Top 10 Best Vlogging Cameras 2017

Vlogs are becoming more and more popular as web administrators realize the interest that people attach to watching videos over reading textual content. This is because it is far more enjoying and comfortable to watch videos than read blogs and videos are also very entertaining, relatively speaking. There is a lot of color to and a lot happening in videos, and a message can be conveyed in a more effective manner by way of videos than by text, comparatively. An increase in Vlogs means an increase in demand for admins searching for cameras that are fit to shoot Vlog videos. So that is the excuse we have for the following compilation of the Top 10 Best Vlogging Cameras 2017.

Top 10 Best Vlogging Cameras 2017.

  • 10-Sony DSC-W800 is a 20.1 MP

The Sony DSC-W800 is a 20.1 MP camera which is a good idea for a Vlogging camera. Of the features that it has include things such as shooting videos in 720p mode which implies users can shoot excellent videos for uploading on their Vlogs. The Sony DSC-W800 also features a lens that has 5 x optical zoom for the purpose of zooming into its subjects while shooting. The steady shot image stabilization feature of the DSC-W800 means that videos shot with it would be free of any blur and look crisp clear! The CCD sensor over the Sony DSC-W800 helps to shoot very high quality still images that cover the minutest of details when shooting.

Also, controlling the camera is very easy owing to the Easy Menu feature that it has which makes it all the more easy to execute the functionality of the camera. There are also a host of storage modes in which the camera stores the videos and pictures that it shoots. They include SD, SDHC, SDXC, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro Duo and Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo. Other than that, the camera has miscellaneous features which can also make it a good choice for users’ Vlogs. The Sony DSC-W800 is price tagged at only 88$ and therefore a whole lot affordable for starters!

  • 9-Canon PowerShot ELPH 130 IS

The Canon PowerShot ELPH 130 IS is a 16 MP digital camera that can be used for Vlogging. The camera has an ultra-compact body and a maximum resolution of 4608 x 3456. The PowerShot ELPH 130 also has a BSI-CMOS and a primary color filter. The ELPH 130 can shoot 720p videos in 25 frames per second [fps] and 480p videos in 30 frame per second [fps]. So this camera can create high quality videos for Vlogs owing to these high video qualities that it can generate. The level of videos produced is the mainstay of any Vlog and this camera can help Vloggers in achieving that feat. The camera also has a built in Wi-Fi feature which means that images and videos can both be transferred wirelessly to any website and make life easier for admins by reducing the hassle they have to go through in terms of editing and uploading, post-shooting. The cost of the Canon PowerShot ELPH 130 is also not out of the way as it is priced at 199.99$ and should therefore be pretty much affordable.

  • 8-Canon PowerShot ELPH 340 HS

The Canon PowerShot ELPH 340 HS is a 16 MP digital camera which comes with CMOS type sensor as well as DIGIC 4+ image processor. The maximum resolution of the PowerShot ELPH 340 HS is 4608 x 3456 while it also has 4x digital zoom, 12x optical zoom and also 48x combined zoom. An optical image stabilizer feature makes sure that the images taken are laser clear without any blurriness of any sort. The camera shoots videos in 1080p so users of it can rest assured that they would be able to get extremely high quality videos for their Vlogs and hence be able to improve user interest in it phenomenally resultantly. Users crave high quality videos on a Vlog and that is what the Canon PowerShot ELPH 340 HS is designed to produce. Along with that, Wi-Fi allows users to upload pictures videos directly to their website if they so choose after they are done with the shooting exercise. The Canon PowerShot ELPH 340 HS is priced at 169$ and is pretty much in the affordable price range for digital cameras, that’s certainly true.

  • 7-Canon PowerShot G7 X

The Canon PowerShot G7 X is a 20 MP digital camera which has the 1″-type BSI CMOS sensor. The PowerShot G7 X can shoot videos in 1080p mode with up to 60 frames per second [fps], which is excellent, to say the very least. That is a feature which may turn out to be more than sufficient for videos intended for Vlogs. The incoming traffic might therefore certainly be impressed with the content they get to view on the subject Vlogs and would surely multiply when they consistently get such HD videos to watch over it. There is also a built-in Wi-Fi feature that allows users to be able to upload multimedia content directly onto the internet. The touch screen is also very helpful and has especially been made to take selfies all with the touch of a button. Users might as well find the G7 X to be a powerful companion for their Vlogs as it would help them make cutting edge videos for their blogs. The Canon PowerShot G7 X is priced at 649$ which definitely makes it an expensive camera. Users are advised to weigh the benefits it has to offer before they decide to turn their backs on this camera owing to its high price tag.

  • 6-Samsung NX Mini

The Samsung NX Mini Digital Camera is a 20.9 MP digital camera with 1″-type BSI CMOS sensor. The camera is made by Samsung, a company which always has something new for users every now and then and this camera, the Samsung NX Mini comes with the world’s first NX-M lens mount. The NX Mini Digital Camera is small in size but can shoot 1080p videos for any Vlog and make it a success story. The maximum burst rate of the Mini is 6 frames per second [fps]. Also, with the 9-27 mm lens, the Samsung NX Mini Digital Camera can shoot 530 shots and 650 shots with the 9mm lens before its battery goes flat. Standard features include Wi-Fi and NFC so uploading the hard work done onto the internet is all trouble-free. It also has an electronic shutter with 1/16000 max shutter speed. The Samsung NX Mini is priced at 291.59$ which seems an average price, neither very expensive, nor very cheap. Nevertheless, the camera can be a great choice for starting or improvising a Vlog so as to generate content that generates the high rankings that web administrators always look forward to for their Vlogs in search engines.

