are praying for him.

As per the reports of the Marine Corps, Torbert was a ‘CH-53E Super Stallion pilot’. Since October 14, 2004, he was serving ‘The Marine Corps’.

  • SGT Adam C. Schoeller

Schoeller, 25, was native of Gardens, Pennsylvania. According to the statement of relatives, he and his wife Samantha married on July 4, 2015. His Facebook page says, he completed high school from Boiling Springs High School. One of his family friend explained how much the family is suffering in this difficult time. All of the family members are still praying.

Schoeller joined the Marine Corps in March 23, 2008. He was also deployed at Operation Enduring Freedom and served as crew chief of CH-53E Super Stallion.

  • Dillon J. Semolina

Semolina, 24, was from Chaska, Minnesota. According to his uncle, Ryan Bachand, he wanted to serve as a nurse after the service of Marines. For this purpose, he had already applied in a school and waiting for the response. The result is expected in next week.

He further added that Semolina was a positive personality and an impressive young man. He was a prominent football player of Delano, Minnesota high school and all of the family members are heartbroken due to this incident.

Semolina joined the Marine Corps on September 1, 2011, where he served as ‘CH-53E Super Stallion crew chief’.

  • Jeffrey A. Sempler

Sempler, 22, was the native of Woodruff, South Carolina. His hometown has held a prayer vigil for him and rest of the family on Monday. The grandparents thanked the community for support, according to report of Herald-Journal. He was fond of reading and driving the Ford Mustangs. This statement is released from his grandfather Ralph Beauvier. He further added that Sempler was a great kid and all the family members are proud of him.

Sempler was a graduate of Woodruff High School. The teacher remembers him as a quiet & thoughtful student. The guy was liked in the community and without any doubt, he was a great person.

Sempler joined the Marine Corps on August 12, 2010. He served the corps as ‘CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter crew chief’. This is confirmed from the side of ‘The marine Corps’.

  • William Turner

Turner, 25, grew up in Florala, Alabama. He was a prominent student and good baseball player at ‘Florala High School’. After completing his graduation, he joined the Marines. Turner was known as his Middle name ‘Josh’, according to her school counselor, Joea McNeil.

Turner, always wanted to become a marine. He was good in the interview because she also sat in the interview with a ‘military recruiter’ at school. Turner was married since April, 2015. The family members also monitor the progress of his search, with his wife. All of them are in shock, after this tragic incident.

He was also deployed at Operation Enduring Freedom and served as ‘CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter crew chief’. This report is taken from the Marine Corps.

  • Matthew R. Drown

Drown, 23, was native of Spring, Texas. He was a graduate of Suburban Houston high School. Right after the graduation in 2011, he joined the marines. Drown served the corps as ‘CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter crew chief’.

According to the statement of his high school, English teacher, he was a shy guy but with the passage of time, he grew up and started participating in various debates. He was remembered as a happy and smiling face during public speaking that was unusual among other kids. This information is taken from his speech & debate teacher, Angie Richard.

  • Thomas J. Jardas

Jardas, 22, was from Fort Myers, Florida. He is also remembered as the younger brother of reigning ‘Miss District Columbia’, Haely Jardas. Last year, she competed as Miss America pageant.

According to a statement of ‘The Miss D.C. Organization’, their prayers are with Haely and rest of the family. She is now in Florida with her family after listening the news of this tragic helicopter crash.

Jardas was serving the Marine Corps since May 6, 2011. According to The Marine corps, he was a ‘CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter crew chief.’

  • Christopher Orlando

Orlando, 23, was the native of Hingham, Massachusetts. His family is really thankful to all the people for the love, prayers and concern. They also thanked the rescuers for their hard work in the search. According to the family, rescuers did their best efforts in search.

Orlando was counselor at surf camp in ‘Hull, Massachusetts’, when he joined the Marines. He was known as the legend of camp, in Hull. The joining date of Orlando is August 9, 2012, where he served as ‘CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter crew chief’, according to the report of Marine Corps.

  • Lance CPL. TY L. Hart

Hart, 21, grew up in Aumsville, Oregon. He was the youngest marine in crash. Hart lived with his wife on the base of Hawaii. He was serving the Marine Corps since August 8, 2012 and served them as ‘CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter crew chief’.

One of the family friend name Christina Brown, described him as an energetic and upbeat guy. He was fond of boating, wakeboarding and enjoys nature.

Alan Kirby, who was a teacher and football coach of Hart in High school, told that he was a quick learner and put smile on face, all the time. He was no doubt, a positive kid and will always remember in the school.

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