Top 10 Hair Styles For Long Hair  2017

1. Pull It back into a pretty pony tail:

To get this type of appearance or hair style, swathe hair ties that match your hair color down the length of your pony tail then lightly pull the hair in the midsections out to get that amazing looking, poofy effect. Pony tails are mostly gathered at the middle of the head or at the support of the neck. Depending on today’s fashion and styles, they may possibly also be worn at the one side of the head or on top of the head (allowing them to fall from the side or down the back as per fashion and style requirements).

  1. Try a sleek and polished side part:

First of all this is the second from the Top 10 Hairstyles for Long Hair 2015, make some partition in your hair (make a full of meaning side partition), drag the one part of your hair to your right or left side (in which you’ll feel comfortable, relaxed and gorgeous) and then the remaining part of your hair, slick them back behind your ear so that this could expose your both ears. To make a sexy look to this hair style, you should spray your hair during combing, it will also add shine, also polishes you hair and the good thing is that it will also protect your hair from dryers. Then comb your hair back including spray for an all day hold.

  1. Go for sexy bed head curls:

Without any effort, cluttered, sexy and messy, and perfect all at the same time. To get this look, curl you hair into tight ringlets so that it will give cluttered and messy but a sexy look. After curling your hair into tight ringlets, spray the texture all over your head and just do the finger comb to get the messy and sexy look. After that, you can also go back to sleep because when you will wake up again the style might become sexier. This hair style will remain for few days.

  1. Sleek, low bun:

A sturdy mid part and many of shining spray make a bun instantly classic (with smoky eyes it will ridiculously sexy also). To get this amazing hair style, draw a mid part then clip aside a one inch hunk from each side of the hair line. Gather the remaining hair in pony tail and roll (not curl) it up towards the base of the neck. Pin it in opposition to the head. Then draw each of front pieces back around the loop. Pin them also, finish with a charitable quantity of a lustrous shining spray. When you’ve reached the top, make safe it with common pins. This part of sleek low bun hair style will fit nicely with the first one.

  1. School Girl hair:

Top 10 Hairstyles for Long Hair 2015 Hair stylists think that this is the most young, cool and imperfect of all of the hair styles. It is also really very easy to style your hair. To get this type of hair style, aired your hair first of all, also try the texture along with your hair made by matte, and then sweep a large amount of hair diagonally the forehead and slid in the visible common pin.

  1. Braid a long fish tail pony:

Fish tail pony is a wonderful fusion of animal themed hair styles.  To appear this type of gorgeous, Comb the hair out so that they are twist free. Now divide these tangle free hair into two sections. Traverse a piece of hair from the right section to the left. Hold the piece of hair from the outside edge of the right section and traverse it over. Now repeat the previous process from left section to right. As you go down the length of hair, y’all see the fish tail pony pattern emerging. Make safe the fish tail pony with the holder at the end.

  1. Cut blunt bangs:

To give extra long looks to your hair locks on the spot modernize with freshly cropped fringe. To be look this type of pretty, ask your stylist to trim the center pieces of hair so that your hair will fall right below your eyebrows, while the other ones should be long to some extent. Ask your stylist for a flexible bow that falls two inches from the hairline from this Top 10 Hairstyles for Long Hair 2015. Do you have the courage to cut your own bags, without the help of a stylist? This is beyond doubt going a bit further than a trim, and it’s a bit uncertain, but if you want to attempt, the method above makes it quite easy. The twist-cut scam results in bangs that are quite longer on each side.

  1. Choose bold accessories:

Beautify long locks with an eye contagious band. The multiband gold edition will look flawless on the top of the forehead. A small amount of fragile flowers combs slid into the back, just on top of the bun. Acting as elements of femaleness, the floral combs enhance just any undisturbed style come spring. The amazing style gained a vague quality straight away upon being decked punctuated by gold shells. The scattered waves of hair managed to give the perfect look of seaside theme flowing through the collection.

  1. Woven pony tails:

Just be clear in your mind that your room mate is home when you initiate this, because it two to complete this complicated pony tail. Blow dry and flatiron you hair straight. Segment the top half of your hair from temple to temple and make a central point part, crisscrossing each side securely above each other. Lock the each piece behind the ears. Bind the hair into a low pony tail and enfold a piece of hair around the flexible before spraying.

  1. Half up Loop:

When you pull your half of the hair up. Just keep in mind only two things, first of all, never draw back half of your hair or the hair beneath will look weak, dry and shrimp, secondly, find the bottom of the loop and drag the two ends to fasten the braid.

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