China is Pakistan’s Major Trading Partner

As per the statement of Sha Zukhang, who is the Head of Chinese delegation Ambassador, China is Pakistan’s major trading partner. In 2004/ 15, the trade volume partnership reached at a record high level of US$ 12.299 billion. He provided the details in an addressing session, where the delegation were ‘100 Chinese investors’. This addressing session was organized by ‘The Pakistan Business Council’.

Mr. Zukhang gave his briefing about various investment opportunities & potential in the different sectors of Pakistan. This statement is released on Friday, January 22, 2016 from the side of ‘Pakistan Business Council’.

China is Pakistan’s Major Trading Partner

China is Pakistan’s Major Trading Partner

The Ambassador, who was the chief guest in the session, briefed the investors about the different areas of business in country. He further guided them to take initiative & interest in some business that are also good for the economy of Pakistan.

He also praised the efforts that are made for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). It is possible through dedication of both countries stakeholders. Bashir A. Muhammad, who is Chairman of Pakistan Business Council said that China & Pakistan alliance is always in our best favor. No doubt, it is strength of both countries.

He further added that right now, the relationship of countries is covering many areas of development. Such areas include industry, energy, economics, investment and trade but we are not limited to the building of roads, railway networks and energy projects. We are looking for many business activities that will be helpful to create various opportunities of employment. Such plans will grow our economy to become a stable and developed country.

Pakistan-China trade is good for both countries and it will create a positive impact in the economy. The ‘Ministry of commerce’ & ‘Pakistan Business Council’ invited around 100 business persons of Pakistan, for this event.

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