Google Paid Apple $1b to keep search on iPhone

There are always speculation, how much Google paid to be number one search engine on iPhone. We have now got the figure and as per the figure, Google paid Apple $1b to keep search on iPhone. The ongoing legal battle between Oracle & Google gave us this long awaiting answer. It shows that at some point of time in 2014, Apple received this money from the ‘search firm’.

Five years ago, Oracle claimed that Google is apparently using its Java technology. During the proceedings of court, it is stated that the revenue share between Google & Apple was 34 %. There is no further detail of this matter and both companies (Google and Apple) submitted the sealed filings. The companies chooses this way to hide the details from public.

Google Paid Apple $1b to keep search on iPhone

Google Paid Apple $1b to keep search on iPhone

Annette Hurst, who is appearing in the court as the attorney of Oracle have recently disclosed the details. According to Hurst, during the last week hearing, a witness of Google gave answer of the 34 percent revenue share. It is not clear, whether this amount is kept by Google or they paid it to Apple.

According to some reports, the financial terms of agreement between the companies are ‘highly sensitive’. It is understood, both companies have signed a contract with each other, but they don’t want to disclose important and specific terms in public. It is no doubt a sensitive deal, because the companies are shining stars for people around the world. The two points that are raised in our mind are:

  1. Google don’t want to give any chance to its rival search engines, through disclosure. That’s why, they gave everything in sealed documents.
  2. Apple has interest to generate revenue from ‘Google’s advertising based business model’. Through this way, they are able to generate huge amount of revenue.

In the past, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, publicly criticized many companies to make money by using the personal data. Despite such statements, it seems they might be using this way to generate revenue.

Apple also used the services of Microsoft Bing for some time, in the past. It was ‘Siri-related’ search services in iOS. Most of the iPhone users have idea that Apple is using the services of Google to provide best features. Such features are best in class and provide many options to the customers. Through such reports, it is clear how important is Apple for the most popular search engine.

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