Top 10 Best Electric Razor for Women 2017

 This is blog about top 10 Best Electric Razor for Women 2017 .Just as men, the women also have growth of hair over different body parts such as legs, bikini area, the underarms, forearms as well as on face sometimes. The growth of hair not needed on body in the women could have a lot of causes, for instance genetics, some specific medications, increased levels of some hormones as well as syndrome of polycystic ovaries.

No matter what the cause of hair at all unwanted places, such unwanted hairs happen to be threat for any women’s beauty. Doing without them is integral for most of the women – at least all those who wish to appear even somewhat presentable. So what do you think is best method which could be adopted for removing such unwanted hair from the body?

There tend to be many ways through which one could remove the hair which is undesirable and could transform one’s skin to a very smooth and silky texture. There are many products out there which include shaving, hair removal by laser, waxing, depilatory creams, electrolysis, use of epilator, and also many more not covered here. Though if someone happens to have a busy routine, have tight budget or is unable to manage the doctor’s or salon’s appointments, then searching for the best electric razor for women tends to be the option selected by many.

Whenever looking for best electric razor for women there are many factors which need to be taken into consideration. Electric razors for ladies are available in all sorts of sizes and shapes. It is convenient to be used and it seems to be a commonly used equipment for hair removal.

Prior to naming any best razor for the women, this is crucial for anyone to be aware of the various features and types of electric razors for ladies. So some aspects are covered here that would keep anyone well informed regarding various characteristics of product which are right for you.

Lightweight and compact in Design

Any best razor for the women needs to be compact as well as lightweight. This characteristic in a razor makes it one portable equipment.  This is majorly because of the fact that the women wish to carry all their items with them, and specifically when it is the matter of beauty, there could off course be no compromise. Therefore, if anyone is in the mood to plan a vacation or any trip, she would be totally able to keep the little portable razor with her wherever she goes.

Dry Use or Wet Use

Any best electric razor for women could work on wet as well as dry surface with ease. One could consider to shave while one is taking bath using soap, gel or lotion. One could also use the razor after one has taken bath, or one could opt to use it when the body is dried up.

Rotary or foil razor

The rotary razors – such razors tend to acquire circular cutters over head and it needs to move on a rotational motion over one’s skin. Such razors do not happen to have any protective foil, though instead they have one rotating head which pulls the hair into razor blades. There could be found only one rotary razor that is typically designed to be used by women ButterFly Shaver Pro.

The foil razors – such razors contain a lot of blades which have the ability to move backward as well as forward. These blades are placed under mesh oil. At the time electric razor is brought closer to the skin and then moved over the skin, undesirable hairs would stick through this mesh and blade of shaver would be responsible for cutting it. There tend to be 2 foil and 1 foil razors available in the market for the ladies.

Additional or Detachable Bikini Trimmer

Any good razor would also have additional or detachable bikini trimmer. Most of the times, it could be quite difficult to get to some specific parts of body which could be because one is not much adaptable or it might be because someone has shorter arms. That is why such extensions could assist one in reaching the distant parts of body and trim the bikini area making sure that it does not cause razor burn.

Dry Shave Vs Wet Shave

Any best electric razor for women should ensure a close and smooth shave. It could be used within shower or even after one takes a shower. There are some razors which could be immersed within water particularly for the cleaning purposes. There is wet shaving which takes off top layered dead skin along with exfoliating the skin along with keeping the skin healthy as well as smooth. Dry shaving could be managed even in hurry. It does not tend to bring about any cuts or even razor burns.

There are some people out there who feel the use of such razors, whether in dry or wet conditions surely requires some practice. The use of inappropriate blades could lead to razor cuts. Also, dry shaving could be sometimes quite painful since the skin isn’t softened.

Some Best-Selling Razors in the Market

These days, an electric razor is a necessity for females, instead of luxury. There are many electronic manufacturers who now are offering wide range of ladies’ electric razors.

Therefore if one is enthusiastically looking for best electric razor for women in order to remove the undesirable hair from legs, bikini area, underarms, then one needs to buy some quality product.

Discussed below are some electric razors available in market which could certainly aid anyone to narrow the options available and help anyone with best shopping.

