Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Players 2017

Fantasy baseball is a game which allows fans to manage the rosters of baseball players. The participants of the game would compete with each other with the help of the actual statistics of the players. This helps them in scoring points.There are several baseball players who have continued to show better performance endearing them to their fans. However, there are a few players who have shown o knack for consistently performing better in the game. These players have become the most sought-after players in the fantasy baseball arena. Below, you will find a list of the Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Players 2017.

Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Players 2017

  1. Mike Trout

Mike Trout was born an August, 19991. He is a professional center fielder for the LA Angels of Anaheim of MLB. In 2014. Trout was the most valuable player in the American League. He became a regular player in 2012.

The LA Angels picked Mike Trout in 2009 through the MLB Draft. He appeared in the major league for a very short period. In the following season, he became one of Angels’ regular players. In 2012, he was awarded the Rookie of the Year through a unanimous consensus. In 2012 and 13, he held the second position in AL MVP (Most Valuable Player) voting. Besides becoming the MVP in 2014, he also earned the Hank Aaron Award in 2014. Mike Trout has a contract with the Angels that will expire in 2020.

Mike Trout’s performance has garnered praise from sabermetricians as well as the mainstream critics. He is also known as one of the most promising players in baseball’s history. Mike Trout leads the list of Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Players 2016.

2.Andrew McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen is also known as ‘Cutch’. He is a professional baseball player holding the position of center field for Pittsburgh Pirates of MLB. He was born in October, 1986. He weighs 200 pounds and stands 5’10.

McCutchen became a part of the Pittsburgh Pirates through the MLB Draft in 2005 in the first round. His MLB debut was in the year 2009. He led the NL (National League) in 2012 becoming a batting average runner-up and a NL Gold Glove winner. For five seasons, McCutchen was an All Star and National League’s Most Valuable Player in 2013. McCutchen has a six year contract with a salary of 51.5 million dollars. McCutchen has successfully established himself as the perennial Most Value Player in the NL.

3.Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton was born in November, 1989. He is a professional baseball player for Miami Marlins of the Major League and holds the right fielder position. Before the 2012 season, he was known by the name of Mike Stanton.

Stanton is a graduation of Notre Dame High School. He became part of the Miami Marlins through a Draft in 2007. He played his first game for the Miami Marlins in 2010. He was selected to the MLB all star game in 2012, 14 and 15. Miami Marlins signed a contract with Stanton in November 2014. This contract is worth 325 million dollars and is regarded as the richest sports contract in history. He is one of the most likely candidates for the list of Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Players 2016.

4.Paul Goldschmidt

Paul Goldschmidt was born in September, 1987. He is also known by his nick name ‘Goldy’. He is a professional baseball player with the Arizona Diamondbacks of MLB. He holds the position of first basemen. He played his first game for Arizona Diamondbacks in the year 2011. He is a three time Major League Baseball All Star and also a winner of the Gold Gove Award, National League Hank Aaron Award and Silver Slugger Award.

5.Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw was born in March, 1988. He is a professional baseball pitcher and plays with LA Dodgers of MLB. He is a left handed pitcher. Kershaw is with the MLB since 2008. His ERA or Earned Run Average is lowest among the newcomers in the live ball era. Kershaw is a 3 times CY Young Award winner as well as the Most Valuable Player of the National League. He earned the MVP award in 2014.

Clayton Kershaw became a part of the LA Dodgers through a 2006 Major League draft. Within a season, he was able to climb up the farm system of the LA dodgers landing at the majors at a tender age of 20 years. He debuted in the year 2008. At that time he was the youngest player in the Major League. He retained this title for a whole year. He won the NL Cy Young award and the Triple Crown in 2011. He became the youngest player win these recognition since Dwight Gooden. He also pitched a no hitter in 2014. By virtue of being a left handed pitcher, Kershaw is often compared to the famous pitcher Sandy Koufax. He is also the first pitcher who led Major League in ERA for 4 years from 2011 to 2014.

Clayton Kershaw is also an active volunteer. Along with his wife Ellen, Kershaw launched the ‘Kershaw Challenge’ and also wrote a book in order to raise money for building an orphanage in Africa. He has also been awarded the Branch Rickey the Roberto Clemente Awards for his humanitarian efforts.

6.Carlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez was born in December, 1985. He is also known by the name of ‘Go-Go’ and CarGo. He is a Dominican professional baseball player with Milwaukee Brewers of MLB. He holds the position of center fielder. He is also a two-time Major League All Star.

7.Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera was born in April 1983. He is also known by his nick name ‘Miggy’. He is a professional baseball player from Venezuela and holds the position of first baseman for the Detroit Tigers of MLB. He debuted in 2003. Cabrera is a two time American League Most Valuable Player and ten time All Star. For the better part of his MLB career, Cabrera has played first and third base. Before 2006, he played left and right field.

The Florida Marlins singed Cabrera in 1999 as an amateuragent. He worked his way through the Minor League and debuted in the Major League in 2003. He was 20 at that time. Later that year, he was the force behind the Marlins’ success in the World Series. Over the next four seasons, Cabrera became a regular with the Marlins. He was traded to the Detroit Tigers in 2007. In 2012, he became the one and only player since 1967 to earn the batting Triple Crown. He led the American League with 44 home runs which earned him the American League Most Valuable Player award. The year 2013 saw further improvement in his performance garnering him another Most Valuable Player award.

Miguel Cabrera is known as one of the most skillful pure hitters who is able to blend power with a great batting average and walk rate. This is why he has made it to the list of Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Players 2016. He also features a low strikeout percentage. He has been able to hit more than thirty home runs in nine separate seasons. He has also been recognized for hitting several fly balls and line drives with a marginal pop up rate. He has a notable ability of driving inside pitches for home runs.

8.Jose Bautista

Jose Bautista was born in October, 1980. He is a professional player for the Dominican Republic and hold the right fielder position for the Toronto Blue Jays of MLB. He is experienced in six different Major League positions since he was a utility player in the earlier parts of his career. Bautistaa was drafted by the PittsburghPirates in 200. He spent three seasons in the Minor league and debuted in the Major League in 2004 with Baltimore Orioles. He played with several Major League Organizations but returned eventually to the Pirates. For parts of the next few seasons he played with Pirates and performed well. He was traded to the Blue Jays in 2008. In the next two seasons, Bautisita emerged as a great hitter in the MLB.

Bautista became a member of the 50 home run club. In 2010 and 11, he led the MLB home runs. He is a winner of the Hank Aaron, three Silver Sluggers and has also been named the MBL All Star six times. Besides, he has been a three time AL Player of the Week three, and five time Player of the Month.

9.Edwin Encarnacion

Edwin Encarnacion was born in January, 1983. He is a Dominican professional baseball player. He is the designated hitter of the Toronto Blue Jays of MLB. He has also played with Cincinnati reds as a third baseman.

10.Jose Abreu

Jose Abreu was born in January, 1987. He is a professional baseball player from Cuba and holds the first baseman position for Chicago White Sox of MLB. He has previously played with the Cuban National Series. He defected in 2013 and was granted free agency by the Major League. He signed with the White Sox in the same year. He has also played as a designated hitter for the White Sox.

This wraps up our list of Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Players 2016All the players featured in the list are great performers and have gained praise for their particular abilities and styles.

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