Donnie Wahlberg net worth 2017

Check the blog of Donnie Wahlberg net worth 2017. Donald Edmond “Donnie” Wahlberg, Jr got birth on August 17, 1969 in Dorchester, Massachusetts, United States. He is regarded as an American singer, actor, and a talented film producer.

Donnie wahlberg Early Life and Professional career:

The boy got birth to Alma Wahlberg, who was a nurse’s assistant and Donald Wahlberg who was a truck driver. He has got eight more sibblings. His parents got separated when he was only 12 years old. He lived with his mother and some of his siblings lived with his father. He along with his friend namely Danny Wood studied at Copley High School. there they founded their own rap group which they named as Kool Aid Bunch. Wahlberg’s ideal was Michael Jackson, and he began to lean the moonwalk by himself. He started writing the rap lyrics along with his friend.

He began his professional career as an actor, when he first made his appearance in “Bullet”, released in year 1996. Later in the following year, he also made his appearance in a movie entited as “Ransom”. In this movie, he did the role of a kidnapper. After that he also did shooting for his movie namely “Southie”. Later on he appeared in many other movies which earned him huge fame and success. Through this his net worth also made a huge increase.

He also had a keen interest towards the music industry.  He was a member of the renowned band “New Kids on the Block”. he also made a good contribution towards the cinema industry. He also did his part in film production and direction. He made his appearance in various many films which incldue the names of “all parts of Saw”, “The Sixth Sense”, “Righteous Kill” and “Dreamcatcher”. For his Saw films, he also got nomination for Teen Choice Award in year 2008. He also appeared in miniseries entitled as “Band of Brothers”. The series was about the World War II. This series earned many honors and awards. He also appeared in drama series entitled as “Boomtown” which got telecasted in years 2002 and 2003.

Nowadays he is also seen in an amazing popular TV series namely “Blue Bloods”. Furthermore, he is also serving as the executive producer of the show named as “Boston’s Finest”, being telecasted on TNT channel. These are the major sources from where he is earning.

About his personal life, he was first married to Kimberly Fey in year 1999 but they got separated and then he got married to Jeeny McCarthy. Plus he is fond of cars. He loves to go on trip on mountaineous or outskit areas. His favorite car si the sports car namely Roll Royce. He resides in a beautiful home located in Simi Valley destination of California. The home features 5 rooms along with the bathrooms, a gournmet kitchen and a green lane area where a fountain is also located. Plus he also has got a beautiful apartment in New York.

donnie wahlberg net worth 2017

Donnie wahlberg total net worth for year 2016:

Now lets have a look at Donnie Wahlberg’s total net worth for year 2016. For this first we have a watch out at the list of his movies and the total earnings generated from these movies.

Film Names                                         Income/Earnings Generated from the above Movie

Donnie Loves Jenny                         $3,496,503

Wahlburgers                                       $2,840,909

Zookeeper                                           $2,164,502

Blue Bloods                                         $1,623,377

What Doesn’t Kill You                      $1,385,809

Bunker Hill                                           $1,262,626

Total salary he received from these movies –  $12,773,727

Now let us have a look out at his earnings in four consecutive years.

Year       Earnings Generated in the above year

2016       $20,000,000

2014       $17,391,304

2013       $16,000,000

2012       $11,428,571

Thus the above financial data make us clear that his total net worth for year 2016 is estimated as $20,000,000 apprxoimately. And that his yearly income stands out at approximately $2,352,941. Moreover, his major source of earnings is various many sponsorship programs and endorsement deals which are worth approximately $522,876.

Note that these were just the estimations made according to the research and survey carried out on Donnie Wahlberg’s personnel life, his income and salary, expenses, etc. Thus these are not the accurate figures but near to the original amounts.

If you know more Donnie Wahlberg’s  personnel life, his family and friends, his salary/income, endorsement deals, expenses, etc., let us know in the comment section below. Moreover, feel free to share your views/opinion about this piece of writing on Donnie Wahlberg’s  net worth 2016. We will always welcome your views and ideas. Furthermore, we will keep on updating you as soon as we get to know more about Donnie Wahlberg’s   total net worth for year 2016. Till then, for latest updates and accurate net worth information of the celebrities and richest personalities, stay locked to us.

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