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Carlos Irwin Estevez, who is popularly known as Charlie Sheen got birth on Sep 3, 1965 in New York, United States of America. He is well known for his acting skills. Besides he is a renowned film Producer, a talented Screenwriter, an excellent Voice Actor, famous Television producer and director and a famous Film director. Moreover, he is also known to be a great entertainer as well. He has earned huge fame and success in the Hollywood industry and thus now he is regarded as the highest paid actor of the world.

Charlie Sheen’s Early Life and Professional Career:

Charlie Sheen is the son of a renowned and well known actor namely Martin Sheen. It is reported that Charlie Sheen got inspired by his family members and stepped in the acting career. He started his career in acting when he was only 9 years old. he appeared in a film in a supporting role along with hsi father.

Charlie Sheen had directed many films. He firstly directed two popular films with his friends namely Rob Lowe and Chris Penn whcih got extremely popular in the industry.These two also became known in the cinema industry. The man appeared in the film“Red Dawn” in year 1984 which earned him the honor of an international star. The film earned him huge success with a PG-13 rating and also helped to increase his total net worth as well. Later he appeared in a lead role in the film named as “Platoon” which crossed approximately 140 million dollars in America only. Beside this, he made his appearance in many films including Men at Work”, “Young Guns”, “Money Talks”, “Hot Shots” and “The Three Musketeers”.

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Charlie Sheen is popularly known as a great actor from TV series “Two and a Half Men”. The man used to charge 1.25 million dollars for every episode of the show which as a result increased his net worth.

Moreover, he also made his appearance in TV series which included “The Big Bang Theory”, “Two and a Half Men”and “Spin City”. The TV series also helped him increase his total net worth. he has earned huge fame by appearing in the TV series and he has also succeeded in achieving his first Golden Globe through the TV series.

Charlie Sheen’s Total Net Worth For Year 2016:

Now here we will discuss about the total net worth of Charlie Sheen for year 2016. First we will have a watch out at the list of movies he did and the amount of money he earned from these movies.

Movie Name                                                Income/Salary Received from the Movie

Madea’s Witness Protection                  10,416,667

She Wants Me                                             7,812,500

Foodfight!                                                       7,142,857

Machete Kills                                                 6,410,256

Scary Movie 5                                                5,434,783

Total income Generated from the above mentioned movies – 37,217,063

Next we will have a look at Charlie Sheen’s total earnings/income in five consecutive years so that we may have an estimated overview of his total net worth for year 2016.

Year                                                Income/Salary Generated in the mentioned year

2011                                                 64,102,564

2012                                                 84,745,762

2013                                                 104,166,667

2014                                                 113,636,364

2015                                                 125,000,000

Charlie Sheen total net worth is estimated as $125 million for year 2016. Talking about his net worth per year, the estimated value of his income  per year stands at $15,151,000 . Furthermore, it is reported that Sheen charges approximately $1.9 million for each and every episode he does appear in. The major source of his earnings/income is the film contracts. Some of the popular films he did include the names of A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III , Due Date , Foodfight! , I Am , Machete Kills , Madea’s Witness Protection , Scary Movie 4 , Scary Movie 5 , She Wants Me , Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps . Furthermore, another souce of his earnings is the sponsorship and his participation in several programs which are of worth $3,906,250. Beside this, he is fond of luxury and royal lifestyle. Thus he possess an extremely beautiful mansion which is entitled as Mulholland estates. Moreover, he has craze of cars as well. He has got numerous many exotic and expensive cars which include the names of Mercedes Ben, Porsche and Bentley for a porn star.

Note that these were just the estimations made according to the research and survey carried out on Charlie Sheen’s personnel life, his income and salary, expenses, etc. Thus these are not the accurate figures but near to the original amounts.

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