Beyonce Net Worth 2016

To day I tell you about Beyonce Knowles Net Worth 2016, she is popularly known as an American singer, a renowned songwriter and talented actress. She has participated in various many dance and singing competitions in her childhood and soon succeeded to gain fame by continuing her career in this field. She was chosen as a lead signer of R&B girl-group Destiny’s Child. She released her first debut album which got appreciated by public a lot. The album was named as Dangerously in Love (2003). Later on we saw the release of many of her great albums which include the names of B’Day (2006), I Am… Sasha Fierce (2008), 4 (2011) and Beyoncé (2013). She got married to Shawn Corey Carter (Jay Z) . Her husband is a renowned American rapper, famous producer and an entrepreneur. They are the parents of a boy child whose name is ‘Blue Ivy’.

Beyonce Knowles Net Worth 2016

Well, there will be very few of you who will know the total net worth of famous celebrity Beyonce Knowles. In this piece of writing, we will be telling you about her total net worth, current year’s exact net worth, about her assets, income and earnings of her entire career. Note that the mentioned figures are not the exact ones but are just estimations made according tot eh surveys and research done on Beyonce Knowles’ net worth.

Beyonce Knowles Net Worth 2016

Talking about the total net worth of Beyonce Knowles, she has earned the total income of $465 million. Now coming towards her total net worth of this year, she has earned about $45 million which is a great achievement indeed. Below sit he list of Beyonce Knowles’ yearly net worth for about 5 years.

Year 2011 $265,000,000
Year 2012 $330,000,000
Year 2013 $400,000,000
Year 2014 $450,000,000
Year 2015 $465,000,000

 Now, you all will be aware of her total net worth details. Well it’s a piece of general knowledge information and every one should be aware of such useful information. Gwyneth Paltrow calls her the most capable person in the world. She is reported to have sold about 75 million records and 62 million fans on Facebook in her career of approximately 17 years. Moreover, she is reported to have assets of worth around 466 million dollars. Previously, she invested 20 million dollars for building up a mark scent for Coty. Also she is wearing an extremely beautiful engagement ring of 18 carats precious stone having worth of 5 million dollars. Below is the complete detail of her songs/albums and the total worth/earnings gained from these albums/songs.

  • Partition = 4 million dollars
  • Drunk in Love = 5 million dollars
  • Pretty Hurts = 7 million dollars
  • Beyoncé (album)= 42 million dollars
  • Miss Swing Miss Soul = 35 million dollars
  • Beyoncé: Platinum Edition = 48 million dollars
  • I Am… Yours: An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas = 39 million dollars

 Here is the report of entire details about albums/film names of Beyonce and her total earnings from these albums/films. Let’s have a watch out at the list.

Albums/film Names Earning from this film/album
The Pink Panther 29 million dollars
Dream-girls 22 million dollars
Obsessed 20 million dollars
Life Is But a Dream 19 million dollars
Epic 15 million dollars
Total earnings from these albums/films 106 million dollars approximately

It was reported in year 2013 that the endorsements of Pepsi and H&M made her and her husband the world’s best billion dollar couple in the entire music industry. It was also reported that she has sold around 60 million records of Destiny’s Child and because of this great achievement she was declared as the most compelling personality in year 2013 and 2014. Not only had this, in year 2014 she achieved the top position in the list of Forbes for having assets of 115 million dollars. Moreover, she was listed on number 10 as the wealthiest person of the world in year 2014. She was the one to have assets of about 440 million dollars.

Beyonce Knowles is regarded as the youngest artist of the entertainment and music industry who achieved a huge success and earned great fame. Let us know your views/opinion about Beyonce Knowles in the comment section below. Feel free to tell us if you know about her personnel life and her net worth, earnings and savings. We will keep on updating you as soon as we get to know more about her income. For more updates and details about Beyonce Knowles total net worth, stay tuned with us.

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