2015 Hottest Year on Record

According to the latest reports, 2015 is the hottest year on record. Since 1880, the record-keeping of weather is ongoing. This is the report of U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric administration and NASA.

The 10 months of 2015 were too hot. It break the record of 2014 that was previously considered as the hottest year. It is not a surprise to most of the people, who are living in hot countries. The average temperature of last year was 1.62 degree Fahrenheit (0.90 degree centigrade). This average is 20 percent higher than 20th century. The temperature is counted for the whole planet.

2015 Hottest Year on Record

December was also not too cold in various countries of world. December was more like March/ April in North Hemisphere, where people often spend their traditional winter holidays. In 2015, the weather was not traditional and winter-like. It was the first time, the average temperature of December was above 2 degree Fahrenheit, around the globe. In United States, it was the wettest and warmest, as compare to the months of December in previous year. Other months have no such distinctions in the country.

The news came from the Washington. That was the day, when the city faced the biggest snowstorms in the history. It may be ironic, but snowstorms can even occur in the hottest years. In 2014, the snow hit the winter with record in Boston, Massachusetts but still the temperature of Massachusetts was recorded as far above average.

The random change in the temperature is due to increase of carbon dioxide. Many man made emissions are also a reason of rise in the earth temperature. The El Nino is mainly responsible for significant warming in the Pacific Ocean water. It also pump a lot of heat in the atmosphere that is the reason of global temperature. Still, it is believe of U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric administration and NASA that the rise in temperature is mostly due to new emissions of men. The usage of fuel is vehicles and industry are the major cause. Due to pollution, the global warming has increased from the last many years.

The sports writers, who gave preseason predictions of upcoming championship are also saying that 2016 could be on top of the chart, in terms of temperature as compare to 2015. Temperature also affected the game of players, that’s why it is always their part of predictions. Weather forecasters and climate scientists have also same opinion for 2016. The influence of man-made machineries will probably make some influence in climate change.

As per the odds, 15 out of the last 16 years were the hottest, since 2000. 1998 is the only year that is recorded the lone hottest year of pre-21st century. That shows, how much the temperature has raised in 21st century. Every year, the companies are producing many products through latest technologies. This is just for the ease of people but without any doubt, it is also cause of global warming. If we check the reports, 1911 was the coldest year, since 1880.

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