Top 10 Best Games for Android to keep you Encapsulated and Interested

This is the blog about Top 10 Best Games for Android to keep you Encapsulated and Interested. The Android store for apps is one of the most sought after stores that users log into for downloading all kinds of apps, in particular game apps that they can play and enjoy. Each year, there is a rush to see what new ideas developers of games have for players in the form of the kind of games they make. Many check the play store on a daily basis to catch a new and different game to play and amuse themselves with. Here are a combination of games, most of which were launched in 2016 and others launched earlier but still very popular with the masses and so included in this list for that reason. Take a look at it.

10-Splash Cars

Splash Cars is an interesting android game that has the main theme of players controlling a car to drive around roads to color the city. In addition to that, players need to collect rewards in the form of pints and fuel bars. This is because the fuel of the car is limited and players are required to complete coloring a level before the fuel runs out and to stop the fuel from running out, fuel bars need to be collected.  There is also the element of the police chasing the splash car because the splash car is actually destroying the roads of the city by smashing into every other thig and coloring it with its smoke. The thing about the police being in hot pursuit of the splash car makes it more exciting as the players would have this fear of being caught by the police, hence they would try their hardest to manoeuvre the splash car so it escapes from being caught. Dodging a number of police cars to make way for running away would be a thrilling experience for players for sure. The horizontal bar on the top shows three main things about the car. One is the percentage of damage which the splash car has suffered as a result of hitting objects such as other vehicles, walls, etc. In the middle is the fuel gauge which shows the amount of fuel from maximum to minimum and keeps shifting to the minimum side as fuel is spent by the splash car and increases when the car collects fuel bars. Towards the far right is the percentage of the area covered by the splash car which shows right there. As the splash car moves around in the streets, it would be able to collect game points for itself, the more the score the higher the achievement for the player. Bumping into other vehicles and objects is another feature of the game which is all made to sound colorful and interesting. On the whole, the game has a cartoon like appearance and hence is relaxing and soothing for the eyes, definitely a good choice to play when feeling tense. Plus, the game is all for free so players don’t have to spend anything to be able to pay this game, something which they would look forward to and like too. Splash cars also has a good level of graphics and players would certainly enjoy playing it whenever they are free but are feeling bored. In addition to that, the gameplay is so simple that any player can practically play the game and have fun with it. So this is an easy and lively game which can appeal to more or less any player and help him have some fun while playing it.

Top 10 Best Games for Android to keep you Encapsulated and Interested

9-Subway Surfer

Subway Surfer is an interesting game available for download for free over Google play and has a very simple theme, a game which can possibly be categorized as healthy playing. Yes absolutely, an innocuous game that has no gory scenes or obscene language as part of it. Basically, subway surfer is about a kid running on a railway track to avoid being caught by a fat policemen with a big mustache. In the course of running, the “surfer” surfing the subway collects coins and other rewards while he jumps on top of trains and even jumps from the roof head of one train onto another, dodging incoming trains, so on and so forth. If the subway surfer bumps into a still train, he is immediately caught by the policeman who is continuously in hot pursuit of him. So this running away from the Policeman goes on for the duration of the game and the players are supposed to score as much as they possibly can before they are ultimately caught by the policemen, which happens sooner or later, there is no way around it. The thing is that the whole idea of the game is healthy entertainment. In addition to that, it is possible for players to make purchases in-app but this is not something without which they won’t be able to proceed with playing the game, it is an optional act. The Jet Pack is like a bonus which players can receive in the game and can use there as it allows them to get airborne and collect as many coins as they could manage but for a limited duration of time. Subway Surfer is a game that has a lot of soft colors all around, in everything that can be seen, starting from the subway surfer kid, everything is made to look carton style charming and appealing to the eyes. The game can keep players good company on a lazy day when they are not in the mood for doing anything at all. It can generate their interest owing to its simplicity of theme and colorful appeal. As part of the game, players can upgrade the bonus features such as power-ups and others by purchasing them. One way to purchase is through paying through credit card and the other way is to buy using the coins that are collected within the game. That way, players can improve their performance as well as their total score in the game and become one of the highest scorers. It is better for them to make their purchases using coins which they collect in the game because that is a relatively easy and affordable way to make their mark in the game. Besides, there are too many coins that they would collect that there would be no dearth of them.

