First Flower zinnia Grown in Space

As per the declaration of NASA, the first flower zinnia grown in space. This is revealed by the astronaut of NASA, Scott Kelly. It is tricky for most of the astronauts to grow a flower inside the space through seeds. Now the bright orange zinnias is blossomed on the board of ‘International Space station’. The zinnia is grown last week on Saturday, January 16, 2016.

According to the statement of Astronaut, there are many life forms that can grow in space. This statement came from him on Twitter, when he was 400 kilometer above from the earth. Kelly is the commander of space station. It was the plan of NASA to experiment and grow plant in space. Fortunately, they are successful in it and right now it is a breaking news for the people, especially those who like to do research on space. The astronauts cut the mouldy leaves, cleaned the plants and use a fan to dry the crop. By high speed fan, they did their job very well. Kelly might not aware of the fact, he is not the first successful astronaut to grow flower in the space.

First Flower zinnia Grown in Space

First Flower zinnia Grown in Space

Around 4 years ago, Don Pettit, an astronaut experimented to grow plants of different types in the NASA station of space. This experiment was labeled as ‘personal biology experiment’ according to NASA. He was lacking a sophisticated growth chamber and it is lead to the launch of Veggie study. During the experiment, he used the plastic bags as pots. Pettit was successful to cultivate sunflower, blossom and few more. Pettit wrote in blog that, sunflower is going to seed. The blossom that he grown were wilted brown and it had few ‘lopsided packed seeds’. It is not normal, if we compare it with blossom of earth but things are different in space.

Petit grow the first sunflower with bright yellow petals, but they were witted later on. The flower was the first in Space station, however it wasn’t the first flower grown in the area of space.

Before 1990s, the missions to grow flowers from seeds were limited. In the early years of 1990’s, the growth of dwarf wheat stalks were made from the side of cosmonauts that also included the mission of flowering in space. Before that experiment, the Soviet cosmonauts also attempted to cultivate the orchids by using small greenhouse. They tried it in the ‘Salyut 6 station’. In this whole experiment, only plants bloomed in the space when they delivered it. In 1982, Salyut 7, a space station of Soviet Union grew Arabidopsis on the board. In their whole 40 day lifecycle, the first plants grow flowers and also produce seeds. The seeds were produced in the zero gravity of space.

In 1966, Cosmos 110 that was the Soviet biosciences space probe launched several species of plants and 2 dogs in 22 day mission. On entry to space, seeds were moisturized but the haricot beans poorly germinated. This is described in the book of Brian Harvey & Olga Zakutnyaya.

After reading all the facts, we are sure that Zinnia of Scott Kelly is not the first flower that is grown in the space. The major benefit of this experiment will help to future experiments for space grown plants. By growing plants in the space could probably result in more benefits that might lead to air production in certain parts of space.

According to Kelly’s tweet, it is the first time flower has grown outside the light of Sun. He also attached the picture of orange flower that is in front of space station, with a view of blue Earth.

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