Top 10 Best Massage Chairs 2017

Medical science has noted that massage is the best way to reduce stress by targeting tense areas of the body and releasing the endorphins. Massage relieves your body pressure and makes you feel stress-free. Massage increases the blood circulation of your body and heals the pain of any part of the body. But it is always not possible to get a massage done by an expert. So, now there is an excellent option in the name of massaging chairs. As you get the massaging chair at your home, you can have the same experience as of that of a massage center. Presently there are some massage chairs available in the market of various brands for your convenience.

A full-body massage chair offers you the proper rub down of all over your body from your neck to your soles. Different techniques work together, and full massage therapy is provided to you so that you can get a great experience of relief and comfort. You should take some great care while selecting the perfect massaging chair.

  • Type: Massage chairs are mainly of two kinds such as full-body massage chair and the portable chair. The full-body chair is expensive in comparison to the portable massaging chair. Full-body massage chairs are best for households with fixed chairs at a specific place. While the portable chairs can be an excellent tool for various professionals who can carry the chair with them to provide massage to different people.
  • Features: While choosing for the massaging chair you should also take care of the various features offered. There are many massage chairs that offer you essential features of just massaging your stressed parts. Recently there are also upgraded massage chairs that have come up with various added features such as musical speakers, high-resolution displays, programming options and many others. You can also select among the characteristics of kneading or patting for massaging.
  • Warranty: massage chairs are mainly expensive and hence this leads to a good amount of investment. So, it is important that you buy the chair from that particular company that is offering you a warranty of good time about the massage chair. Some of the expert companies specialize in sending their technicians to attend the problems of the clients personally.
  • Appearance: When you are looking for a massage chair for your household, you should take care that the massage chair design should complement with the d├ęcor of the house. There are ranges such chairs available with various designs so that you can select a perfect one matching the interiors of your house.

If you want to know about which massage chair you should take, here are the

Top 10 Best Massage Chairs 2016

Osaki OS-4000 Executive ZERO GRAVITY Deluxe Massage Chair

Top 10 Best Massage Chairs 2016

This particular model of the brand Osaki is mainly a massage chair of zero gravity shiatsu type. It has more than 12 features such as therapy, circulation, healthcare, smart, demo and many others. The chair has a unique feature of selecting from six different type of massage such as kneading, patting, shiatsu, rolling, clapping and Swedish. It also offers you a combo massage of all the different massage together at a time. With so many features in this particular massage chair, you can have a total massage of both your upper and lower body so that you can get relieved from stress, pain, fatigue and others.

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