Top 10 Best Carry on Luggage 2017

A Look at the Top 10 Best Carry On Luggage 2017 That Can Help Your Travel With Ease and Comfort

By the book, carry on Luggage is that which you carry along with you to your seat in an aircraft or in a bus instead of depositing it into the cargo section. Therefore, the choice of a carry on luggage has to be smart so it can be comfortable to carry along and also easily fits into the luggage compartment above your seat. There are all kinds of carry on luggage manufactured by different companies with varied uses in mind. Here are the top 10 best carry on luggage 2017 that we found, take a look please.

  • Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffle Carry On

The Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffle Carry On is an excellent choice of a carry on if a good amount of space is what you are looking for. It is a 33 inch bag which has the ability to hold as many as 50 pounds of luggage inside of it! The Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffle has a flexible body which means that if you want to fit in something forcefully, it would accommodate your demand for it. Not only that but the Samsonite Tote-A-Ton has a good shape and color and hence appeals to the sight. The long box like shape of the bag means that you can also fit in anything that has a big structure very much easily into the Samsonite carry on. In addition, the carry on opens up from all directions so you won’t feel like you have to force feed something in it because of its rigid shape, with rigid corners making the exercise even more difficult. The bag is collapsible so you can adjust it according to the amount of luggage you have. Furthermore, the body of the carry on is such that there is absolutely no question about it cracking so there is reason to believe that it would serve you in the longer-run.

  • Cenzo Brown Italian Leather Duffle Bag

The Cenzo Brown Italian Leather Duffle Bag is an attractive looking carry on that is small in size and is best suited to carrying small items on a journey. The carry on is made of genuine Italian leather, as claimed, that lasts a lifetime of use. The Cenzo Brown Italian Leather Duffle gives a classy look, the way that bags in the old time used to be, and a pretty attractive sight it is. The Cenzo Brown has an attractive appearance, to say the least, and speaks of experienced craftsmanship. It showcases style and eloquence that is certainly true about this bag. This duffle carry on has a lot of space for you to fit in your clothes and your belongings for travelling. The zipper of the bag might be a bit light so it would be best to use it with care and not rough it up. Also, the carry on would nicely fit into the overhead luggage apartment on a plane without any trouble.

  • Samsonite Fiero HS Spinner

The Samsonite Fiero HS Spinner is another kind of a carry on luggage that has a hard body made completely out of polycarbonate. This make of the Samsonite Fiero HS is meant to keep the contents of the carry on safe from damage and defect. The non-flexible body ensures to a great extent that any fragile items inside of the carry on do not break or get damaged in any way. The carry on has a size of twenty inches so you don’t need to worry about it getting into a cabin above your seat. The other thing is that there is a good load of space inside of the Samsonite Fiero HS so you can put in quite a lot of things that you would need for a short trip anywhere outstation. Also, there are a few other conveniences which the Samsonite Fiero has to offer such as wheels and a handle that you can pull and conveniently drive the carry on with you before and after landing so you don’t have to take the burden onto your shoulders. Added to it are the protection straps to keep your things tied and secured inside of the Samsonite Fiero HS Spinner carry on.

  • Pierre Cardin Signature Spinner Luggage Set

The Pierre Cardin Signature Spinner Luggage Set is another good choice for a carry on that you can make and make travelling easier for yourself. First and foremost, it has a very decent and attractive look, with the dark-cream and brownish color-coordination that it shows and its net-like background, so it is bound to catch your eye. It comes with a total of four pieces so you can carry whichever piece suits your travelling needs at any point in time. There is a lot of space inside of the Pierre Cardin Signature Spinner Luggage Set as you would see when you actually put any of the pieces to use. Plus, the body is not hard, but is soft so you would easily be able to manoeuvre its flexibility to add some extra load of stuff inside of it. The price of the complete set is always more or less affordable so you would be happy to have had traded your hard earned cash for a spacious and visually appealing set of hand carry that would lend you a helping hand whenever you intend to travel.

  • TSO Carry-On Duffel

The TSO Carry-On Duffel is an ideal proposition for you if you are having a hard time deciding whether to buy a duffel bag or a wheeler carry on. That’s because the TSO Carry-On Duffel combines the two into one. The TSO Carry-On is actually a Duffel bag that has wheels as well so you have no trouble carrying it along even though you get to have exactly the same benefits that you get with a duffel bag since it is a duffel bag in actuality. The carry on comes in two attractive colors of jet black and navy blue and you would might like the color availability. The carry on has a big opening which means that you can put in things with ease. To add to that is a front pocket reserved for keeping documents or other small things separate and secure. There is also a pocket towards the inside of the duffel bag that you can put to some good use as you see fit. The handle for the TSO Carry-On is made from aluminum and extends to as high as 41 inches so you can grab it easily and walk with the duffer wheeling beside you.

