Bacha Khan University Charsadda Attack 22 Passed Away

At least, 22 people passed away in Pakistan Bacha Khan University attack. The gunmen that are armed with Kalashnikovs and grenades attacked the university on Wednesday, January 20, 2016. After the attack, the security forces of army moved in to halt the attack. There were also two suicide jackets but security forces gunned down the militants, who were wearing these jackets.

The militants used the wintry fog as a cover and entered, through the walls of University. They opened fire on the students & teachers. At that time, students and teachers were in the classrooms & hostels. At the time of attack, the university staff was preparing the death anniversary of ‘Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan(Bacha Khan)’. He was the activist in independence.

Bacha Khan University Charsadda Pakistan Attack

This attack is second after the December, 2014 attack on Army Public School by Taliban gunmen. In Army Public School, they slaughtered many people in which most of them were school children.

According to the statement of DG ISPR Lt General Asim Bajwa, they have gathered the information of the attackers, who were involved in Bacha Khan University. The information includes the origin of terrorists and the people behind them. They were continuously talking with each other on mobile phones. Security forces recovered two mobile phones and collected data from the log. As per him, it is major success of security forces because they cleared the area within 45 minutes of attack. 52 guards of the university also responded after the attack. Within short span, the LEAs also reached and take their positions.

Prime Minister of India, Narinder Modi also expressed his sorrows of the terrorist attack. He said that this incident is common issue of both countries. Through cooperative approach, both countries can eliminate the terrorism in the region. Afghanistan also condemns the attack on the university. The Afghan National Security Adviser ‘Hanif Atmar’ termed it as an attack on Bacha Khan’s peaceful ideology. He further gave his condolences to the deceased families and extended his prayers for the recovery of injured people.

An eye witness gave her statement that she and one of her colleagues were in the office of University, when the militants attacked. Both of them locked the door, turned off the light and lay on the floor of office.

According to the statement of an official, Salma Khan, she stated, although the university has their own security staff but they are not good enough to fight with the trained Taliban. This is the reason; many students were the victim of Taliban attackers. She further added that such coward acts of Taliban will not effect on the education of University.

A professor of university Sajjad Ahmed informed the media that the attackers shoot almost a dozen students in the attack. He will not forget this incident in the rest of his life. This is the most horrible incident of his life so far. The militants were cutting the newly blossomed flowers of nation, without any reason.

Chief of the Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif attended the conference of special security in Pakistan Army Corps Headquaters, Peshawar. All the concerned officials and relevant members attended the conference.

The education department of Charsadda informed that all the schools in Charsadda will remain closed for the next 10 days.

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