8-Running Princess

Running Princess is a very interesting game which players can play on android for it has this special zig zag trial that they need to cross to be able to take the princess into the castle which is the ultimate goal in each level. The thing about the game is the sharpness with which players have to play it because without it, they risk letting the princess fall from any side of the track. The track and the castle are setup in the air and if the prices falls, she actually falls from the sky! Agility of the players in the game is of the essence as Running Princess gets difficult into next levels when the princess gets even difficult to control to prevent her falling off the zig zags tracks in the bridge. Another thing is that the players have to make sure is that they take the princess to the castle in time because if they exceed the time limit, the bridge would collapse and the game would end right there. Running Princess is a game that players would get used to gradually after playing it a couple of times or so. This is because the game can be very frustrating initially as the players lose control of the princess again and again and she keeps falling from one side of the bridge or another. Slowly, they would get the hang of it and realize how to play it and take the princess successfully into the castle. The game would also create interest in the minds of players to play it well after the princess keeps falling off the edge repetitiously. Practice with patience would surely increase the success rate of players as they read and comprehend the algorithm of the game and start understanding how to keep tabs on the princess. Colors of the game can be changed for better visibility if players feel more comfortable playing with one color instead of the other. On her way to the castle, there are also rewards in the form of floating crystals which the princess can collect and increase the overall points that the players make. Many players already have rated the game as high for they find it a very interesting and exciting game to play every now and then and extinguish their boredom hours with! For those who do not like the game at first glance, it is a possibility that they may start liking it later on when they are motivated by others playing it successfully which is when they may decide to go back and have a shot at it and try to land the princess safely and soundly into the castle. That time onwards, they themselves may start liking the game too and play it with eagerness! Anyways, the game is one of those which are not boring but instead made to appeal to players’ sense of interest and warms up their attention into it.

7-MMX Hill Climb

The MMX Hill Climb is free game available over Google Play and is all about racing. The game is about players driving cars over zig zagged paths and so timing is of the essence in the game. Players need to keep their balance and move forward at the right speed so as not to trip their cars over. Too slow and too fast would both end up in a fail so players would need to practice to find that right ratio that is a success! This would need some effort before they get used to playing the game with skill and make a high score in it. There are different kinds and colors of cars that players can upgrade their default cars to by unlocking new cars. The way to unlock is to collect points in each level of the game which is played. Another way to unlock a car of choice is to spend some hard cash and buy it using credit card while playing the game. This option is for those players who get impatient and cannot wait to score high before they collect virtual credit enough to unlock new cars. On the other hand, if any number of players are looking to play the game free in its entirety then they should know that the idea of collecting points is most suited to them instead of buying via credit card! The main idea of the game is to pass all of the obstacles in the course, the zig-zags, the elevated roads and a host of other scenarios to complete a level with success and repeat it for each level.

6-Punch Club

Punch Club is a game with a touch of real-life to it, for the gameplay involves training a boxer whose father, also his X-trainer, was murdered. The idea of the game is to help the fighter continue his boxing training while also continue searching for the murderer(s) of his recently deceased father. Players have to attend to different attributes of the boxer in the game such as taking care of his hunger, his health, his training, all of which costs money. So basically it is not just a boxing game, there is much more to it as well. Players have to make the boxer work at different places in the city such as a pizza delivery boy, etc. to help him earn money so it can be spent on food, on training at the gym and a host of other expenses that need to be covered within the game. There are also possibilities such as the boxer being mugged in streets in the town or walking around the city to save bus fare. So basically it is about managing the entire routine of a boxer who has the aim of becoming the best boxer around and also wishes to see justice done to his dad. This is therefore a game that is played with patience and attention for the long list of things that have to be taken care of along with fighting a good boxing fight with opponents.  Reverences to popular boxing movies of the ‘80s and ‘90s comes up in the Punch Club game. Then there are points that can be gained for upgrades in the game which help the boxer fight better against his opponent. Over the course of practicing boxing, if the boxer has honed his skills enough, he can even get a boxing license for himself, a sponsor, a job, food and other things he can get. So basically there is a lot of creativity that has been invested into making the game to make it interesting for players by chalking a storyline close to real-life.

