Top 10 Best Electric Breast Pumps 2017

Factors that make a breast pump make a place in the rank list of Top 10 Best Electric Breast Pumps 2017 are their portability, cost and its speed. The things that make a breast pump a good choice for you to buy are listed here first just have a look in order to make wise choices. There are many factors to consider as described above. It includes

  • Speed

It shows how quickly do you need to be able to pump your milk? Are you on a busy schedule? If you read the reviews below you will find that some breast pumps work a little slower than others.

  • Cost

It means that breast pumps range drastically in their cost. While a hospital-grade breast pump may be nice, it comes at a premium cost. You might want to talk to your insurance provider if you have not already because some breast pumps are covered by insurance. If not, you will need to decide what you can comfortably spend keeping in mind that you want good pumping sessions and that you may use it for years and babies to come.

  • Portability

It means how portable do you need your breast pump to be? Do you want something that you can easily grab and go or are you home enough that something pretty heavy would work? Some of the hospital-grade breast pumps while, maybe better quality are also a bit heavier.

  • Manual or electric

It means that  there are manual and electric breast pumps. Most women who are breastfeeding use an electric pump but manual pumps can be great to have on hand… you never know when you will want to use it or when it is a little bit quieter to use like if you need relief in the middle of the night.

  • Accessories

By this we mean you should not buy a breast pump because of the accessories it comes with as they can be purchased separately, but some breast pumps to come with all sorts of goodies such as a carrying tote, tubes, bottles and even a milk cooler. If there are two breast pumps you are debating between and one has cool accessories, that could be a good bonus!

Now let’s discuss breast pumps that are found to be good in 2017. Breast pump can be a really useful thing and the mothers who actually make breast feeding to their infants know this already. Breast pumps can be a life-saver for breastfeeding mums.  Whether you’re looking for something basic here this article can provide a guide to have a product suited well for  you. Breast pumps can give them relief from sore nipples, or simply a night off so that dads can do the midnight feeds. Here we’ll enlist Top 10 Best Electric Breast Pumps 2016. so that you can find one that is best for your needs and budget.

  1. Hygeia Enjoye Breast Pump ($399)

It is a hospital-grade and designed for long-term, frequent pumping use. The Hygeia Enjoye breast pump is unique because it can be operated on an internal battery for up to 4 hours per full charge. Some say that the internal battery can easily last for 4+ years and through multiple babies. It can be used on airplanes and even in parking lots where some of the other pumps require an outlet to be plugged into. The pumping action mimics your baby’s natural suckling patterns. Speed and pressure are both customizable for comfort.

  1. Spectra Baby USA S1 Breast Pump

This Spectra Baby USA worths for approximately $228. The Spectra Baby USA has everything you need for a hygienic double breast milk pumping.  The closed system makes it hygienic for both you and your baby. Moms report that it is incredible how powerful this breast pump is and how great the suction is, especially because it is so quiet! It makes no loud noise and yeah it has no carrying case.

  1. Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump

The Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump (2016 version) worths just $199. Unlike other breast pumps, allows you to sit in the upright breast pumping position while you pump. The pump features a soft cushion with 5 massaging petals to help stimulate milk flow, mimicking your baby’s suckling. All parts can be safely sanitized in the dishwasher. Other breast pumps require you to lean forward to do the job properly. Three speed settings are available. You can fully control, according to your requirement either set at medium slow or fast speed its your choice. It creates some noise while using.

  1. Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump

 The speed and suction are adjustable for comfort. Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump is a double electric, lightweight and portable. It includes a dual hygiene-kit milk collection system. It is on the lower end of the price spectrum and some users suggest that it is really better for short-term use rather than as a long-term investment. It comes with a carrying container, but is heavy weight.

  1. Medela Pump In Style Breast Pump

Medela Pump In Style Breast Pump costs  $175. . It has the most accessories for the best price including pump in style tubing, two breast shields. It also has two valves and two membranes. It also comes with a carrying bag with storage pockets, and a breast milk cooler. The Medela Pump utilizes 2-Phrase expression technology, which mimics how a baby would breastfeed to keep things as natural as possible. The Medela Pump is another one of the most highly-rated electric breast pumps among women two connectors. It is heavy in lifting, but easy to sterlize or clean. It comes with a carrying bag so this makes it a good choice for feeding mothers.

  1. Spectra M1 Advanced Breast Pump

The Spectra M1 breast pump is one of the most lightweight electric pumps on the market. It is extremely simple to use with just a few parts, and is extremely quiet. It can be used as a single or double breast pump. The 2-phase expression mimics the natural suckling of your baby. This is a lightweight, portable option that adjusts well in the purses or baby bags so women like it so much. Additionally, it makes no annoying sounds while using so will not make you feel humiliated in public places.

  1. The First Years Breastflow Memory Pump ($69)

The First Years Breastflow Memory Pump automatically  tracks and saves up to 10 pumping sessions. What makes The First Years Breastflow Memory Pump unique in the marketplace is that is you can log the milk volume for each pumping session to adjust according to your choice and find out the best settings. It is lightweight, portable, and is at one of the lowest price points in the market. You can pump directly into breast flow or gym drop wide neck bottles. Tracks and saves data for up to 10 sessions. Its suction ability is poor, so it comes on rank 7 in the list of top Top 10 Best Electric Breast Pumps 2017.

  1. The First Years miPump Double Electric

You’ll find it very easy to assemble, it has comfortable, flexible suction cups that fit properly, and it is battery operated for portable use. The collection bottles contain up to 4 ounces, and unfortunately you cannot use other standard bottles with this pump. If you’re a multitasking mom, then you’re going to like this dual breast pump with a unique handle so you always have one free hand. However, for its efficiency and affordable price, we see many moms benefiting from this pump so you should try this one.

  1. Brown’s Double Electric Breast Pump

We say the letdown feature is its strongest aspect and it works quickly, but we find that expression does not extract as much milk as possible. Dr. Brown’s double electric breast pump is great if you’re looking for comfort. It has great additions like extra storage bottles, a stay-cool pouch, and a discrete carrying tote bag for transportation. The breast cups are extremely soft and form easily as if they were made specifically for you.  And for having such a loud motor you would think it would suck your boobs right off, but alas it feels rather weak.

  1. Best Affordable Double-Electric Pump

Don’t want to spend $300 on a pump, but need a double-electric? This pump is now available with some extra special features that include the option to plug it in or use batteries, and adjustable speed and suction settings. Plus, it has flexible flanges for better comfort while pumping. The manufacturers  have also  lowered its price recently to some extent, so it’s a good chance fir you to get a highly useful electric breast pump in such an affordable price range.  It comes in low price but contains the same bells and whistles as higher-priced models.


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