Eddie Murphy net worth 2017

Edward Regan Murphy popularly known as EddieMurphy got birth on April 3, 1961 in Brooklyn, New York, America. The guy is renowned as an American comedian, a great actor, a talented writer, singer, and an experienced director. In this piece of content, we will discuss about Eddie Murphy’s biography, his entire life history, his early life and professional career, his salary/income/earnings, total savings/projects and endorsement deals and his total net worth for year 2016.

Eddie Murphy’s Early Life and Professional Career:

Eddie Murphy got birth to Lillian and Charles Edward Murphy. The boy was very little when his father died. He and his eight year old brother were raised together by his mother and his step father namely Vernon Lynch. The guy has been regarded as the second hit actor to have earned the highest in the Hollywood industry. Not only this he has been considered as the top comedian of the entertainment industry and also he is a great producer and a talented director.

He got attracted towards comedy when he was a little boy. He started writing scripts for comedian scenes. He started his career as a comedian but later in year 1980 he was chosen to play role in “Saturday Night Live”. He then got promoted as the host of the show. He continued this show till year 1984. In year 1982, he was selected to play a major role in the superhit film “48 hrs”. Afterwards, he was reported to have made his appearance in many popular movies which included the names of “Beverly Hills Cops”, “Trading Places”, “Harlem Nights”, “Coming to America” and many others. In 1990s he did appear in some more amazing films which included the names of “Shrek”, “Mulan” and “Nutty Professor”. In year 2006, the guy received an Academy Award and Golden Globe for his role in the film “Dreamgirls”. He has produced many films including “Harlem Nights”, “Life” and “Vampire in Brooklyn”.

Not only this he was also regarded as a great musician.  He played the role of a background singer in the band named as “The Bus Boys”. He also released some great popular singles including the names of “Put Your Mouth on Me”, “Party All the Time”, etc. He has got craze for keeping luxury and lavish cars. He owns some expensive yet amazing collection of cars which include Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, etc. He owned a beautiful property in bubble Hill destination fo New Jersey. He also owned property named as Granite Bay in the California’s suburbs. He also owns a amazing beautiful yet popular island named as Rooster Cay which is worth $15 million.

Eddie Murphy net worth 2017

Eddie Murphy Net Worth 2017:

Now in this piece of content, we will discuss about the total net worth of Eddie Murphy for year 2017.

But first of all we have a look at his some popular movies and the earnings generated from these movies.

Movies’ Names                                                               Earnings generated from this Movie ($)

Greatest Comedy Hits                                                 7,083,333

Triplets                                                                               5,312,500

Beverly Hills Cop IV                                                       4,857,143

Hong Kong Phooey                                                       4,358,974

A Thousand Words                                                        3,695,652

Total earnings generated from these movies – $25,307,603

Now let us have a watch out at total earnings of Eddi Murphy in five consecutive years.

Year                                                                                      Earnings generated in above year ($)

2011                                                                                      43,589,743

2012                                                                                      57,627,118

2013                                                                                      70,833,333

2014                                                                                      77,272,728

2016                                                                                      85,000,000

Thus, the total net worth of Eddie Murphy for year 2016 is estimated as $85 million. His salary per year is estimated as approximately $10,303,000 . The major source of his earnings are his film contracts which include the names of Beverly Hills Cop IV , Cook , Dreamgirls , Imagine That, Meet Dave , Norbit , Shrek 2 , Shrek Forever After , Shrek the Third , Tower Heist . Another source of his earnings is his sponsorships, endorsement deals and participation in various programs whose worth is approximately $2,656,250 .

Note that these were just the estimations made according to the research and survey carried out on Eddie Murphy’s  personnel life, his income and salary, expenses, etc. Thus these are not the accurate figures but near to the original amounts.

If you know more Eddie Murphy’s  personnel life, his family and friends, his salary/income, endorsement deals, expenses, etc., let us know in the comment section below. Moreover, feel free to share your views/opinion about this piece of writing on Eddie Murphy’s  net worth 2016. We will always welcome your views and ideas. Furthermore, we will keep on updating you as soon as we get to know more about Eddie Murphy’s  total net worth for year 2016. Till then, for latest updates and accurate net worth information of the celebrities and richest personalities, stay locked to us.

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