5-Faily Brakes

Faily Brakes is a unique kind of a game that is available for android and that can be played for some entertaining moments anytime, anywhere. The storyline of the game is what makes it so very different from other games and goes like a man driving a car when suddenly the brakes of his car fail and he loses full control of it since he is unable to stop it from moving ahead. In the game, this happens when a turning comes up and the driver tries to press on the brake paddles to slow the car down but the brakes simply don’t work. As a result, the car breaks past the barrier in front and ahead of that is lower ground where a train is passing and the car jumps on top of the train as it is descending to lower ground and this is the point where human players get the control of the driver and his car. There are gold coin like tokens in the pathway that the players would have to collect so that they can score higher in it but the main theme is to move past the train which keeps appearing again and again in the game. The players would also come across roads on which cars are running and they would have to dodge past them as well. Interestingly, if the players crash the car anywhere in the game such into another car, although they would crash badly, but they would gain points for it instead of losing them! Yes, the greater the impact of the crash in terms of collateral damage, the higher the points scored by the players. This is a unique rule that has been made part of the game so as to make it interesting and enjoying for players. Those who play the game to get some time off from their tough routine might as well be very well entertained with this different gameplay of the game and be recharged before they have another go at their work. Moving on, players in the game can receive free gifts if they score well in it such as in the form of a new car which they can use to play the game, possibly in a better manner and score much higher with it. However, keeping in line with the main idea behind the game, no matter what car players get to have and play with, none of the cars have any functioning brakes, all of them are “Faily” and so the game proceeds in the same manner forward. Another element of the game is a shield that players can gain on their way along the road. The purpose of this shield is that it allows players to crash into everything such as trees and stuff by shielding them from its effects, and so they gain points as they crash here and there. Players must be beware however because the shield can lose its power any time after which if players crash the car into a tree for instance, the car would not be shielded from its effects. So the main idea behind adding the shield is just to add more fun into the game, to increase the pleasure that players extract from playing Faily Brakes.

4-Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run is a very interesting and encapsulating game which is available for download on Google Play. The game is all about a runner jumping places on a broken path that is floating in mid-air and resembles planks of wood sprayed with color! In the background, there are what look like skyscrapers which are all plain in shape and resemble rectangular blocks, some vertical, others horizontally placed. So the place and the background are all very peculiar and different, it feels like space almost. The runner jumps from one end of the path and approaches the other but in the process has to avoid falling in the spaces that are in-between and does so in a very interesting and appealing way. As the virtual runner moves forward, smoke emits from behind its feet, which leaves an impression of a kind on the players of the game controlling the runner. The color of the smoke is the same as the color of the path on which the runner is running. It looks as if the runner is exerting a truckload of effort while running which is what seems to be causing a huge amount of colored smoke to rise from his feet as it rubs against the pathway. The choice of color in the pathways is also very cool, like pink and yellow so that it all looks very catchy to the eyes. The other thing is that the game proceeds at a very fast pace such that the players have to be vigilant to jump at just the right moment lest they let the runner fall down. As the game moves on, the players have to be sharp to jump over the new kind of planks that the runner comes across. This is because some of the planks are like sea-saws that children play on and as the runner jumps onto them, their balance shifts and they tilt. So, timing is of great essence in such a situation and more or less for all situations in which players find themselves while playing the game. The graphics of the game are also very cool as they show when a player collects tokens which are in the form of smoking crystals and marbles and which add to the players’ scores, with the look and the sound creating a mesmerizing combination. At the end of each level, there is a crystal like shape that the runner hits and which ends the level, showing all the tokens the runner has collected for that level. So basically Chameleon Run is a very interesting game to play for those who like playing speedy games so they can enjoy their time with the speed and action that such a game involves. Also, Chameleon Run is fairly simple and easy to play so about everyone can get the hang of it and start with it right-away. There are not a lot of instructions that need to be followed, with jumping at the right time being the main catch in the game. So playing this game is something that can be mastered by all players as they play more and more of it and so get adept at scoring a higher score successively with practice.

3-Fading Light

Fading Light is an interesting game that has been released for android in 2016 and is reviewed positively by a large number of people. The gameplay of Fading Light is pretty interesting and the best part is that it is all very simple and straight. It involves a player having to pass a cube of light through a maze from start to end by collecting other lights in the maze that recharge the light of the cube. Players can change the color of the cube to suit themselves from a range of colors available. However, players have to be careful not to hit the walls of the maze as they can possibly be harmful for the light of the cube. It can be difficult to protect the cube completely from touching the walls but that is what the challenge is in the game. However, this danger from the walls has to do with its color. If the color of the walls is green then it would ignore the energy of the cube. If it is blue, then the walls would drain the energy of the cube upon impact. If it is red, it would completely drain the light out of the cube on contact. It can be a very uncomfortable and awkward kind of a feeling frankly to see the light of the cube fading or worse, completely drained out! Possibly however this feeling is what can motivate players to play well and reach out to the lights in the maze with much greater zeal so as to replenish the energy of the cube lest they have to see it run out of energy and the feeling that it brings forth! Moving on, in the game there are options to disable things such as the music which can be annoying. In addition to that, players can disable all kinds of advertisement in Fading Light before they play it so that neither are they distracted nor annoyed by ads appearing right in the middle of the game. This can be very comforting for players as they would then be able to play the game in peace, without being distracted by the ads anytime. So this is one great option that has been activated in Fading Light and would definitely be much appreciated by many players of it. In addition to that, there are three categories of levels that are available in the game, from Easy to Medium to Hard. Each category has a number of levels to it and players can opt for the category that appeals most to them and play all the levels in it. Each level in Fading Light ends when a black and white finish line matt is reached of the likes of Formula 1 Racing! It is really a very simple game which is what makes it so attractive and appealing to play and have fun with. By the way, this is how game should be like, easy and simple because the main idea is to entertain people and help them feel relaxed instead of being so difficult that the game is repulsive, owing to the high amount of difficulty and complexity in it. Fading Light is a simple game to play that can be a good companion for instance while trying to kill time travelling from one place to another.