Panasonic ES2216PC:

It is undoubtedly quite a significant electric razor which could give anyone a very promising result. Many of its notable features include the following:

  • It tends to be waterproof and could be used both for wet as well as dry shaving. It could easily be used within the shower.
  • It is quite portable as well as lightweight
  • It features sharpest blades as for close and safe shaving
  • It contains trimmer that pops up for stray as well as longer hair
  • It is made from Hypo-Allergenic Nickel-free blades. The foil used is appropriate for even the sensitive skin
  • The additional aspect is the Bikini attachment
  • For charging once, it lasts for twenty minutes for each charge and it consists of one compact charger

Remington WDF3600:

This is also a great razor for ladies which they could ever find. It tends to be rechargeable along with the aspect of being used for the dry and wet shaving. Many of its notable characteristics are given as below:

  • It has smooth trimmer that glides and has nano silver that helps in reducing skin irritation
  • It contains the head guard of bikini trimmer for purpose of trimming inside bikini line
  • Blades in this case are Hypo-Allergenic too, that makes it suitable for even the sensitive skin
  • There is a bonus trimmer which could be used in detailing and grooming the eyebrows.

Panasonic ES2207P:

Panasonic is quite famous for the products of high quality that it sells and this model of 3-Blade razor is indeed a witness to that. Some of the prominent features of this model are as under:

  • The 3-Blade razor system cuts every hair in one single pass
  • It offers wet or dry shaving, which makes it possible to be used even after shower
  • The shaving system consists of a floating head that conforms to shape of leg as well as other body curves which ensures convenient shaving.
  • It is made of Hypo-Allergenic Nickel-free steel blades that are suitable for even the sensitive skin.
  • It could be totally immersed within water in order to get it cleaned up in a quick and easy way

There tend to be 3 blades which are adequate to give really close shave only in one pass. This is most significant feature perhaps associated with this equipment. The floating head which could reach most of unreachable areas is another feather in this machine’s cap. The fact that it is easily rechargeable and could be used both in wet and dry conditions majorly lead to this machine being termed in one of the best razors there are.

Further the trimmer head works for longer hair too and remarkable precision is also achieved. Hardly any razor bumps are ever produced since this machine cuts the hair in a clean manner. Also this has cleaning brush along to add to its many appealing features. It is for all these reasons that most of the ladies prefer to buy this Panasonic Model.

The Butterfly Shaver Pro:

It might appear to be toy for the little girls, though it is quite an effective razor for the women which is considered one of the best within market. Inclusion of the 5 rotary cutters serve to provide one unique and refreshing experience. No matter how it looks, this Butterfly Shaver is quite safe in usage and it doesn’t cause any injury at all. It could be made use of in both dry as well as wet shaves. Also it could be used for any body parts.

As far as maintenance and cleaning of this small thing is considered, it is not an issue at all. Only one simple rinse could be adequate to clean it totally. With a motor of 10,500 RPM, this Butterfly Shaver tends to be quite a professional at what it does.

The charge of 110-240 V is majorly the reason that this is internationally available, and overall flexibility which this machine has to provide is quite unmatched by all other razors. Basically, this is great ladies’ razor, and all the respectable women need to consider to at least try it out for once.

Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer having Pivoting Head

When one needs to be rid of the facial hair in a fast way, this shaver could be of help. Pivoting head does contour to the skin and it does get rid of the hair quickly. 2 combs are present there which are great to be used for eyebrows. AAA battery basically is all that could be required of you to get the machine in running state. That means no need of cords.

Remington Silky and Smooth (wpg2000)

When someone wants something portable as well as easy to be carried around, this is the razor which serves the purpose. It is mini razor which has all in one capabilities! It has 4 different settings, and it also includes one trimmer for bikini and eyebrow. It comes with one travel package. It could be used dry or even in wet condition.

 Remington Silky and Smooth (wdf4820)

It is available both in purple and pink and one can choose what’s appropriate. It has one 3 cutter system that gives a smooth shave. Additionally, it has one trimmer guard that could be used on bikini area. The fact that this trimmer is quite flexible helps it to reach anywhere on the body. LED indicator towards the front informs you at the time the battery has to be charged so one could use it again and again.

Conair Personal Groomer Satiny Smooth Razor:

One could make use of this groomer be it for dry or wet state and it does come with some different attachments which includes: trimmer for eye brow and bikini trimmer. This equipment charges and tends to have one indicator light that tells someone when the charging is totally complete. Additionally, it comes along with limited 2 years warranty.

Conair Dry and Wet Satiny Smooth Rechargeable Razor (LWD375GCS):

It is quite an affordable shaver and very easy to use. It is rechargeable and also it works with wet or even the dry skin. Run time for this razor is twenty five minutes and this does provide quite close shave so that one run is necessary only. This is available with bikini trimmer as well for the longer hair. There happen to be different colors, including purple, which one can choose from.

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