  • Delsey Chatelet 22″ Carry-On Spinner Trolley

The Delsey Chatelet 22″ Carry-On Spinner Trolley is a unique and interesting idea for a carry with a size of 22 inches which implies it has a lot of space for you to keep your stuff and yet fit into the overhead compartment. It has a hard body which can make the carry on difficult to carry owing to its own individual weight but the Four Japanese Hinomoto spinner wheels and the aluminum handle that it has solve that problem neatly. There is also a braking system which is said to be in-built the Delsey Chatelet 22″ Carry-On and has the function of keeping the carry on stable and making sure that it does not move on its own. To add to that is the feature of three locks installed over the carry on to maximize the security of the Delsey Chatelet and keep it safe from tampering, namely a TSA tool-compatible lock, a combination lock, and a magnetic zipper-pull lock. The Delsey Chatelet comes in two colors, one with a brown background that has dark cream colored lining and the other with white background and dark cream lining, both of which are pretty attractive to the sight.

  • Briggs & Riley Transcend Rolling Cabin Bag

The Briggs & Riley Transcend Rolling Cabin Bag has an eye catching design, for it is small and fat. There is every reason to believe that it would fit into the luggage cabin with ease, even its name suggests that! In addition, its small size would allow you to stuff it beneath your seat if you want. The shape of the Briggs & Riley Transcend is such that it would allow you to nicely fit-in even odd shaped items that might otherwise be a headache to insert into other carry ons. Also, apart from the main enclosure where you can store things like clothes, shoes, there is a separate compartment designed specifically for storing things such as your tablet, magazines, writing instruments, or any important file of documents you might be carrying for an official meeting. The carry on even includes a Velcro key keeper so you find your keys in one instant when you need them. The Briggs & Riley Transcend Rolling Cabin Bag also has wheels and a handle for ease of handling and the body material is flexible, which is another worthwhile benefit.

  • Kipling Discover Small Wheeled Luggage Duffel

The Kipling Discover Small Wheeled Luggage Duffel carry on has a lot of space for you to pack in stuff for a week to ten days. The carry on is made of water resistant crinkle nylon which is very flexible and allows for easy insertion of things into the Kipling Discover Small Wheeled Luggage Duffel. The design is made to be collapsible so that it can be best suited to the situation at hand. Also, when not in use, it can easily be stuffed away in small corners in the home. There are also quite a few pockets all around the Kipling Discover where a lot of small useful things can be stored. There are also two pockets designed inside of the bag to store other, important things and the two wheels and handle make the Kipling Discover Small Wheeled Luggage Duffel easy to carry along without any burden of any sort. Added to the Kipling Discover duffel bag is an adjustable shoulder strap should the user be interested in carrying it along instead of running it on wheels.

  • Bojola Carry On Trolley Suitcase

The Bojola Carry On Trolley Suitcase resembles Baymax from Big Hero 5 [2014] courtesy of its white color and healthy shape! The Bojola Carry on Trolley Suitcase is a made from PVC material and is therefore adjustable to an extent as against hard body carry ons that are rigid and fixed. The Bojola Carry On Trolley has four wheels and a handle that make it a trolley which can be used accordingly. It has a front pocket that is almost as large as its main opening and can therefore be used well for storing anything. The shape of the Bojola Carry On is like an outward arc from the front which means extra capacity, something you would definitely look forward to. Straps inside of the Bojola Carry On make sure that the luggage is safely secured inside of the carry on and has little or no chance of shifting position and possibly being damaged as a result of it. A transparent liquid pouch comes along with the Bojola Carry On Trolley Suitcase for purposes of separately carrying liquid containers that are checked at airports now for security reasons.

  • Heys Limited Edition

The Heys Limited Edition is probably the most colorful carry on that you ever would have had come across. It comes in two to three designs, all of them colorful enough to cause a surprise in the eyes of the onlookers. It is best suited for travelling to a vacation when you have nothing but holidaymaking, resting and relaxing on your mind, a good choice for that purpose it surely is. Other than that, the Heys Limited Edition is made up of polycarbonate composite material and therefore has a hard body that has its own advantages, so to speak. It has a built-in TSA lock to ensure that all items inside are safe from any kind of mischief. The handle and wheels make it easy to take it from one point to another, even without the help of an airport luggage trolley. What’s more, it comes with a 5 year limited warranty, could you seriously ask for more now?


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