  • 5-Sony NEX-5RK

The Sony NEX-5RK is a 16 MP digital camera that comes with a modified sensor from its previous model. This modification allows for it to have dedicated pixels with the task at hand of executing phase detection so as to provide a hybrid autofocus system that aids in shooting. There are many modes in which the NEX-5RK can shoot videos and the best one is 1080p mode with up to 60 frames per second [fps]. This can make the camera a good fit for shooting HD videos for Vlogs to upload over YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo or any other website. Users of it might as well expect a good rating for their projects in a short duration after shooting videos with this camera and posting them online their Vlogs. There is also an APS-C size CMOS sensor with the Sony NEX-5RK. The maximum resolution of the camera is 4912 x 3264 and it comes with a Sony E lens mount. The camera has a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 sec. In addition to that, the storage types in which it stores captured videos and pictures are SD, SDHC, SDXC, Memory Stick Pro Duo and also Pro-HG Duo. The camera is priced at 825.19$ which is high but if the budget of potential buyers is high and allows them to go that far, then they can take good benefit of the features of this cam.

  • 4-Canon PowerShot S120

The Canon PowerShot S120 is a 12 MP camera from Canon which is part of the S-series of digital cameras. The PowerShot S120 has a BSI-CMOS sensor of size 1/1.7″. The camera has a compact body and a focal length of 24-120mm while its maximum aperture range is f/1.8-5.7. The S120 sports a maximum shutter speed of 1/2000 sec. Also, the video recording capabilities of this camera are excellent as it can shoot 1080p videos in up to 60 frames per second [fps]. That is most probably the quality that users would be searching for in a quality cam so they can get to record crystal clear videos for their Vlogs and have it inundated by traffic in the shortest period of time! Well, they can surely expect to have that possible with the Canon PowerShot S120 for the video quality that it can offer them.  In addition to that, the battery of this camera can sustain taking 230 shots before it runs out of charge. Wi-Fi is built in to allow connecting to the World Wide Web a whole lot easier. The Canon PowerShot S120 is priced at 606.15$.

  • 3- Canon EOS 70D

The Canon EOS 70D is a 20.2 MP camera from Canon which comes with an APS-C Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor. The EOS 70D has a 19-point AF system and also a 63-zone iFCL metering system. There is 98% coverage which the 70D’s viewfinder has to offer and there is a built-in flash in addition to that. Storage modes in the camera include SD, SDHC and SDXC card slots. Also, for JPEGs, there are what are known as in-camera High Dynamic Range and Multiple Exposure modes that are included in the camera. Furthermore, there is also a built-in Wi-Fi which can be used for connecting to the internet directly. Most of all, the Canon EOS 70D can shoot videos in 1080p mode and produce HQ videos for Vlogs, all of which make it one of the sought after Vlogs amongst users. The quality of the videos produced by the Canon EOS 70D would surely impress users with their quality and the result would certainly show in the rakings that their Vlogs jump in SERPs overtime. The Canon EOS 70D is priced at 999$.

  • 2-Sony a5100

The Sony a5100 is a 24 MP digital camera from Sony that has an APS-C CMOS sensor as well as a Bionz X image processor. In addition to that, there is a Hybrid AF system with 25 points for contrast detection and 179 points for phase detection. A built-in GN4 flash also features into the digital camera and it shoots continuously at 6 frames per second [fps]. Wi-Fi and NFC and also available which can be used for uploading media content onto the internet as well as for downloading any number of apps from it. The Sony a5100 can record 720p and 1080p mode videos. One interesting feature of the a5100 is that it can record both 720p as well as 1080p videos simultaneously, which is one and the same time, and sounds pretty cool. The camera has the feature to shoot excellent quality videos for Vlogs and help users promote their Vlogs further over the World Wide Web for all the attention that they seek from incoming traffic. This digital camera should help them immensely in their goal of multiplying the traffic that their Vlog receives time and again….time and again. This camera can be a good companion for Vlogs for years on end, that’s definitely a strong possibility. The Sony a5100 is priced at 698$.

  • Sony A7R II

The Sony A7R II is a 42 MP digital camera with a full frame BSI CMOS sensor. There is also a 5-axis image stabilization which the camera features along with 399 on-sensor phase detection points. The camera is made of magnesium alloy so it is made to withstand rugged use and that also in the long-term so users can use it care-free. Wi-Fi is also in-built so they can connect to and upload their work with ease. Storage modes supported by the A7R II are SD, SDHC, SDXC, Memory Stick Duo, Pro Duo and Pro-HG Duo. The camera has a maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160 and can shoot 1080p videos. With the whopping 42 MP, users would not have second thoughts about the quality of videos that this digital camera from Sony can produce for their Vlogs. It would produce stunning videos for users to upload onto their Vlogs and wait to see how soon their Vlog becomes popular with the general public, there is a huge possibility that their wait period would be cut short! The Sony A7R II is definitely a very powerful camera that can turn the tables on competitors’ Vlogs and help subject users maintain a solid lead over them. The Sony A7R II is priced at 3,198$ which is definitely very expensive, and most probably therefore would only be bought by Professionals.

What can be concluded here is that quality digital cameras are what fuel any high ranking Vlog because without a digital camera that produces high quality videos, it would be very difficult for any Vlog to be able to survive or reach high rankings in SERPS. These cameras all have different features to offer, and the choice of one amongst them all should be a best fit around multiple factors. These include elements such as the status of a Vlog in terms of current earnings, experience of the admins in operating digital cameras, the feedback that they get from incoming traffic, so on and so forth.

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