2-Roll the Ball

Roll the ball is a puzzle based game for android that has been launched with a brief and interesting storyline to it. The main concept behind this game is to roll a ball in a short-length tunnel that first has to be completed in full by players. There are different parts of the tunnel that has scattered around like pieces of a jigsaw or even like that of a Rubik’s cylinder that have to be aligned together in the right sequence so that the complete picture of the tunnel shows. When it does, the ball rolls in the tunnel and the level is cleared! It is the same for each level and this is what makes the game an interesting exercise. This simple yet appealing gameplay is what would attract audiences into playing the game and is signified by the huge number of downloads of the game that have surpassed a whopping 40 million downloads to-date! That is an outstanding amount of downloads and signifies the skyrocketing interest and attention that this game has stirred amongst players. Some of the blocks in the game are fixed while others are movable and that is where players have to show their creativity into completing the puzzle. They have to move the blocks that are not fixed and complete the tunnel in the least number of moves possible. The earlier that players complete the picture and roll the ball in the tunnel, the higher the score that they generate. The graphics of the game are good to go and the controls of it are also simple which would help in solving the game as early as can be possible since keeping track of time is important in completing each level of Roll the Ball. The simplicity of the game and the fact that it is a puzzle game is what creates the curiosity among the players so that they start thinking and plan their moves in each level and look forward to what’s in store for them in the next level. This is the main idea that would drive the interest of players in the game right until the last level that they can plan for they would always be willing to showcase their problem-solving skills in each level. Roll the ball is the sort of game that would not bore the players courtesy of its simple yet interesting gameplay that would absorb players into playing it again and again. The game can be a good companion in the early hours of the day, to warm up the mind while on way to work so as to get ready for the exhaustive mental work which many people might have to perform as part of their professional responsibilities.

1-Riptide GP:

Riptide GP: Renegade is a game set into the future that showcases hydro jet racing which is officially banned by the government in the game. It is the third in the series of games launched previously, with predecessors namely Riptide GP and Riptide GP 2. This shows that previous games have met with a lot of success with players and led right up to the launch of the 3rd Riptide game. Considering that the game has excellent graphics, it is bound to click with those who love to play racing games. Riptide GP: Renegade is all about hydro jet racing over water that is very appealing to the senses. The graphics are all very cool and there are virtual arrows that spring up in the game to indicate the direction of turn to players. In addition to that, there are concrete slopes over which the hydro jets have to run over, breaking anything and everything that comes in between. If water splashes towards the front face of the riders on the hydro jets then its effect shows on to the screen to give a real life effect to players of the game. Courtesy of the high quality graphics of the game, it looks pretty good. One of the best parts about the game is its smooth controls which allow for players to enjoy playing the game and to score higher in this game that is played at such a high speed. This is because many a time, racing games come with poor controls so players lose control of their machines at that very important moment, leading to a crash and ultimately loss of score. In this game however, all that players have to do is tilt their devices left or right to change the direction of the hydro jets. Therefore, these controls should come as no less than a delight to racing games enthusiasts for their ease of use because there are simply no buttons involved in it that can be difficult to play with at times. There are different levels set in different locations and in some levels, it is possible to activate things such as Boost Engines that speed up the engines of the hydro jets to a super-normal speed. Players should remember that this racing is all illegal so at any point in the game, they can come across the Police that comes flying in a spaceship-like vehicle. According to the gameplay, that happens when the Police are tipped off by somebody about an illegal hydro jet racing game going on somewhere. So at that point, the aim is to run away from the Police in whatever way possible and that again would be an interesting thing to do for players.

These are 10 of the most popular and exciting games that we have compiled for our readers to take suggestions from when logging onto Google Play to download some interesting games for themselves. These games have been chosen keeping in mind that players look to avoid games that bore them instead of cheering them up. So simple games that are easy to play, that have a fun-factor involved and that ignite the attention of players in the shortest possible amount of time are the ones that have been selected for this list. Hope this helps those who are looking for some enjoying games to play on android.

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