Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations 2017

Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations 2017 for the newly-weds waiting to go on a vacation together

If you tied the knot only recently then you would anxiously be looking forward to spending some time together in a place where you can explore and discover new things with your spouse and have a lot of fun while you do so. There are many such places where you can have a great time together so you need to make up your mind about what to pick and choose.

Bora Bora Island

Bora Bora Island is a place of beauty and serenity, there is absolutely no question about that; it is a glimpse on Earth of the heaven in the skies! Bora Bora is a perfect place to enjoy your honeymoon and spend time in a place that speaks of loveliness and natural grandeur. The water is sky blue in Bora Bora and it is amazing to look at, with cute looking overwater bungalows surrounding it from the sides. It would truly be an amazing thing to wake up in the bungalows early in the morning, with the serene water waves splashing all around and the coolness of early morning hours making matters even more appealing to the sight and the feel. There are many things you can do to engage yourself there, such as jet skiing, and have a whole lot of fun discovering the area surrounding the Bora Bora Island. Also, you can go for scuba diving and discover the world that resides deep below the clean and clear waters of the Bora Bora Island, an interesting act in itself.

British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia is a province in Canada that has some of the most beautiful places of nature for you to visit and take leisure from. From towering mountains to valleys lush green with grass, plantations and trees, to zig-zagging streams armed with cool water, British Colombia is a jaw-dropping place for hikers! You can roam about all you like and thrill yourself with the beauty of nature that exists in all of its different forms. Then if you still look forward to other interesting activities, be advised that there is a lot more that you can do there, such as whale watching, fishing, observing wildlife, snowboarding, so on and so forth. There would always be something worth you interest and attention so that you as a tourist can make the best use of your vacation and have a memorable experience skimming through British Columbia soil.

Orkney, Scotland

Orkney in Scotland is a collection of Islands in Scotland that have a very peaceful environment to offer you if silence and solace is what your life is low on. The landscape is beautiful in Orkney, including and especially the coast that has a splendid view for all, something which you would be delighted to view. The coastline has some of the best scenes up for grabs, all for free, and you would want to camp there almost permanently when you look at how lovely it all is. Further to this is the fact that Orkney is home to ancient civilizations dating as back as ten thousand years, so you can take to exploring what remains of them while you also enjoy the breathtaking natural views of the place. Driving or walking along causeways with water on either side of your path would be another exciting thing for you to do and you would be fascinated by the experience, rest assured about it.

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy would probably be the most unique of all cities which you would ever travel to in your life; a city half-submerged in water, a city where travel is done on boats instead of on roads! The city has been given a number of informal names, including the names “city of water’ and “the floating city”. Venice is a historic city and you would surely enjoy discovering the architecture and other attractions of the ancient Venice that once was. Moving around everywhere on boats would be a thrilling experience for you, in between narrow alleyways, under bridges, as there are so many of them in the city, and then visiting a place by anchoring your boat on its doorstep would be something you never did before! There are many restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Italian food, places that you can shop in, works of art that you can go see in museums, and much more.

Florida Keys, Florida

Florida Keys is a bunch of islands in the South of Florida that have a tropical climate and are a hub of tourist activity. With Palm trees in abundance, all flying in the breeze, Florida Keys can be just the right place for your sight-seeing and entertainment needs! You can play volleyball on the beach with your friends or get lazy in the sun and have a restful nap. Alternately, you can get on a boat and explore the waters off the coast of Florida Keys, maybe you will be able to see a bunch of fishes diving up on the surface for fresh air and then immediately diving straight back into the sea. You can also take a dip under the water and explore the colorful world that exists deep down below the water in Florida Keys. Also, you can shop for shells in Florida Keys and take as many as you like back home so they keep reminding you of your trip to this beautiful tourist destination.

Ella, Srilanka

Ella is a town in Sothern Srilanka that has a stunningly beautiful habitat, lush green mountains, valleys practically littered with green plantations which offer a mind-blowing view! With millions of plants and trees all around you, you would always have a surplus of pure oxygen to breathe from and profit your health thereby. There is a train that runs right through this beautiful Ella valley, with lovely scenery on all sides of it, offering a fascinating view to those on-board. There are also many hotels that you can stay in as the main source of revenue for the people in Ella is tourism, which is why the town has experienced a mushroom growth of hotels but it would be a good idea if you do some research for the good ones before you book your room. A walk at night with a friend after dinner would be a good idea because then you would enjoy talking and walking in the traffic-free, peaceful roads of the town with nothing but nature staring at you.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is a city in central Japan and is actually a historic city which is why there are many temples and shrines scattered all over it. Other than that, the city is a magically beautiful place, one that combines a touch of ancient Japan with the naturally occurring beauty in the country, with temples situated on the corner of lakes and surrounded by colorful, beautiful trees, a fascinating sight that is. The Sanzen-in temple is one such place that is encapsulated by the beauty of nature, a place where you would surely feel tranquil and find yourself at peace with yourself and your surroundings. In addition to that, you would get the chance to watch a popular traditional stage drama called Kabuki, which would definitely be something new for you. Then there are the museums you can visit to know about the past of the ancient city of Kyoto, who were the people who lived in Kyoto and what were their customs and lifestyle.

Vancouver Island, Canada

Vancouver Island is located on the South-Western side of Canada and has to offer you a lot of entertaining days for your honeymoon so that you feel excited and cheerful during your stay. First and foremost, natural beauty is definitely one of the biggest attractions there; a combination of beautiful looking mountains, lush green trees and foam creating sea-water. Then there are means of entertainment available for tourists like yourself such as hiking in rainforests, kayaking, whale watching, playing golf in such an attractive location, fishing, watching wildlife local to the area, skiing, etc. You can even put on your swimming costume and take a dive in the freshwater streams! Vancouver Island is said to be one of the best islands throughout Canada courtesy of its natural attractions as well as the man-made facilities on offer to tourists. So brace yourself for an entertaining and relaxing spell of days that you spend in Vancouver Island.

British Virgin Islands, UK

The British Virgin Islands are a place for relaxation and recreation for you if you can afford an expensive holiday because this is where all the hot-shots spend their days off! Located in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands have a lot to assuage you if you are looking to do something new and catchy on your vacations. You can resort to sailing in the beautiful waters off the coast and enjoy harnessing the force of the sea breeze at length. You can also relax on the beach and appreciate the beauty of nature on the Islands and freshen up your thoughts with it. If you get tired, you can opt for some deliciously cooked English food and enjoy the attention to detail which the English are so popular of ascribing to everything they do. Later on you can take a dip in the sea and observe it from a very close distance and when you do, remember to take a water-proof camera along with so you can keep a record of your peep under the water surface.

Martinique, France

Martinique is an Island situated in the East of France and is said to be one of the favorite tourist stops for Europeans. The Island has a beautiful beach, lush with greenery, where ferry rides are very popular; you can have a good time taking your turn on a ferry ride and enjoy the trip out to the sea. You would have the option to select between a budget-ferry and a luxurious ferry and embark on an enjoying ferry cruise with friends and family. If you are looking to save some money, you can choose a simple ferry and keep some cash for some more glasses of delicious-sounding drinks that you can have at the other end. Also, you can take to sight-seeing on the Island with a guide who would narrate to you about the different places on the Island and the significance of the Island’s various landmarks and attractions in the eyes of the tourists who are so fond of visiting it, something which might interest you. Discovering newer tastes of French food would be another curious and enjoying activity for you and you might as well look forward to it every time to get down to dine-in at a restaurant and ask for the menu.

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